Amazon’s Kindle Fire May Just Kill Google’s Android Market

by: glennOctober 4, 2011
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Amazon recently released its own ‘Fire’ Android Tablet, which will run on Google’s mobile OS. Despite using Google’s own program, it does not display the said company’s brand logo. Amazon even went to the extend of making its own browser for users to enjoy mobile web access.

Fire is now branded as the newest ‘iPad killer’. The newest 7-inch tablet device was built by the same group of people who came up with the RIM Playbook. Although it may cause severe impact in iPad sales, experts doubt that it can permanently kill the famous Apple tablet.

The Kindle Fire will be available to the market for 199 USD, meaning other brands of Android tablets such as Samsung, HTC and RIM, will have to lower their prices to match or beat the Kindle Fire. Since the most recent 10-inch Android tablets weren’t able to make any profits in the past few months due to its poor replication of iPad’s features, manufacturers may have to lower down their prices to 300 USD in order to survive the harsh market.

Motorola may have to reprice its upcoming 7-inch tablet, while Toshiba may have to lower down the price of its 400 USD Thrive tablet. With the Kindle Fire being sold at only 199 USD, these companies might need to sacrifice their capital investment or they won’t be able to sell at all.

Dead brands


With a cheaper brand of Android tablet available, there is a real possibility that big companies may have to lower down the specs of their products to meet the selling price of the Kindle Fire. Low-end Android devices are permanently out of the market, at least in the US, due to the lack of brand strength and advertising, and poor quality issues.

The success of Amazon’s tablet poses a big threat on Google since the company won’t have any control on the Kindle Fire’s web browser and apps. Instead of being available in Google’s Android Market, users will have to visit Amazon’s App Store if they want to make the most out of their Kindle.

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  • Anonymous

    I think Amazon s purpose with this product is to sell their products and to reach larger audiences. I think isn’t competition applying here. It surely won’t get the Android Market neither OS upgrade. If it was targeting software development Amazon would have probably taken a different route such as buying webOS! Amazon trying to capitilize on their items!

  • AppleFUD

    uh. . . you do realize that smartphone are the dominant seller right now and most of those are android market only?

  • Ypsrudy

    Amazon is just taking a page out of Apples playbook. Amazon is starting to get proprietary just like Apple. Of course I think to some extent companies have to keep control of their products. “BUT” What makes me mad is that all tablets should have some kind of media in and media out function. Like a mini HDMI, USB or SD Card. So come on Amazon, Apple, Samsung and all the other tablet makers give us what we need to work and play…! As for me I’ll buy something that has an sd card,Hdmi or usb plugin.

    • Also, I don’t know for sure, but isn’t Android the most flexible OS. I’m kinda happy for Amazon Fire, but aren’t they for a niche group. Android, for the most part still offers the best bang for the buck.

  • Korm1203

    still is good to android developers…

  • Jon Garrett

    you’re overreacting and making a big deal over nothing. nobody in their right mind is going to pass up all the other Android tablets in favor of a stripped down glorified ebook reader. the people who buy Amazon’s new 7″ tablet are the same people who would buy Nook and Kindle devices.

  • Tarek

    All of kindle fire features and amazon apps only work in the states, so for now their market is kinda limited…