Amazon Daily Deal: Save 61% ($140.01) on V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal Noise-Isolating Headphones

June 21, 2014
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We all love deals and we think you are going to like today’s deal of the day. For the next 20 hours or so you can pickup a high quality pair of V-Moda M-80 headphones for just $89.99 (61% off – $140.01 Savings).

The V-Moda CROSSFADE M-80 Vocal On-Ear Headphones are noise isolating headphones that have received positive reviews from Engadget and Whathifi. The 1 button mic control is compatible with your Android device and you will be able to play and pause music.

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  1. Jayfeather787 says:

    This is what people who want to buy a pair of Beats should buy instead!
    Don’t wait. I waited to buy a graphics card yesterday, I checked, and it was out of stock. So, that was… that was sad… :(

    1. Adon says:

      Beats are RUBBISH,will thats if you have used real dj headphones. V-Moda are great,so are Senneheiser,Audio-Technica, meelectronics,jvc, Sol Repulic etc

      1. Jayfeather787 says:

        Freaking 5 dollar Koss headphones are better than Beats. ALMOST EVERYTHING IS BETTER!

    2. j7981 says:

      That’s happened to me too many times… I feel your pain
      Edit: And I hate Beats

      1. Jayfeather787 says:

        Smart individuals hate Beats.

        1. j7981 says:

          But but but… You get to listen to the music “the way the artist intended” and there’s so much bass! /s

          1. Anonymousfella says:

            But but…everybody says they’re cool! /s

  2. Luka Mlinar says:

    The best sounding headphones always have piss poor designs. :/
    I love good sound but i would sacrifice a bit of audio quality for a well designed pair.
    I have SOL Republic on my mind for some time now :)

    1. George says:

      Go for it!!! :)

      Bought V-Moda M100 (which are supposedly better than M80 and LP2), didn’t like them enough, returned them and got SOL Republic Master Tracks afterwards.
      THEY. ARE. PHENOMENAL! :D Design is exceptional, sound is loud, clear and with lots of bass and the fit is perfect.
      You won’t regret it mate, trust me!
      P.S. Don’t get the AMPS HD if you’re looking for in-ear. Owned them and sold them. A good in-ear pair are the Soundmagic E10’s. I own them right now and they’re fantastic. Great sound, low price, good quality.

      1. Luka Mlinar says:

        Tapped out at the moment and the Steam summer sale is not helping things at all :D
        But thanks for your comment. Defiantly getting a pair at some point in the future.

    2. A Skylit [S]unjΔy says:

      Do you like Beats? Also, check out the V-Moda XS. They’re the new M80s and they look much better.

  3. disqus_qxmwXdA4zx says:

    Sweet Deal… Thanks for information
    Just purchased… ;)

  4. Manuel Cota says:

    how do they sound compared to the ATH-M50?

    1. j7981 says:

      That’s what I want to know. I really like my M50’s.

    2. Adon says:

      Overall, the ATH-M50 are better.

  5. A Skylit [S]unjΔy says:

    While the V-Moda XS is an improvement over the M80, the M80 are still great sounding headphones.

  6. ineptone says:

    Irrespective of price, I would not recommend the M-80’s to anyone. I purchased a pair about two years ago and am still lamenting the purchase to this day. While the sound was good, if not very good, the comfort and quality left something to be desired. You have about 25 minutes before physical fatigue starts to set in and it didn’t get better after they were “broken in”. The worst part, though, was build quality. After only a couple of months of gentle use the left arm adjustment broke completely. V-moda did a full replacement set of headphones under warranty, after some issues of misinformation through various channels, and only a few months after receiving the replacements the same issue started to arise again. In the end, I gave up and my M-80’s are now just paperweights.

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