Amazon’s Android-based set-top box not to launch in time for holidays, report says

by: Chris SmithOctober 23, 2013


Amazon’s rumored Android-based set-top box is not going to launch in time for the holidays, a new report says.

Amazon has apparently run in some sort of problems with the device, although specific details aren’t available at this time, and decided to postpone the launch of the device. The Amazon set top box would actively compete against various products including the Chromecast (well sort of), Roku or Apple TV, to name just a few.

The Verge says that it has learned that the unnamed Amazon device would run a forked Android version, or “much of the same code that works with Amazon’s tablets,” and offer access to both Amazon apps and content, and third-party apps.

We first heard Amazon set-top box rumors back in April, while a September report from the Wall Street Journal said that Amazon’s device had been pushed back to this fall. But now it looks like the product won’t arrive in stores this year.

Obviously, these are just rumors at this point, but it seems clear that Amazon is indeed working on such a product, considering all these reports from different sources. And it would certainly make sense to see Amazon release such a product, which will offer its Prime customers an extra way to access Amazon’s extensive collection of video content.

Furthermore, since Amazon is more than willing to sell its own hardware at cost, it would also make plenty of sense to assume that its own Fire OS-based set-top box would be very budget friendly as well. But we’ll cross that bridge once we get there.

Would you purchase an Amazon set-top box?

  • Eason

    give me some nexus 5 news

  • merian

    if they come up with support for most android apps, +xbmc, +usb peripherals eg mouse, keybaord, usb sticks, camera. I might consider buying them.

    • Thang Fozika

      ok I support you

  • AndroidShiz

    Nope. Chromecast is fine for me. For the first time I’m actually “using” hulu and giving it a serious try because of the Ccast. Amazon would be smart to make an app for Chromecast. I Left the Amazon (app) world after trying the 1st Kindle. Seemed stupid to pay for the same Android running app twice- on my phone, then with Amazon. Amazon Prime video was OK but not enough to waste money on a “separate but same” system. Fine with the Nexus 7 tablet.