Amazon announcing a device that “moves with you” on June 18th, could be the long-rumored Amazon phone

by: Andrew GrushJune 4, 2014

Going back as far as 2012, we’ve been hearing rumors about how Amazon is preparing to enter the smartphone game. In 2013, the rumor mill claimed that not only was a phone still in the works, it would reportedly offer a glasses-free 3D interface that moved with the user by utilizing multiple cameras to track eye/head movement.

Most recently, we’ve seen alleged leaked images of the device and claims it will be announced this summer. Still, it’s now 2014, and many folks are likely starting to wonder whether there’s any truth to all these rumors. After all, there’s never been anything from Amazon to back up the idea — until today.


Amazon has now announced it will hold a launch event on June 18th, and while they don’t specifically mention what kind of device they will be unveiling, their teaser video suggests it is something that “moves with you”. The video show people moving their heads back and forth, all without actually showing what they are looking at.

Putting all these signs together, it seems pretty likely that the rumor suggesting Amazon was working on an advanced 3D interface was correct. Now the question remains whether this interface is really designed for a phone, as past rumors have claimed, or if we’re simply looking at a new Kindle tablet. Either way, we’ll find out in just a few weeks.

With Amazon branching out into media set-top boxes, it’s obvious they have ambitions beyond just e-readers and Fire tablets. That said, it’s hard to say how a Fire OS-based smartphone would fair in a world dominated by iOS and Google’s Android. What do you think, could Amazon really be getting ready to release a handset or is it more likely this is a 3D-based Kindle tablet of some sort?

  • Luka Mlinar

    Wow that’s some yesterday marketing right there. Guessing the marketing team was picked at a cryogenics department.

  • Corey Watford

    (Referring to the Video) It may be neat, but is it Useful?

  • Mo Rizvi

    That’s my birthday! I love amazon, so it’s like a birthday present 4 me.

  • MasterMuffin

    3D has lost its shine a long time ago!

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Aight. I got bored with 3D wallpaper after ten minutes.

    • Heimrik

      Agreed. I never liked it. Gave me a headache….

  • Heimrik

    If it had an Android OS, it probably would stand some kind of chance…. But a Fire OS smartphone?? meh….

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Fire OS is Android OS.

      • Who cares anyway

        I think he meant the OEM UI implemented by Amazon.

  • Adude

    It uses the same technology that the Nintendo 3ds uses (I have seen the prototype) just wait and see