Amazon and LG had the most effective ads in 2013, according to study

by: Andrew GrushMarch 12, 2014

Wouldn’t it be nice if a company could simply build a good product, and it would magically sell itself? The reality is that most products are only as good as the marketing efforts behind them, and this is equally true when it comes to mobile devices.

In the past Apple has been one of the top dogs when it came to television advertising effectiveness, but according to ad tracking firm Ace Metrix, last year the company fell from 1st place in down to 5th, with Amazon taking their place at the top of the heap. Other technology brands ahead of Apple in terms of advertising include LG, Windows Phone and Samsung Mobile (in that order).

So how does Ace determine who has the best ads? Ace Metrix reaches its ranking based on the brands with the highest Ace Scores. These scores are determined by using various consumer polls that ask customers about the watchability and persuasiveness of the ads in question. As you can see in the chart, Amazon’s Kindle brand scored a 578 average, while Apple was at 553.


Keep in mind that these numbers seem to fluctuate considerably year-to-year, and don’t necessarily reflect the popularity of the brands in question, only how well their ads are received by the public. Still, it is interesting that Amazon spent just $147.8 million last year on U.S. advertising and yet still was able to make a bigger impact through its ads than Apple with its massive $575.2 million TV advertising budget.

Thinking back on it, I can see how Amazon’s Mayday ads and other advertisements that show actual features for the Kindle brand would be favored over some of Apple’s ads that either focus on attempting to emotionally reach us or that simply have folks talking into their multi-colored handsets. Then again, LG managed to score very high on the list and yet most of its ads in 2013 seemed to focus around emotions as well — though it’s 2014 ads seem to take a much stranger approach.

What’s your take on the situation? What company do you feel did the best job at advertising their products last year? Does advertising actively influence your buying decision or not?

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  • But after that LG ad from a few days back out of the Netherlands, I question the legitimacy of this study, LOL Still love LG though :)

    • apianist16

      That ad was so goofy! I think LG needs to hire a better marketing department.

    • Andrew Grush

      I’m really surprised this ad hasn’t given me nightmares yet.. thanks for bringing it up… lol :)

      • It’s absolutely terrifying and painful to watch. I don’t think the agency will have much more work from LG lol :)

        • Shark Bait

          Why not? It deninatly got the attention of lots of media outlets, and forwarded on to their particular demographics

    • Guest123

      That’s just wrong. . . so very very wrong.

  • Guest123

    I generally tune out ads. . . and rarely ever know what an ad is for.

    I have to admit that the Moto X ads stuck in my head, though I didn’t really think they were good, and apple’s last ipad ad stuck though it makes no sense — no one is going to take an ipad on those excursions, but a good phablet would make it ;)

    Samsung has done well branding their devices with “the next big thing is already here” — pick a catchy phrase like that and drive it into everyone’s skull.

    All in all, I think adverts have gone to sh!t over the years — they rarely relate to the product in any meaningful way.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Sony has the most creative ads ever (on web), but Samsung made the funniest TV ads ever for bashing Apple.

    • K


      But after that the samsung ads went downhill. It went from humiliating apple to humiliating all men in general

      I think this is the reason samsung ads decreased in popularity.

    • K

      Apple has fans from both genders. And samsung has fans from both genders too. It doesnt realise it.

      So i hope samsung doesnt alienate the male gender