An anatomy of patent lawsuits: Apple is involved in 60% of them [Infographic]

by: Bams SadewoJuly 16, 2012

If you’re having trouble keeping track who’s friends with whom and who’s suing whom in the dizzying world of patent war in the mobile industry, IP consulting firm Kanzatec IP Group has created a graphical information that makes understanding of who’s friends or foes a little bit easier to comprehend.

Not surprisingly, Apple is at the heart of patent litigations. From infringement of a touch screen patent, utility patents, to an operating system patent — 60% of the ongoing patent lawsuits involve Cupertino in one form or another. The graphic shows that Apple is in the midst of legal battles against Android proponents ranging from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Kodak and Elan.

For the complete picture of the situation, check out the infographic on patent lawsuits that Kanzatech has prepared below.

  • alone

    Wow ,sony not involved

  • SamsaraGuru

    Ultimately all things – be they charismatic leaders or the corporations they found – die,
    as anyone who has been alive long enough to look around; take things in and come to a few conclusions about what it is all about knows.

    This is the fate of all things that have life in them. The distinguishing factor whether we are a single human being or a corporation composed of thousands is how we choose to conduct ourselves during our brief sojourns here on earth.

    As a great – truly great – not just great in the eyes of fans – man once said: “By their fruits ye shall know them.”

    Once upon a time, many many years ago Apple was viewed and or simply adroitly spun and characterized as a creative Knight in Shining armor fighting the good fight for those who walked to the tune of a different drummer whose beat was creative; the rallying call for all who did not want to be classed as lemmings blindly and stupidly being led to their deaths by a the siren song of mediocrity “other people” who weren’t creative succumbed to with no thought nor qualms.

    My how times change both perceptions as well as fundamental character.

    Today Apple has become the Darth Vader of the techno world and devolved from being admirable to being repugnant; a company that the moment you hear their name you think, “Who are they suing now: what ridiculous patent claim are they making now akin to their suggesting they invented the rectangle and rounded edges and thought to put a screen in the middle? Oh, now they are saying that Apple invented the wheel too and want all the car manufacturers, etc to recognize their right to control the use of same?”

    There are several old sayings, that sum up the current situation – take your pick. Obviously, as with any saying one must use commonsense in terms of its application to reality and realize they are not to be taken as absolutes, but merely helpful to making a point.

    Those who can’t do teach.

    Those who can’t write movies/books, etc become critics.

    Those who have lost the ability to create and compete – and know it but are still in denial, sue those who can and are truly trying because they realize their days in the sun are over and all that remains is the ugliness of envy.

    Unfortunately such rarely go quietly into the night leaving those who are still fighting the good fight alone, but rather always seem to want to tear down and destroy those who by their very existence painfully remind them of what they once were but will never be again.

    In the meantime, we will all have to endure Apple in its death throes; such is life!