Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn from The Verge recently penned an article, suggesting that once tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems hit the market, Android tablets will effectively die. It pains us to say this, but they’re right. Right now the “tablet market”, if you even want to call it that, is dominated by the iPad. The only two Android tablets that have made a dent in the tablet space are Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7. What do they both have in common? They’re half the price of Apple’s cheapest iPad. When Apple enters the budget tablet market later this year with their rumored 7.85 inch iPad mini, well … there goes the small gains that Android made.

But forget about the small iPad for a second, what’s Microsoft got that Google doesn’t? Starting with the obvious, they have a brand that people associate with computing. Whether or not you like the Microsoft brand is irrelevant, people like to use things that they’re familiar with. Yes, Windows 8 and Windows RT transform Windows into something the world has never seen before, but there’s going to be a flood of computers out on the market by the time Christmas rolls around, all filled to the brim with colorful tiles.

When consumers go to their local electronics stores this holiday shopping season, they’ll see the new Windows machines, many of which can be transformed into a traditional laptop, and they’ll feel confident in buying something running Microsoft’s software because Microsoft’s software is what they’ve been using since the 1990s.

Can Google fix their tablet situation? Not really. Once OEMs see that people want Windows tablets, they’ll transition a majority of their portfolio to Windows machines. In much the same way that Samsung only makes one or two Windows Phones a year, it isn’t going to be too long until the big PC makers make only one or two Android tablets instead.

It hurts coming to this realization if you’re a huge Android fan, but it’s the hard truth.

  • Roland

    I cannot agree with your summary, bearing in mind, there is a huge development community within the Android world, that would very quickly, ensure a Windows for Android hybrid becomes available. It would be quite unusual, also, for Microsoft, not to avail themselves of this opportunity.

  • Jose Marie Maquinay

    Well, it might be the case for the non-techie people, BUT for me, Android will be my ONLY tablet OS. If I want to do something my Android can’t (its slowly decreasing number), I have my Windows laptop for that.

    • Unfortunately, non-techie people vastly outnumber Android addicts.

    • randolph pereira

      if you are a techie you should really know that windows 8 is much more light weight operating system as compared to android it can even work on hardware configurations where android literally lags example are the low end lumina series by Nokia and if you telling in terms of apps i must say it will not take time to make all those apps you have on android for windows once the operating system is a hit ,but android can still be domination in the smartphone but i dont think in the case of tablets

      • Windows 8 more light weight? Drugs are bad,

        • MasterMuffin

          You must know that

      • Windows is a security nightmare only the sheep trust it because they don’t know how to sudo.

        Android is fantastic. It will succeed more when all manufacturers supply a root method with their devices. SU freedom is the key to droid’s success.

  • Hikari0307

    I’d buy a windows 8 tablet, but I’ll still buy an android tablet over a windows RT tablet.

  • To say truly – I don’t care if windows 8 is coming out – I have seen what it looks like, and sorry but I don’t need that. Better will stick with my windows 7 on pc/ android mobile, and android tablet – it covers my needs, and I’m not in to chrismas buying rush.^^

    • There are a lot of people doing the same: sticking with 7 because 8 is shit. It’s terrible, everything about it is just wrong feeling. It’s like ME or 2000, just a mess so I quickly reinstalled 7 after two days.

  • I so agree. I have Xoom as well as iPad and I have to admit, I can not do lot more on either of these devices. With MS’s idea of easily convertible to laptop is absolutely great idea and if I can run apps that I use often, it will be an added plus and will certainly get one. As a matter of fact, I am hoping it to be so powerful that it will replace a laptop for general use.

  • Android has made Windows 8 pointless.

    • n900mixalot

      Right, because you can flash roms, and use Photoshop on Android tablets … And professional sites don’t require a full browser to be able to log in.

      Android has made Windows RT pointless, but Windows 8 … no.

      • bvdjuju

        Photoshop, no, agreed. Your average user doesn’t need to do more than basic photo editing anyway. Flashing a rom, yes. You don’t need a pc or tablet or anything to flash a rom on your phone. You download your rom and flash it from recovery. Just how did you flash a new rom on your phone anyway?

        • n900mixalot

          You have to unlock your boot loader first and I haven’t seen that done without a full PC. And installing new recovery on your device? Or flashing new radios?

          Come on.

          • bvdjuju

            Well, I downloaded cwm and flashed it with odin. And I was off flashing roms. Point is, I made sure to get device with an unlocked boot loader to begin with. But yeah, as you said, you need a full pc to unlock. Not a tablet, android or otherwise.

            Come on.

          • n900mixalot

            No, you come on! :0B

    • suoko

      and TCL ice screen + F3390 TV series made everything else old crappy hardware

  • I understand what’s being said here but i have to say that most people i know who are considering buying a tab (which is basically all my friends who havent yet got one) seem to think that because Microsoft isnt ever going to be the same again they are naturally looking at and asking about IOS and Android. I’m sure that even those who wait to see what a microsoft tab will be like will see that “everything has started afresh” and MS is no longer that familiar look n feel. Anyone who is to get used to the new windows (and has used windows for a long time) will be naturally frustrated with it. There is no longer the “safe” and “familiar” option. It’s time for something new (plus, so many people are used to Android on their phone anyway).

  • I am on the verge of dispensing with Microsoft product alltogether. I have no real need for it anymore as I am an avid Android user on both my phone and on my (Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1) tablet and I can do (almost) everything I want to do on my tablet. It frees me from the mouse, keyboard and a rather bulky construction to be able to use it all on my lap on my couch. The only thing I use my Windows laptop for these days, is for writing CD’s and DVD’s, which is still a bit (?) of a hassle on my tablet…
    Although I have been a Windows-fan for years, I have never been a fan of the high prices Microsoft charges for its products. More and more, it felt like I was sustaining life in a dinosaur, which did little more than slowing down my laptop. I would have to be thoroughly convinced of any advantages of Windows 8, as I am now very sceptical. Any means the world can find to put Apple down is okay by me, but I would love to see Android continue it’s march to victory and ultimately see Apple eat humble pie and have them admit that they are not God.

    • n900mixalot

      Flash a ROM with your Android tablet onto your phone. Try it.

      • bvdjuju

        Why would someone do that? You can download a rom straight to your phone and flash it from there. No need for a tablet. Not that your average user would be messing with roms on a regular basis.

        • n900mixalot

          Not if your phone is locked. And what if you brick it? You’re hosed unless you have a desktop.

          The full Windows 8 tablet can get rid of the need for so many devices.

          • bvdjuju

            If you have to resort to gray methods to unlock your phone, you might as well get a desktop instead of a Windows tablet. Ditto if you brick it. I doubt I’ll need to unlock my device and flash a new rom on the subway anyway.

          • n900mixalot

            Why get a desktop if I can get a smaller, more portable and flexible tablet? Most of us have to unlock our boot loaders ourselves anyway these days. I don’t know if we really willsee that day when boot loaders come unlocked on a majority of devices.

          • anon

            shut up troll

          • n900mixalot

            Right, anonymous profile.

          • MasterMuffin

            Most of us need to unlock our boot loaders? You must be a troll or a retard…

          • n900mixalot

            How many phones come unlocked and ready to flash new roms out of the box? Very few.

          • MasterMuffin


      • You can dual boot Ubuntu on almost any android device

        • n900mixalot

          Why is everyone unable to understand my point that you can NOT do it without a laptop or a desktop running a full OS?

    • A.M. Henaidi

      nodought android is a very useful os, but after the launch of microsoft surface tablet, next october, which i think will be complete replacement for laptops, things will change. even burning dvds can be done throug a usb outer burner,

  • AndroidBrian

    Who knows what android has up its sleeves for future tablets. I don’t think anyone can say it will be useless in the near future.

    Microsoft Windows failed horribly in the cell phone arena & I wouldn’t be surprised if it failed with tablets too. Tablets are for fun more than anything else IMO. Watch movies, playing games exc. Windows app store doesn’t compare to the playstore. So what makes a windows tablet so much better?

    If people need a lap top they’ll still buy a laptop. Buying laptop your money will go much further than buying a tablet. Low end laptop 4gn ram and 500gb HD isn’t even close to available on the tablet world yet. That laptop will cost you around 450 or so.

  • Got a gnex phone, a gtab and now a mac.. I barely remember microsoft except that ALL of what I used from them are the things that made me swear the most so much the experience was awful.. I’ve just considered them way out of the game for a while now.. And Ive been and still dreaming so badly about an Android os for computers. Microsoft simply sucks…

    • Lowry Brooks

      Totally Agree

  • AndreGSNE

    It really depends, I’m really enjoying my TF201 now, but if a Windows 8 tablet can give me the stability of a desktop or laptop, i don’t mind. However, i would certainly not completely stop using my Android tablet.

    • n900mixalot

      Exactly. I wouldn’t ditch my Xoom … though Verizon isn’t giving me any reasons to feel good about it right now. The Windows 8 tablet would be used for work and work alone. It will replace my Evo View.

  • Rob

    People, people, people don’t worry, the author is presenting his opinion as if its fact in order to get page views and people commenting nothing more. His stats have probably been low for some time and he needed to get them up. If the author thinks that people are just going to flock to a 7inch ipad because ifs smaller or chuck out their Android tablets because Windows 8 has come along he is seriously jepoardizing his credibility as a tech writer. Want to know the real reason why the Nexus 7 and kindle fire have been more successful (being cheaper was just the icing on the cake), they were marketed better. If you look at an ipad its basically an oversized iPod touch…no joke, but uncle stevie made sure that it was everywhere, constantly blaring the message that this was the only tablet that mattered. The kindle fire comes along and says bull I’ve got just as much content as you if not more, the nexus says you twit ipad I’ve can do way more than you can and both say we’re cheaper than you are (and they say it loudly, publicly, and in the nexus 7’s case in a more friendly manner). Guess what they grab huge market share. The time of apple phone dominance is over, the time of apple tablet dominance will draw to a close as well. You don’t have to beat apples tablet to win that’s already done (direct access to the file system, the ability to FTP, the ability to bittorrent, easier connection to a TV, free office suite with Google drive, better accessories, cheaper price, free turn by turn GPS the list goes on and on) you just have to beat apples hype machine.

    • n900mixalot

      Try flashing a ROM with that there Android tablet.

      • bvdjuju

        Have you ever flashed a rom yourself? It’s not that hard.

        • n900mixalot

          Yeah. Unlocking my boot loader required access to a full PC.

          • Munkychump

            Get with the times man! Thanks to Mobile Odin Pro, I can flash ROMs right from my phone. I can download a ROM using my tablet and install it using my tablet. Now, I still use my laptop for it’s big screen and comfortable keyboard, but your argument is without merit! WITHOUT MERIT!

          • n900mixalot

            I’m not just talking about roms and try doing that with any phone with a locked bootloader. And what do you do when you get a bad rom or need to flash a new boot loader?

          • Recovery maybe? If you’re going to troll know what you are talking about at least.

          • n900mixalot

            You read at a third grade level. My point was something completely different.

          • You should have a recovery sd card and researc what you buy before you buy it…ie know how to root it and boot it.

            If your chosen phone or tablet has poor support and impossible to root, it’s your fault for buying it. Normally you can unblock the nand very easily. What phone have you had trouble with…

            Have you tried googling “root *device name*”?

    • SamsaraGuru

      If you are in business and you are carrying around a tablet for the multiplicity of potential purposes it can be applied to which would you prefer – one that can run virtually any business program out there because the vast majority of them have been written to run on it, or would you want an operating system (Android) with which almost none are compatible?

      For the same reason I would not consider buying a Windows phone – limited options – I would (and will) go for a Windows tablet.

      I think the author of this article is not simple expressing his personal opinion but making a reasonable prognostication of what is going to happen – at least among those who have the intelligence and self-restraint to make a choice based on a products practical applicability in today’s world.

  • Level380

    Sounds like this was written from someone who hasn’t used a windows 8 machine at all….

    • I’ve had it running on my netbook since Mobile World Congress. That’s over half a year.

      • Scott Wilson

        Then you haven’t run it on a tablet with a touch screen.

        • John Smith

          Clunky and Weird. Thank you for those pearls of technical wisdom that you have bestowed upon us.

          But really, I have an iPad2 and an Acer Iconia A500 Tab (with Android Ice Cream Sandwich) that I’ve been using for a very long time. I also have an Evo 4G running Android Gingerbread. I have a laptop running Windows 8 Preview version since March.

          The iPad has a nice fluid motion when you interact with it and I run into very few bugs. But the niceties end there. I hate the fact that I have to jump through hoops to get a file on the darn thing. I have to email the file to myself, drop it in the cloud and pick it back up on the device or sync it through crap-tunes. Was a USB port so hard? No, perhaps I should spend a crap-load of money to buy overpriced connectors to do everything… to transfer files, to mirror on my TV, etc.

          The Acer tab running android is much more open in the sense that it has a USB port, an HDMI port. The apps are OK but often riddled with bugs. I don’t know how much of it is the OS and how much of it is the app. But when I press the down volume button, often it increases the volume. When I change orientation from portrait to landscape, it sits and thinks for a while and sometimes change the orientation correctly, apps crashing left and right. It’s a bunch of garbage.

          Windows 8 has been by-far the best OS out of the three. And pretty much every app that I use on the other two environments, I have it available on Windows 8. And I’m sure the collection of apps will only grow from here on out.

          I can’t wait for my Surface Tablet. And my Nokia 920.

          • Scott Wilson

            Had the surface for five hours before it stopped working. Liked it a great deal actually. The office stuff was awesome and that alone makes it worth it. But it just died dead. I shipped it back and I’m waiting replacement. Now I have a Nexus 10 with a Kensington keyboard setup. Love it. Using it right now actually with Firefox, Flash, Adblock Plus, and Phony to lie to sites like this one and say I’m a Desktop machine. I don’t see myself giving this up. I also don’t see the Surface biting into the tablet market much. I don’t think they’ve sold even a million of them yet. I’ll play with it more when I get my replacement.

  • I think it all depends on how many and how quickly applications are ported over to Windows RT. Remember that Windows RT can’t run the same programs that the desktop version of windows can. Plus the ported apps need to use the new APIs that Microsoft has released and aren’t just a recompile of the existing Windows code.

    But as Stefan pointed out the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 only cost $159 (or less) and I don’t think you will see a Windows 8 RT tablet for that price.

  • 95% of the stuff I used to do on my laptop, I do on my TF300 now…and I would imagine everyone else has a similar experience. The only thing I boot up my laptop for nowadays is when I want to play windows games or do online class work (which requires flash). Do I see Windows tablets destroying android tablets? not by a long shot. But if they play their cards right, and make a GOOD tablet (all the things we love about Windows in thier tablets) they *might* be able to take away some decent market share from Android and iOS devices.

  • Adrian Meredith

    I don’t agree at all, windows RT has a very uncertain chance of success. Yes people recognise the windows brand more than any other but there is nothing “windows” about windows rt. The huge change in direction will really alienate the average buyer looking for a tablet. Yes the big advantage of the full windows 8 is access to legacy software but then you sacrifice the fantastic battery life of arm and the touch usability (normal apps have very small icons that will be near impossible to use on a desktop). You are also ignoring the huge library of apps on android that already exist compared to the near none that currently exist on windows 8.

    The real answer is nothing is certain other than windows 8 is do or die for microsoft.

  • Lorddeff07

    While I can see where their thinking comes from? There are two problems with this, one it coming from the verge which is actually founded by who I consider to be the biggest henchmen for apple in the tech world…. may be mistaken but to each their own and two, we are taking about google here.

    The same guys that weren’t expected to make a dent in the smartphone race. I think android is just that industry whipping boy that just keeps on proving people wrong.

    • MasterMuffin

      Verge guys are the biggest iSheep I’ve ever seen!

  • fuman

    laughable really. How out of touch can you? Let’s revisit this thread in a year and you can squirm to find Windows tablet market share. m0r0n

  • Paul Bahre

    I would not be so quick to kill off the Android tablets. The money invested in Android apps on the phones carries over to the tablets and people might not be willing to purchase all new Windows Tablet software.

  • Crystal ball

    Agreed. 100%. Apple will forever have the majority on tablets and lead out in music/media. Android will dominate in world market share on phones and in search. Microsoft will lead with Office and Windows and they will also continue to eat away at iPad once the Surface is released. Google will move into glasses for a while, but they will get bored there too. Amazon for shopping. Facebook for networking. Blackberry dies. Nokia dies. And when Warren Buffet dies, the US dollar will collapse. Watch and see if my predictions come true.

  • Sir_Darius

    Whatever happened to the days when journalism was objective? First and foremost, Android commands close to 70 percent of the tablet market share (only Apple makes iPads, almost everyone else makes Android tablets). As far as people electing to purchase a Windows tablet over an Android one, to the point of making Android extinct, is just arrogant presumption, if not a flat out lie. Anyone who has used Windows knows that it is a resource intensive OS, especially when compared to Linux or OS/X. That means a beefier machine (more RAM, faster CPU, increased weight) which translates to a beefier price. Then there is the open source issue. People like free stuff, and Android offers over a quarter of a million apps… for free. Windows 8, 9, or 10 could never do that because they don’t allow developers free reign with the source code. Google for a short moment tried that greedy practice with Honeycomb and suffered the consequences to the likes of the Windows Vista disaster. Windows also continues to fail to capture an audience with smartphones. For every Windows phone there are about ten Android phones. Then there is that audience. Who is Windows appealing to? The i-products (iPod, iTouch, iMac, iPad, iEtc) have a certain elite demographic (they are usually the skinny, Whole Foods eating, Toyota Prius driving, save the earth recycling, Starbucks latte sipping genre). Then there is everyone else. There isn’t an extra pool of untapped individuals. That is it. We know Windows as a desktop OS, and people that tolerate Windows as such (because they can’t afford a Mac), also have Android mobile devices. They will not convert. Even HP’s Palm is attempting a poised return and prior to that they made Palm OS open source. Then there is branding. Those familiar to iOS always await the next incarnation of the i-product, like the iPad 3 or the iPhone 5. The same goes for Android and their Galaxy S and Nexus series products, people are currently awaiting the Nexus 10, and the Galaxy Note 2, after warm receptions to the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Tab 2, and the Nexus 7. What does Windows have… the Nokia Lumia? I can’t seem to remember long lines for that one. I could go on and on about how biased and wrong this article is, but space is limited. I am curious as to why the author would even attempt to write such… well, you know. In short, it will be a long time, if ever, before Windows can even have an equal footing in the tablet market. That’s like saying people will stop using Google as a search engine and start using Bing (really?)

  • Lovingdesigns

    Windows 8 kill-switch and no root and driver access, as well as “DRM” boot scares me enough to avoid it like the plague on ANY medium.

    • It’s an OS full of backdoors for you to be monitored by governments and corporations.

  • Most people here disagree with this article, but for a fun project, I asked 100 people if they would prefer Windows or Android on a tablet. (Showed them Windows RT, and Android 4.0 on Transformer Prime, as well as explained that Windows RT doesn’t run desktop applications. 84 people said they would choose windows. Their questions were for Windows… “Does it have USB?” “Is there an App Store” and “Can I still get My Documents folder”. The answer I gave was Yes. The other 16 people who would choose Android tablets had Android Phones, and already familiar with the OS, and were also members of a school tech club. Vast majority of the people though are dumbed down consumers. They generally like to have “Windows” over “Android” because people still connect Windows with what they use, and Android with laggy UI.

    • To add also, I did this about a week or so ago, before this article. I just thought it might fit.

  • anon

    Who the fuck wants windows 8?

    • 1+1 = 3

      Me, have been using W8 for a while, it is great.

    • MasterMuffin

      ME why there are so many windows haters :(

      • RolfSwaq

        I bet he commented through his Windows PC

  • Sojibby

    I think everyone is missing a big point here.

    The people who own iPads own iPhones as well. Almost every other phone out there at the moment is an Android phone and it’s a HUGE number of people. They are used to Android and know how to use it, and would probably love an Android tablet.

    People don’t like windows phones, and they’re not going to use windows tablets either. And everyone HATES windows OS on computers because it gets slow and buggy and bloated without people even trying – especially the average user who doesn’t know about computers. I installed Ubuntu on my mother’s computer dual boot 6 months ago, alongside a fresh Windows install. She used Windows for a while but it got slow yet again, and now is using Ubuntu full time. And she knows nothing about computer.

    Microsoft is dead – they just have too much money in the bank to realize it yet.

  • TrickyDick

    lol windows 8? man you gotta be kiddin! I tried windows and and in just 3 minutes I was like wtf is this s*t? seriously! what we are looking at is a pos os copied from a cell phone that is pasted in a tablet! you are going to see so many returns on this sh*t os that all computer companies will be offering windows 7 free as a possible retro install. Then there is apple. (rolls eyes) Apple is about done. People are tired of overpaying and getting stripped down overhyped gimmics. Android isn’t going anywhere for a while.

  • Tarek El-Ghazaly

    I can’t wait for early Windows 8 RT tablet shoppers to discover that their Windows 8 RT, isn’t really Windows 8, and doesn’t run Windows 8 programs. As for Windows Pro, at that rumored price point of 600-800, it really isn’t competing with Android at all. Even if they were cheaper -which they won’t be- the mere +10″ size negates the portability advantage of carrying around a tablet. Plus, for laptop productivity, you need something +13″ for daily use. Finally, I really have my doubts surrounding Windows 8 as a laptop/desktop OS.

  • One thing the author did not mention is that the only Windows tablets that run legacy software are the actual Windows 8 tablets, and they will be up around $1000. The Windows RT tablets which will be a lot cheaper will NOT run legacy apps, and only will run apps specifically written for Windows RT. Also, probably 90% of the people buying PC’s will opt for the Windows 7 downgrade option. Sounds familiar? Look what happened with Windows Vista, and it was MUCH more like older windows versions than Win8 is. Vista will look like a hot seller compared to Windows 8.

    • Spairus

      This is a comment I was about to make, but saw yours and wanted to attach mine here, because this one seems to be the only one considering the death of classic programms (and NOT applications, which is a new term and pretty much hated by me)
      Luckily, I’m not the only one that thought about our old classic PROGRAMS. WIndows 8 is the same OS that can run on every Desktop, Laptop and now Tablet PC… The Win8 Pro version works on each and every one of the tree types…

      I’ve always thought, since the first launch of tablets, that they are completely useless, because they are just smartphones with a big screen… no features to make up for their size, no computational strength to explain why they are so big… When Windows 8 comes into the picture everything changes… The tablets become compatible with every programm that exists out there and can be used on your Desktop PC or Laptop…

      This Application(aka Play aka Live aka i dont know) Store concept has changed things to a consumerismic type of electronics that i really don’t like… And although i don’t like the fact that it found its way into the Windows OS, i’m grateful that we can still use windows 8 with the classic programms we can find in CDs and download sites… Windows 8 can still use games designed for desktops and laptops, on a tablet… Not those cheap, low spec-designed knock-offs that tablet users find on Play and App Store and call games nowadays…

      On contradiction to all that, a very sad aspect of things, is that with windows 8 Pro, there will be a Windows RT version, which means that Windows 8 will be downgraded to the Adroid Useless-for-anything-bigger-than-a-smartphone type… And that makes me sick… And what makes me even sicker is that (almost) nobody cares…

  • disqusaurus_rex

    I have my doubts. The WinRT development framework royally screws over .NET developers, and there may only be a limited number of apps created for Metro as a result. Microsoft seems to like to completely upend the apple cart every once in a while, whereas Apple and Google have provided stable development environments, where your skills in xcode/cocoa or eclipse/dalvik are always reliably useful, in every successive version.

    Apps are everything. And Microsoft may have teed off enough developers this time that it is questionable as to whether they get any.

  • diego

    Dear Stefan Contantinescu ,

    Did you see the prizes that are coming with W8 ? $700-$1500 !!! If you really think that we people that work hard for our every penny , will paid that amount of money for W8 , hell no ! Why on earth if i can use Andrioid for $100 dollars tablets that are
    fast , virus free and productive. I think Microsoft is smoking crack if they think
    i gonna purchase that at that price , put at $200 and i think about it , remember even now Linux is much better than Windows bloatware. No thanks i stick with Android my friend ! – Diego

  • storm14k

    I know I’m a month late but I just wanted to say. They said this about Android phones as well. Lets be real here. There is no ONE Android tablet challenging the iPad. But surveys are already showing that Android altogether just like with phones may be near the 50% of the market mark. I don’t understand the why people keep overlooking this and spelling doom and gloom for Android tablets. The OEMs don’t seem to be enthused at all about Windows 8 but they keep cranking out Android tablets till this day.

  • John

    The real problem with this argument is Windows RT. The only tablets that are going to have a price advantage are going to be the ARM or NVidia Tegra3 based tablets and they all run Windows RT. All the software you have for Windows 7 is not going to run on RT. You may even get stuck forking out another 200-300 dollars for Office ARM Edition or Office RT Edition more likely. I’m sure they will make a full Windows 8 tablet with an x86 processor but don’t expect it to compete in price with Android or RT tablets. Unless the industry takes a drastic swing I just don’t see it happening.

    Now if it does take that swing I will be happy to by a full Windows 8 x86 tablet for 500 bucks if nothing else but to put linux on it. :)

  • LOL Utter nonsense. Flame war article. Try journalism. And base it on fact.

  • Greg Prokop

    I don’t think so. Some will swap Android for windows but don’t. underestimate Android as this is best “human friendly” platform so far.

  • Rabab

    Android tablets will soon be histroy. They suck anyway.

  • I am affraid for all the micro$oft lovers the tablets are made for android OS and not the other way around Window$ 8 is less demanding than 7 but still “heavy” for a single core ARM and if i must spend 500$-700$ for a tablet tegra 3 for win8 i can buy a laptop with the same money ,Android will be always the land of the tablets and if i want an operating system for my cheap single core tablet i still have the always reliable Ubuntu anyway Unity is way better than Metro

  • Carlo

    Google can fix the android tablet situation! By adding more apps for tablets in the play store. Don’t lose hope!

  • NObama

    Google sells your personal information to spammers and donates loads of money to liberal organizations – I’m not all about that.

  • Spairus

    Guys am I the only one who thinks that these OSes can’t even be compared to one another? I mean, WIndows 8 is the same OS that can run on every Desktop, Laptop and now Tablet PC… The Win8 Pro version works on each and every one of the tree types, whereas some tablets will use RT just to be compatible with the CPU…

    So, I’m asking, isn’t it a totally different deal here? I’ve always thought, since the first launch of tablets, that they are completely useless, because they are just smartphones with a big screen… no features to make up for their size, no computational strength to explain why they are so big… When Windows 8 comes into the picture everything changes… The tablets become compatible with every programm that exists out there and can be used on your Desktop PC or Laptop…

    This Application(aka Play aka Live aka i dont know) Store concept has changed things to a consumerismic type of electronics that i really don’t like… And although i don’t like the fact that it found its way into the Windows OS, i’m grateful that we can still use windows 8 with the classic programms we can find in CDs and download sites… Windows 8 can still use games designed for desktops and laptops, on a tablet… Not those cheap, low spec-designed knock-offs that tablet users find on Play and App Store and call games nowadays…

  • I had an older desktop Vista OS, 6 yrs old, but I but now have a full fresh install on it of Windows 8. I also have an Android tablet.

    I can run my windows desktop with touchscreen full functionallity from my Android via “splashtop” app.

    I will always have a combination of both OS’s with pleasure.

  • Lycan

    I hope everything goes android>to car to pc to labtop, phone why not make everything intergraded I hate windows its always the same thing with them slow. and seems to be always behind the curve

  • MorDos

    The short truth without debating, if the windows kernel holds up to it’s prior short comings in kernel security sigh…….. which it still does, the Linux kernel will always win and hold up against the giant.

  • I used Windows all my life and chose an Android tablet (And a phone) before Microsoft’s. I didn’t get it with an idle purpose, I work there. I don’t see the fucking point of getting a tablet with a keyboard, come on! (Just get a laptop!). That’s so annoying. Getting used to a keyboard takes a week or two, without Swiftkey or some fancy keyboard from Android, the stock one. Keep it simple! And I think it’s obvious; you were wrong.

  • michael99uk

    Its funny how theverge did not think Windows RT might affect the ipad wait till nokia make Windows RT NVIDIA already has a tegra zone in the windows Store. Though Still rocking A galaxy tab but am waiting for NOKIA to make RT with colours and keyboard dock like Transformer then ill switch, tired of ugly gadget dont even argue galaxy tab is ugly

  • rebrose33

    androide gives me no admin rights like on a computer. I demand admin rights out of the box. So android i want a devorce. Im goin with eighter win or apple. android r u heart broken? Good.

  • Mathieu Ferland

    Who need a 1000$ tablet when you can run Windows programs on a cheap Android tablet?

  • Data

    Its been almost 18 months now…ROFLL!!!