Amazon Android Appstore Snags Popcap Games

by: glennMay 19, 2011

Amazon seems to be making some headway in the app store department. The internet giant has just concluded a deal with Popcap for exclusive distribution of their first two Android games. Amazon’s Appstore for Android is a great alternative to the basic Android Market and with this, Amazon is showing everyone that it knows what it’s doing.

Chuzzle and the runway hit Plants vs. Zombies will be coming to the Amazon Appstore for a two-week exclusive period, with Chuzzle hitting the store on Tuesday and Plants vs. Zombies will arrive later in the month.

As an added treat, Popcap’s already announced that these two games will be released free on the first day – and will be listed at $2.99 as their normal price. They’ve already arranged that both games will be featured as Amazon’s free app of the day. Afterwards, after the exclusivity deal is over, the Android Market will be receiving a taste of good old casual gaming goodness, although they weren’t clear when exactly it would arrive there. The company also assures customers that this is only the tip of the iceberg and more of Popcap’s games will be released on the Android platform.

This exclusivity deal is a boon for Amazon’s newly opened Appstore, which launched in late March. It’s already gained some good press by featuring a free app a day and it seems to be pulling in some of the top names in the industry. This can only mean good things for Android enthusiasts, both developers and consumers alike.

Source: Gottabemobile

  • Andy Clark

    Thats ok for US owners, but by Amazon completely ignoring the rest of world, they are holding up the best games going to Android market.

  • Chuzzle and Zombies are going to be the part of Amazon Android Appstore within two weeks.This sounds pretty cool and at normal price of $2.99 which will boon for Android application market.