Amazon Chromecast orders apparently delayed by 2-3 months [Update – denied]

by: Chris SmithAugust 8, 2013


Update: According to the WSJ, Amazon claims that the email notifications contained “incorrect estimated order delivery of late October”. In other words, those who ordered should get their Chromecasts much sooner.

Chromecast buyers that ordered the dongle from Amazon, or those of you planning to get one from the giant retailers shouldn’t expect the product to be delivered sooner than 2-3 months.

Chromespot reports that Amazon is already notifying some Chromecast buyers that their device won’t ship earlier than late October – apparently a shipping window has been provided, October 17-30, which is certainly disconcerting news for those of you that managed to get an order in with the company.

Apparently Chromecast orders that were supposed to ship by August 21 have been delayed as well, so you may very well look elsewhere for the device.

Amazon still accepts orders for the Chromecast, but it lists a very strange delivery estimate: “usually ships within 2 to 3 months.” That means that any orders placed with Amazon right now will get you a Chromecast in time for… Christmas?

Chromecast Amazon

In addition to Amazon, the device is available for sale from Google Play and Best Buy, although neither store has the device in stock yet. With the Google Play Store you’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks to get it, while Best Buy’s online stock apparently varies – it’s currently sold out, but you could always check your local Best Buy stores as well.

Naturally, you’ll be able to find the device from eBay or Craigslist, but expect to premium on top of the $35 you’d have to shell out for the dongle.

Via: Phandroid
Source: Chromespot

  • Anthony Tran

    Yup. Got this email from Amazon earlier today. Before hand, they bumped it back to 8/21, but now it’s a late October delivery. I am really hoping I can snag one from Best Buy in the meantime and just cancel the order on Amazon. It’s complete and utter BS. Google is really dropping the ball on this one.

  • Fizzle

    Google just CAN’T launch a physical product. I get it, you can’t produce a billion chromecasts when you don’t know the demand yet. I understand. But come on! $35, plus the Netflix offer and they underestimate so bad that orders are 3 months behind. Plus they had to scrub the free netflix. Google and launches, I just don’t know what to say anymore…

    • Matt

      They stopped the Netflix offers because Netflix only let the give out so many of them in the first place.

    • jaysenreed

      Much better than Chromecast is the new Miracast TV– which doesn’t limit the content you display like Chromecast does, and a new Miracast HD Wireless adapter ($39) became available this week, which offers a lot more features and works much more like Apple’s $100+ Airplay Wireless display technology–

      One of the first sources to carry this new device is TabletSprint – worth checking out for this alone… and for Android tablets, including a new series of tablets that launch next week that outprice and outperform the new Nexus… definitely worth reviewing.

  • HitokiriX

    I almost snapped when I saw this from Amazon earlier.

  • Lisandro O Oocks

    Luckily I bought mine the day it released from Amazon and got it in 8 days. technically on the Thursday, a week after announcement.

    • Fievel

      Same. It said I was going to get it around August 21 or so, I believe. Getting it so soon was a welcome surprise!

  • heathen

    Just go to best buy

  • Keiko

    What does Google have to say about the delay? Will their rhetoric be the same? I don’t understand why they don’t just start taking pre-orders? Wouldn’t that solve everything?

  • End in sight


  • ryan

    Got the new update from amazon saying the previous October estimate was a mistake and it will be shipped in the coming weeks or early September. That’s for anyone who ordered before august 7.

  • Anthony Tran

    This is from an email from Amazon that I received today in regards to Chromecast shipments, “you received an email indicating an incorrect estimated order delivery of late October. We are actively fulfilling orders weekly based on customer order date and all customers who placed orders prior to August 7 should receive their orders in the coming weeks and into mid-September. We will notify you as soon as your item ships and apologize for the confusion.”

  • darknight

    Ok folks I been waiting for my chromcast to be ship but because amazon id taking so long my product show up I went to my best buy store to see if they had in stock and god be hold they had ten in stock so I got mine now in my hand oh Ps. I had oder mine July’ 31 it got push back to October now it went to august 21 back to 17 of October I cancel with amazon never aging I check the rest of the store best buy may have in stock