March 15, 2010
Dell Mini 5 loves Amazon

Dell Mini 5 loves Amazon

The Dell Mini 5 seems to be picking up pace at the moment, and the latest development with this piece of kit includes a host of services from Amazon preinstalled to the hardware. The most interesting of which is a Kindle application. We’re reading inbetween the lines somewhat here as all the picture displays is a bullet point staying “Kindle Book Reader Applications”. Nonetheless, to our ears this can mean only one thing. Of course we are expecting the device to already come with Amazon’s MP3 store preinstalled as this is already the case on a number of other Android powered phones.

To put things into context, there has been an iPhone and Blackberry Kindle application for some time now. It makes sense that Amazon will want to cash in on the fastest growing mobile OS providing the possibility to buy 300,000 popular books.

[Via Android Community]

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