Amazon Prime Instant Video app for Android is “imminent”

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 16, 2014


Android is known for its amazingly wide selection of apps and services, but there is no doubt some developers are simply not willing to take the bait. Such has been the case with the Amazon Instant Video app for Prime subscribers, an application that has found many forks in the road to the Google Play Store yet.

The demand exists, and many of you have been begging for this app. Rejoice, as your prayers may have just been answered. New reports have emerged, bearing rumors of Amazon planing to launch the Prime Instant Video app for Android. In what is claimed to be Amazon’s words, the launch is “imminent”. No release windows have been rumored, leaked or announced. Also unclear is whether the app would be optimized for both smartphones and tablets or not, but the app is coming.


This is a bit of a curious situation, as Amazon’s very own Kindle Fire devices do feature the Instant Video app in all its glory. It’s important to note Kindle Fire devices are, after all, Android tablets. They may be completely different and heavily modified, but the Android-bearing gadgets are still part of our distant family.

Amazon seems to be worried that releasing the official Android app would help Kindle Fire sales plummet, as there wouldn’t be much of an incentive to grab an Amazon device over any other Android tablet. After all, the app has been available for iOS, game consoles and smart TVs for a long time, as well. Android was literally being left outside of the equation.

Amazon must realize this could also bring more users to their streaming service. After all, do many of us really choose our tablets and smartphones based on Amazon Instant Video compatibility? We are sure they may lose a few Kindle Fire sales, but they may also gain a healthy amount of new Prime subscribers.

Once again, this is a rumor. We must keep this in mind, so don’t hold your breath on this information. At least until we get an official announcement or more proof.

  • dogulas

    FINALLY. It made zero sense for Amazon to have a Kindle app in the Play Store but not a Prime Video app. Either abandon stock Android completely and stick with your forked, inferior version of Android, or make all your content available on stock Android. I’m glad they’re going with the latter.

    I feel like adding Chromecast support though will be a no-go. Too bad. Can’t have it all on a single ecosystem I guess. Good thing we will have mirroring as a workaround.

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      • dogulas

        Wow tell me more

  • Tony T.

    F*cking finally. Although, I will only believe it when Amazon confirms. I have been waiting for this for what feels like forever. I have had a Prime account for years and still to this day can’t use it on any of my Android devices. It’s beyond irritating, especially considering that Prime members are paying for this service, many of whom I’m sure are Android users. This can only be a good thing, both for consumers and Amazon.

  • Victor Who

    One word…just one word: BOOYAH!

  • Egorphish

    Hope it has Chromecast support

    • Brandon Power
    • Tony T.

      Even if there isn’t native support, apps like AllCast will find a way to cast it. Worst case scenario, use screen mirroring. Maybe not optimal, but better than nothing.

  • Brandon Power
  • Genesishep

    Um…while I would LOVE for this to be true the source this article is based on is quoting a comment from some Amazon marketing guy from last Christmas. The definition of imminent is not 7-8 months…

  • Otto Andersson

    People shouldn’t have to beg to give amazon their money. I wrote nasty emails to Amazon threatening to discontinue my prime membership unless they bring this app to Android. The company is getting too cocky and overestimating their worth, especially of the now 99 dollar subscription.

    Too little too late. Screw this company and their gimmick 3d phone

  • aliyappa

    I am looking for Chrome Cast support.

  • Jeff Harris

    There has been an Amazon video app on Vizio TVs for years. The app has not changed in years and is now antiquated. Earlier this week, I noticed our newest Vizio TV has a NEW Amazon video app. It is much better than the previous one. Much better user interface and easier to navigate.

    This is likely very similar or exactly the same Amazon app that will come on Android. I’m assuming the app on my TV and the Android app are both similar to what’s on Amazon’s Fire TV device.

  • Nine2Nine

    Even if they do bring this to Android I won’t use it much.. I have mostly switched to Google play now. Oringally bought only from Amazon until they snubbed Android and forced me to either buy a Kindle fire or drop Amazon for video.. Don’t like being locked in to places so I dropped them.. I would have even have switched back after a time if they had brought this out sooner but you waited too long Amazon.. You waited too long..

  • test

  • Steve

    All day Saturday (01/24/15) you can sign up for Amazon Prime at $72 for the year (25% OFF). This gives you the free two-day shipping and access to Amazon Prime Instant Video streaming. Any Amazon client including non-Prime can watch the whole first season of Transparent for nothing. The drawback is that the special valuing is just accessible to new customers.