Amazon slashes Verizon Galaxy S3 price to $139.99

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 8, 2012

The world’s favorite Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, has now reached a certain point of popularity where it’s more apt to ask the question of who doesn’t have the phone yet. But we’re sure there are still many who are waiting for the price to come down. If Verizon is your carrier of choice, you’re just in luck, because Amazon Wireless has some pretty sweet deal on Big Red’s variant of the Galaxy S3.

Are you a new Verizon customer? You can take advantage of the offer by paying only $139.99 for a brand new Galaxy S3 –  Marble White or Pebble Blue, that’s your choice to make. The price tag is $60 cheaper than what the carrier is charging for the phone on its website.  Of course, both require you to activate a two-year service.

If you’re looking to upgrade to the Galaxy S3, you need to pay an extra $10. This means for $149.99 you can soon sport the hottest Android phone in town, while at the same time getting $50 in savings when looking at Verizon’s price. The standard two-year contract agreement also applies here.

Sounds like a great deal? Head to Amazon Wireless now if you don’t want to miss the limited-time offer.

  • So are you not mentioning the $2500 peope have to spend over the 2-years contract for this phone? The phone is not $139, it’s $2639.

    • CoryGrant

      If I used that logic then, because of all the gas I’ve put in my car, my ’99 Hyundai Accent is worth over $60,000. Fail !

      • It absolutely is, that is why Electric cars are much better and much cheaper and soon enough 100% of all new cars canbe electric as building out unlimited free renewable energy to power all those new electric cars is a piece of cake.

        • DeanoftheWorld

          And thus why you are a hippie idiot and right-fight with everybody. Congrats on that, enjoy your car that runs off of electricity that is created by burning coal.

          • My electric car runs 100% on wind power. That’s how things work in a civilized country like Denmark, all electric cars are 100% wind powered. And Denmark can easily switch 100% of all their new cars to be 100% electric on Better Place battery swap technology, all they need is more cars to be shipped to the country by others than only Renault. Bye.