Getting ready to unwind for the weekend? You might want to head on over to Amazon’s AppStore and check out Amazon’s latest collection of free games, one or more of which could make for a great distraction this weekend.

As always, these apps are only on offer for today and are said to have a total value of $16.91. On the downside, Wreck-It Ralph and Ski Safari appear to be the Kindle Tablet versions, so these probably won’t work on just any Android device. Still, there’s Sonic Jump, Wheel of Fortune and a few other good ones thrown in there.

Without further ado, here’s the full list:

What do you think, planning on downloading any of these? What do you think of Amazon’s AppStore in general, like it or do you prefer to stick exclusively to the Google Play Store?

*Update: For some reason, HorseWorld and Where’s Tappy aren’t showing up as free. I’ve reached out to Amazon to figure out what’s up, hopefully we hear back shortly.*

Andrew Grush
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