An Android 4.0 Tablet for Only $99

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 24, 2012
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Did you know that for just one iPad 2, you can already get 5 Android 4.0 tablets? Apparently, you can purchase 5 Ainovo NOVO7 Basic tablets running on the latest Android OS. Although you really can’t compare Ainovo with the high-end Android tablets, it’s still worth a shot for anyone who wants an affordable tablet. One good thing about the NOVO7 is that it is actually a lot smaller than most tablets, having only a screen measurement of 7-inches.

Features of the NOVO7 Basic include 2MP (rear) and 0.3MP (front) cameras and even an HDMI port output capability of 1080p video. There is a $10 cheaper version of the NOVO7 which does not have any cameras or HDMI. In addition to the cameras and HDMI port, the tablet also has a 5-point multi-touch capacitive touch screen equipped with a 800x480p resolution. It also has a 512MB system memory and 8GB onboard storage.

Considering the fact that the tablet is a Chinese product, there are some minor features of the tablet including accessibility to some Google Mobile Services or even the Android Market. This is also why the unit does not have GPS capabilities.


Well, if you’re looking for an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet at only $99, this is the closest thing to a great deal!

  • Anonymous

    Pls Market one without a BATTERY, we don’t need that expense in the burgeoning car/tablet market.

  • Anonymous

    One thing to be aware of: because it uses the MIPS processor (as opposed to ARM), many applications (apps) won’t run on it (though developers are creating workarounds). I am curious as to why this should be: I would expect apps compiled to bytecode to run on any processor as long as Android’s Dalvik VM is compatible with that hardware. If I find the answer, I’ll post back.

  • same maker has 3 more tablets in the 7 inch range-all have ARM processors-more features and not much more money. Top of the line Aurora has as IPS screen for only about$125 here in China.

  • Pinballb

    absolute pos