Amazon supposedly readying its Android set-top box for a March release

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 21, 2014


This isn’t the first time we’ve been told that Amazon is preparing to launch an Android based set-top TV box, we’ve been hearing about the thing for nearly a whole year. The last time this rumor popped up, the company was expected to ship such a device in time for the holiday season.

The all-knowing industry sources have now suggested that Amazon is targeting a March release for its TV device, which may offer some much needed competition to devices like Apple TV and Roku’s range of products.

Again, the sources collaborate the story that Amazon’s box will be running on Android, although a specific version hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s highly likely that Amazon would keep its own forked version of Android that it uses with its Kindle products. Not to mention that keeping a similar operating system would help keep existing third-party developers on-board.

A set top box has long seemed like a sensible move for Amazon, given the vast catalogue of video content that the company offers. Interestingly, Amazon has just rebranded and combined its Lovefilm Instant service into Amazon Prime Instant Video. This is pure speculation, but perhaps Amazon is reshuffling its services in preparation for a new product launch. The timings just seems right, given that a March release is right around the corner. There’s also the rumored that Amazon is set to launch its own Android powered gaming console to throw into the mix. Perhaps Amazon is preparing an all-in one set-top box, offering up a full range of media services, including gaming?

There’s still no official word from Amazon on the matter, so who knows if we’ll ever actually get to see Amazon’s set-top box.

  • Ryan5609

    Just in time. My Vizio Co-Star just took a dump, so now I need a new streaming box. The Co-Star had its moments, but was mostly garbage. Hopefully this Amazon variant is an HDMI pass through set top box like the Co-Star and Xbox One. I hate switching HDMI sources and using up extra HDMI ports.

    I also wonder if it will support Netflix? You would think it would have too, but seeing how Netflix is their biggest streaming rival, I have my concerns. I guess we will have to wait and see, otherwise I guess I will just stick with streaming from my PS4.

  • Heisenberg

    I’m more interested in the devices form factor.

  • Otto Andersson

    I’m still waiting on an Google play store app to watch streaming video. Is there any work around for that?

  • If this is true..