Amazon Deal of the Day: Kingston microSD cards up to 69% off

by: Derek ScottApril 15, 2014

kingston sd cards

Today Amazon has a deal of the day that we think you might enjoy. The whole lot of Kingston digital memory  is on sale today, with savings of up to 69% on certain items such as the 16GB microSD card.

So what are you waiting for? There’s t-minus 16 hours left in this deal from the time of of publishing this article.

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The Amazon reviews are a bit mixed for these Kingston microSD cards — has anyone used these cards before? Please share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

  • Sean Karpa


  • MasterMuffin

    69 huehuehuehuehuehuehue :’D

  • Tyler Littleman

    I actually was just looking for a good 64 GB before I saw this (creepy weird but also kinda cool) any who, I have found 64GB cards for like almost 20 bucks cheaper.
    Can Android Authority do some reviews or comparisons on some microSD cards? The best brands and where to get them from?

    • Guest123

      Any decent 64GB micro SD is going to be around $40 at this point in time.

      There are a lot of POS direct from China ones that will most likely last all of a month.

      Look at the warranty. SanDisk gives a lifetime warranty on their higher end cards, looks like Kingston does as well.

      Speeds. . . all are going to suck. Seriously, none of these micro SD cards in this price range are that fast — expect 10MBps write speeds.

      I picked up a 64GB SanDisk via Amazon, but this Kingston would have fit the bill for a little less.

      Just my two cents :)

  • Guest123

    sure. . . after I buy a 64GB they have a sale.

  • namesib

    Still waiting for the SanDisk 128GB microSD to become cheaper and more widely available in the UK… :(

  • districtjack

    Although Sandisk is the best in my opinion,it all boils down to class. My phone came with a class 4 8GB card and a year later I upgraded to a class 10 32GB. If you buy a larger capacity card make sure you buy a class 10 or you will be waiting a few extra seconds for read/write.

    7 seconds can be an uncomfortable experience at times :)