Amazon’s Kindle Fire Hands-on Video Shows One Very Impressive $199 Tablet

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 29, 2011

While initially, I was hesitant to jump on the Amazon tablet bandwagon, and with crazy analyst projections of sales being somewhere north of 5 million units before the holidays, I have to say my doubts have since melted away.

As the video below will demonstrate, Amazon’s not messing around. They have created, what looks to be, a truly unified experience that is running on excellent hardware. Amazon is pricing the tablet aggressively at $199, and for the specs that are underneath, that’s an incredible deal. While the 7 inch form factor won’t appeal to everyone, it’s certainly likely to have a huge following. Plus, it’s rumored that Amazon is taking a $50 hit on each and every tablet sold, and expects to recoup that back in the sales of music, videos, and apps, and we think it’s an incredibly intelligent strategy.


Check out the video below, and you will see what the Amazon Kindle Fire is all about.

Amazon is on a roll folks, and shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Behind the tablet, which is made by the same company that made RIM’s Playbook, is some very strategic, and frankly, thoughtful execution. Here’s a great video brought to us by Amazon, which details their thinking. The gist of it is that all of the heavy lifting for the web browser, dubbed Silk, will be done at the back-end. Despite having impressive specs, Amazon will leverage their immensely powerful cloud, in a way similar to what Opera does with their blazing fast web browser, and provide expedited and unified delivery of the things that matter – and fast. 


This video details the genius of Amazon’s best engineers, and why its web browsing experience will be insanely fast.

Any thoughts on the Amazon Kindle fire? Do you think this is good for Android? And, most importantly, will you be getting one?

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  • AppleFUD

    Until we actually get some hands on with some of these things we really don’t know. The ideas are in place but the execution is key. We’ve see “cloud supported” browsers in the past and they aren’t always that great.

    If the hardware is similar to the PlayBook then that’s a plus as the PlayBook is one of the better tablets around.

    The funny thing is reading all the “tech journalists” and commenters of those articles bash it for not having x, y, and z however, these are the same people that said the iPad didn’t need x, y, and z when the Xoom came out. Now apple fans are saying the Kindle Fire can’t do nearly as much as the iPad–freaking hilarious. So, then they should all have purchased and Android table because the iPad can’t do what a good Android tablet can do, especially the Asus Transformer.

    I picked up a couple TouchPads during the fire sale. They don’t have expansion or ports, etc. . . Once you have such a device you figure it out. . . now I have 50GB on and a usb external hard drive on my router. . . don’t need space on my tablet. That’s what people will find out about the Kindle Fire. . . only the “geek” needs x, y, and z. . . other people just want it to be a functional device that allows them to browse the web, email, read, play games, etc. . . In other words, the Kindle Fire looks like it will do exactly what the iPad was intended to do = be a media consumption device.

  • guest

    no 3g camera..not worth it, how are they thinking this is a ipad killer

    • AppleFUD

      uh, the first iPad had no cameras and was successful, the most popular selling ipads are the WiFi only models–the cheaper ones ;) . . .

      • Anonymous

        agree completely. i got a TouchPad in the firesale and it’s great for me because all i want it to do is couch surf for fantasy football, email, listen to music, watch movies, and play the occasional time waster game. it does exactly that for cheap and that is exactly what this Kindle Fire does. iPads and the high dollar Android tablets are nice but the price of entry is WAY too high for what most need it to do. not saying the iPad doesn’t have a market but this tablet is WAY more accessible and because of that, i think Amazon has a winner here.

  • Anonymous

    NO way i’m going to spend $500.00 on a lame ipad.
    2 kindle fire please.