US government wants to ban businesses from dealing with Huawei and ZTE

by: ŠtefanOctober 8, 2012

china-cell-phone Tavis Coburn

Ask your parents what Americans thought of Russia when they were growing up. Chances are you’ll hear horrible stories about communism, nuclear weapons, and espionage. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, America stopped being scared of Mother Russia. The new enemy became China. It’s easy to see why. China makes a lot of stuff, they’re communist, and they have absolutely no respect for intellectual property. The thing is, China isn’t a scary monster. It’s actually a very innovative country that’s rapidly growing and is in the process of transitioning from a rural society where everyone is a farmer, into a place that’s much more urban. The second largest PC maker, Lenovo, is Chinese. The second largest maker of telecommunications equipment, Huawei, is Chinese. ZTE, another Chinese company, is among one of the top five mobile phone makers.

None of this matters though, because the people in power, better known as the government, simply don’t trust the Chinese. Later today, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Intelligence Committee will issue a report urging American businesses to stop dealing with Huawei and ZTE. Why? Because they’re supposedly building back doors into their products that will let the Chinese government spy on millions of Americans.

We really can’t make this stuff up.

ZTE says they have no idea what America is thinking. Huawei says the rumors being spread about them are “baseless”. In fact, Huawei is thinking about becoming a publicly listed company just so America gets off their back. Worst case scenario, these two companies get shut out of a market that serves roughly 350 million people. That means no more cheap infrastructure equipment, and potentially no more budget Android smartphones. Best case scenario, America grows up, stops being paranoid, and learns to do business with the Chinese.

That’s highly unlikely though.

  • WOW, seriously? It’s shit like this that makes me hate this country. Get off your high horse America. Besides, don’t we owe the Chinese like a shit load of money? Lol

    • On a Clear Day

      Adrian. Have you by any chance ever done any reading? About China I mean? If you had, you would know that it is in fact one of the most repressive nations on earth; one that has no compunciton about imprisioning anyone who even so much as posts a blog about how they think things aren’t perfect and should change.

      Such a nation would have no hesitation about throwing you or anyone it felt was in its way under the bus and certainly no pangs of conscience about installing a back door into devices sold to the rest of the world.

      If you wish to be foolish and bereft of caring about the fact that your purchases help support this type of regime – so be it – but don’t put down America and those who happen to view China for what it actually is – a major threat to everyone’s freedom – simply because you yourself have chosen to stick your head in the sand and “See no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil”.

      • mrband

        Apple, M$ and Google are american and spy you the same if not more, and Apple even has a patent to disable protesters’s iphones remotely on manifestations…

        • On a Clear Day

          No society, no nation, nothing man associated on earth is perfect mrband. However, if you study history; if you review the actions of China as opposed to those of America and its allies in Western Europe what you will see is that fundamentally – despite no shortages of transgressions – that more, rather than less, the movement in all of these nations has been toward promoting individual freedom and human rights.

          China, on the other hand, recently imprisoned a nobel prize winner for about 10 or 12 years; a fellow whose only crime was posting a thread saying China should consider democracy for a similar amount of time.

          This reflects the menality of the communist Chinese government and is no revelation to anyone who labors to keep themsleves abreast of current events.

          Are Google, Apple, Microsoft pure as the driven snow? Of course not, you can’t have monolithic organizations – business or otherwise – without mistakes and excesses taking place, but as with you or I as individuals it is the overall intentions that underly our actions that is the true measure of good or bad.

          The problem with China is that the current regime does not respect your right or mine to think what we wish and express ourselves and if we did, would throw us in prision with not a second’s thought (unless publicity as in the case of the blind lawyer forced them to care).

          • mrband

            Ask Julian Assange about US respect for individuals. Or Kim DotCom…
            China is a dictatorship, obvious.
            But Western democracies act like dictatorships when someone truly defies them.

          • On a Clear Day

            Julian Assange is an irresponsible individual who has probably by his actions caused the deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan by revealing information that was top secret. If anyone deserves to be sent to jail it is he. There is no rational comparison between the repressive, totalitarian actions of communist China and the United States in this regard that can be made.

            Not that that fact will stop the rabid anarchist types of the world from trying to suggest that there is a valid comparison.

            There is a saying, you may have read that is attributed to Sir Winston Churchill, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

            If you look you will find no shortages of horror stories about the transgressions of the Western powers; that is a given. However, at the core of all democracies – true ones – is the fundamental core belief that the freedom of the individual for self-determination is paramount to them and sacrosanct.

            Men – lowlifes actually – like Assange and Kim DotCom – mistake the fact that democracy expects and needs people to be responsible within the context of the freedoms said democracies give as a license to do whatever they happen to feel like doing irrespective of the consequences. Assange has harmed infinitely more people by his actions than he has or ever will help.

      • I personally think that the communism of China actually works. I know that everyone think communism is evil, but the point is that it isn’t if there is no corruption. They have extreme punishments for stealing and so on and I agree with that, but… every worlds government has problem with corruption. USA is one of the best examples of that. In China, if there are indications of that, you get a bullet in the head. End of story. If you work for the government, then you should work for the people. That is why they keep on developing and other countries owe them, not the other way around.

      • Cdysart15

        Americas “freedom” is bullshit. if you had true freedom a police officer shouldn’t be able to fine you for not wearing a seat belt, i mean you cant kill someone by doing that only yourself. Although we live a posh life, Americas freedom is over rated. America also throws others under a bus if it helps them, just look at the war on terrorism, its all our fault.

        So before you go around saying how great America is and how terrible China is please do look at the facts. Oh and by the way if America is smart China doesn’t threaten my freedom, and i am sorry if you feel it threatens yours.

        • Paul

          You know what’s interesting? If you were Chinese and posted something like that about China you’d be jailed easily. Our Freedom in the U.S allows you to post things like that about America without fear of ending up in a prison somewhere. We have the freedom to put down our own country, Chinese people don’t even have that freedom. A lot of the issues we deal with here in the U.S, a lot of the debating and such, none of this exists in a lot of other countries because it’s not even an option to have an opinion or do things differently.

      • Our country is a million times for backhanded and sneaky than any of those other countries. Our country leads the way in being assholes to people. Only America does it with a smile.

      • arcwindz

        You sir, needs to read or hear news from a non-us media :)

    • Don’t let the Chinese take over your country, American.
      Iphone and other Android smartphone hardware assembled in China but Chinese gov can’t spy you without software intervention
      Hate Apple. Samsung and Nokia are still better choices than Huawei

  • Rich

    But, it’s OK for American companies like Apple and Dell to have their products made in China…??? Or do they need to start sourcing components and labour from somewhere else too?

  • EdLKing

    Exactly, who needs a ZTE phone to spy on us when China assembles the iPhone for Apple and is in the hands of millions of more people.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    Well why not? Samsung is almost out of the US because the court favorises Apple, so why not ban everyone besides american manufacturers from the US market?

    IF the US government decided to stick to capitalism, logic and reasoning it would be the best for the consumers. By banning phones and manufacturers of different products (that is not designed to kill someone) they strangle capitalism.

  • derekross

    In some Huawei and ZTE devices it has previously been proved to be malware laden. This is why the US goverment is taking this stance.

  • Rick Jacobs

    Right…ZTE and Huawei i.e, the Chinese government calls these rumors baseless. That’s the same thing the said when the US State Department found a back door on Lenovo laptops they purchased in 2006.

  • Ozne

    Why worry about the Chinese when our own country is doing it now, under some legal clause of The Homeland Security Act.

    And for the record, China is not communist. In fact, any nation that has called itself communist, either in the past or present, still doesn’t understand what Marks and Engels wrote about in their Manifesto. Bottom line: They are all dictatorships hiding behind a facade of communism. Period!

  • alfred

    thsi ban is long overdue… all China made products must be banned not only in the US but the whole world due to poisonous contents used on China products!!!

  • Justice

    make an effort to watch the documentary film ‘Free China”