Amazon: No opt out for Kindle Fire ads on all new models

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 8, 2012

However unobtrusive it may be, some people aren’t ecstatic to hear that the entire new lineup of Kindle Fire will come with “Special Offers” promotion, otherwise known as spammy ads that will show up on the device’s lock screen. The latest confirmation from Amazon ruins whatever hope that consumers have that they would be able to opt out from receiving such ads, as previously thought.

A spokesperson for the online retailer giant has confirmed that the Kindle Fire ads are here to stay, and that consumers can’t opt out of the offers — regardless of the model that they choose to purchase. Like it or not, they will see the ads on their device.

We understand the logic behind providing options for buyers who don’t mind getting the ads in exchange of a reduced price for the device. But to force the ads on some of the more premium models, such as the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE, which Amazon is selling for $499, is certainly a head-scratching decision.

What do you think? Is this potentially a deal-breaker for you? Or do you think you’ll enjoy getting those special promotions on your Kindle Fire?

  • Alex13809

    this would be an absurd move, even from Apple. really Amazon… Bo way I’m buying them, especially since its custom android.

  • Rooting is key.

  • ScrewPoliticalCorrectness

    By by kindle. There is NO way I will by such a device!

  • Charlie Klementowich

    Yeah, it sounds like a move that generates a lot of money for Amazon… much more than the consumer will ultimately save. I had the original Fire, but I won’t support this device.

  • Forget you

    I guess I won’t be buying a Fire.

  • Vyrlokar

    No restriction survives contact with XDA.

    I say that the adds will be dissabled within a week of the device getting rooted, and that will happen within a month of the device being released

  • Mr. Rpb

    Who cares? It’s just on the lock screen, and I don’t think people spend a lot of time staring at the lock screen.

    • anon

      you should care, your paying for amazons marketing campaign. Why should people pay for spam? Least int he past spam was free maybe a cost of your BW and time but you did not pay hard cash for it.

  • android-slayer

    the ads are most likely airpush ads or another similar alternative that are downloaded to the phone via apps that run the airpush source code ising a 3g or wifi connection if the device has an imei serial similar to the android phones you ahould be able to opt-out by going directly to the advertisers website or loading the airpush opt-out app to the kindle via microsd card.