Future AMD laptops to virtualize Android on Windows

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 9, 2014

AMD Android running on Windows

Android and Windows aren’t really what you’d call friends, but processor developers Intel and AMD seem to think that the two belong together.

In the latest effort to breed some sort of hybrid, AMD has teamed up with BlueStacks to develop a way to run Android on Windows. BlueStacks has already created its own software that runs Android applications and games on Windows and Mac machines, but this new solution will virtualize the entire OS. AMD may not be a player in the mobile space, but it’s Intel’s biggest competitor when it comes to Windows PCs and laptops.

Unlike the dual boot solution proposed by Intel, AMD opts to run Android from within Windows, much more akin to a traditional application. The biggest benefit here is that there’s no wait time for your device to switch operating system, no need for hard drive partitions, and you can still run all of your Windows software at the same time as having access to a complete Android platform. That’s far more useful than having to pick one over the other. You can see it running in realtime in the video below.

AMD is aiming to bring the technology to two-in-one tablets and laptops, but availability of the Android virtualization software will be rather limited. The technology will only be supported on AMD’s APUs rather than its full range of CPUs, with the fourth generation Kaveri chips being the first to run the software. This is probably to ensure hardware compatibility, as APUs contain both CPU and GPU components.

Android/Windows hybrid devices could well be a trend set to unfold in 2014, but I’m worried that AMD’s solution may struggle along with the declining Windows market.

  • Brendon Brown

    I would rather dual boot than have a mixture :|

  • AndroidOSFTW


    • Jayfeather787

      It is a phone. Not a computer. It fits in your pocket (most of the time) and makes phone calls. It is not a magical unicorn.

    • Andre

      Lol.. xD
      It’s already done, although limited to Win9x through emulator.
      If someone re-compiled Windows XP to ARM, maybe it’s runnable on current android hardware. Just my two cents.

  • Mike Reid

    I’m getting tired of these Android on Windows things that never go anywhere. It seems a great idea, but nobody has it working well.

    I’ll believe it when I see it and I don’t see it yet.

    • Nathan Powell

      Asus Duet?

  • Andre

    Can I have a ‘rooted’ android system using bluestacks ?

  • raj

    Android n Windows
    I have an idea…. How about Chrome OS and Android together….
    Oh oh… Isn’t that cool?

    • Nathan Powell

      that’s like trying to run Windows xp and 8 on the same computer, unnecessaraly redundant

      • Aberran Fox

        I disagree. I emulate windows 3.11, virtualize XP and run under both windows 7. I been playing Video/PC games for a while and even enjoy PC games from before I personally owned one. Somethings just don’t run on modern operating systems and anything that may give me some needed GPU horsepower in a virtualized environment is welcomed tech in my eyes. If they expand with the ability to run order OSes I might get to clean out my closet of back up legacy parts and systems. Be nice to be able to do so but it will still feel like I am throwing away some old friends.

  • JP

    thats awesome

  • Alex

    I use a software called genymotion its a verry fast android emulator its free for personal use can emulate diferent screensizes it’s prerooted and its working greate