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Hopetts/Flickr Amazon will launch a smartphone September 6, sources say.

If recent rumors are to be believed, Amazon is developing a smartphone. With 3D capabilities. This 3D technology wouldn’t require users to wear any special glasses, and images would appear to float above the screen as well as add depth to images. The device is also rumored to use retina-tracking technology, much like The Galaxy S4, to allow users to scroll through content.

This falls into a larger hardware push by Amazon, who is also reportedly working on a set-top box for streaming content. We’ve also heard of a smartphone that had no 3D capability, so we could see multiple offerings on top of their Kindle line of tablets. Both the set-top box and phone are good ideas, and fall into their strategy for media consumption.

Amazon was at the forefront of the “race to the bottom”, which saw very good devices sold at rock-bottom prices. That business model is designed to get users to shop exclusively at the online marketplace, which is how companies like Amazon intend to profit from the tablet or phone. Others, like Google, quickly followed suit.

While a 3D phone seems interesting, it also sells to a niche market that doesn’t exist. The display technology is probably expensive and sensitive, driving cost up. A 3D screen would be a first, which is as detrimental as it is special. With such radical hardware, special apps would need to be developed to take advantage. That’s a lot of extra work for developers, with little to no return in sight.

The source responsible for the information straddled the fence tightly when prompted for release dates. According to that person(s), Amazon has designs on releasing hardware in the next few months, but could also shelve some products. A set-top Amazon streaming box seems appropriate, but a 3D phone? We’ll not expect a 3D 4G LTE device from Amazon anytime soon.


  • htc EVO 3D. Fail.

    • stucrmnx120fshwf

      Yeah I owned an Evo 3d, the RAM performance was awful, the company skin devoured it, there was less RAM to spare than on than on my single core Sammy Galaxy S 1 and that was with twice the RAM. But I don’t understand how 3D prevents 2D, how it’s more expensive, I’d love a 3D Nexus 7/2, my 3D TV has never stopped me watching 2D TV and I love 3D, a $200 3D monitor a couple of $15 speakers, $40 set top box, $100 3D Blue Ray player and I was in a world of my own. Where’s the disadvantage, I know it might cost 0.1% more, but who cares if a 6″ phone costs 1/1,000 the more for 1/12 more functionally, I love watching HD movies on my Nexus 7 and playing games on it, frankly I’d like to see 3D ultra definition in my hands, cheap. I look forward to full HD on the Nex 7/2, in my hands in a month and a half or so, given that Samsung were half way to UD with the Nex 10, it’s even possible they’ll release a Nex UD at Google I/O. The Evo 3D was cheaper, than the Galaxy Nexus I replaced it with, so gimme my Nex 3D UD yesterday please, Toshiba made a glasses free 3D UD monitor 2 years ago, in the end, smaller screens wind up being cheaper. If N7/2 has four times the resolution of my GS1, only 30 months ago and costs half as much, then follow my math and a Nex 3D UD could cost the same as a N7/2 in the 2015 Christmas holiday buying season, therefore by 2018 there could be 4 billion of them in our clammy hands. They could be served by Xbox 1440, don’t forget Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4 are already UD capable, Xbox 720 and PS4 have 8 cores, 8 GB GDDR5, 8 series AMD graphics, pulling down a trillion floating point calculations a second. Memory cue ‘A trill for a triple 8’, here’s another one Note 3 has 3GB of LPDDR3, triple three, won’t be long before we get LPGDDR5, sorry, just thinking out loud, in techno babble, what once was science fantasy, becomes sci fi, becomes near future, then old hat, at least in graphics.

  • RhodBerth

    LG Optimus 3D Win!
    I’m still waiting for a follow up to my Optimus
    3D phone. I’m especially looking for a phone with a 3D camera.
    Self-shot 3D movies and pictures are really cool, especially on your 3D

    The 3D screen is only nice to have for previewing your self shot 3D content.

    So please let amazon include a 3D camera as well! (stereoscopic of course, not software-based)

  • “A 3D screen would be a first” Does this not include the ten plus 3D screen phones that preceded it.

  • Wow, No research? My daughter has the Evo 3D… No glasses and 3D… It’s not a great phone, but it has a 3D screen and camera… Blog Fail…