Alleged Note 4 specs listed by online store, device teased in China

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 14, 2014

samsung galaxy note 4

The latest batch of potential Note 4 leaks comes to us straight from Asia. A listing for the device showed up at an online store, while in China Samsung is already promoting the device with billboards and online ads.

In the past, Samsung was quite successful at keeping the design of the Note series under wraps until their traditional release ahead of IFA. This year, the Galaxy Note 4 leaked extensively, and if this listing on Indonesian online retailer Erafone is accurate, Samsung will have a hard time surprising us with the phone’s specifications.

The specs listed on the site show few surprises: the key details are the 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560 pixels AMOLED screen, the choice between a Snapdragon 805 and an Exynos 5433 processor, 4GB of RAM, 16/32/64GB of storage, and a 16MP camera. There’s also a price tag attached to the listing, for the equivalent of roughly $800.

galaxy note 4 specs retailer leak

To be clear, online stores often put up listings for unannounced products, sometimes purposely for publicity and SEO juice. Even if this is the case with this particular device, the specs in the listing seem very plausible and the Note 4 official spec sheet shouldn’t differ too much.

Meanwhile in China, Samsung is busy teasing the Note 4 through billboards and online ads.

galaxy note 4 billboards (1) galaxy note 4 billboards (4) galaxy note 4 billboards (2) galaxy note 4 billboards (3)

There isn’t anything new in there, but the early ad campaign could mean that Samsung is indeed going to release the new Note earlier than in the past years. The latest rumor slates the Note 4 release date around September 15.

  • Jayfeather787

    Pffff. Waiting for that Nexus 6!

    • Dimitrios Pandioras

      Likewise. Wouldn’t mind some leaks!

      • Xavier_NYC

        Here you go..

        • Dimitrios Pandioras

          Thanks for sharing Xavier.
          24GB of storage is a bit disappointing! Everything else I’m happy with.

          • Xavier_NYC

            No problem sir..

          • Flip Jumpman

            Agreed! The storage limit kinda kills it… Hope a 64gb model is available.

        • Nexus

          GPU is 420, does it mean it has snapdragon 805 CPU? coz it has andreno 420 GPU

          • Xavier_NYC


          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Specs say ARM v 7, 805 is ARM v 8, ie. 64 bit, other rumors have suggested Shamu is 32 bit, in which case I won’t be buying. Rumored Nexus 8 is 64 bit, I will be buying, as long as it is QHD, 4 GB of RAM, at least 32 GB, ideally 64 GB of flash option. $180 AU, for my Nexus 10 QHD, on resale, will help soften the blow, of up to $550 AU price tag. Come on guys, offer us some UHD, incremental leaves devices, as commodities, not good for OEMs, or chip makers.

          • joes

            what is 64- bit gonna get you…. totally not a deal breaker

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            Well some would say 64 bit was when the desktop went bad, but we’ve been having reliability issues lately anyway, a new approach, like the first 2 Jelly Beans ie. Project Butter, reemphasizing speed and reliability, would be good. Of course we don’t really know whether it will be 64 or 32 bit, but I want to get used to a 64 bit environment, as I think it will be better for UHD, I’m frustrated that interim steps are making things commodity like. Fine for Google with high unit numbers, but at the high end, Apple will make us look like fools, if they introduce UHD first, they’ve already beaten us to 64 bit, my Nex 10 QHD is 22 months old. If QHD in 5.5″, then why not UHD in 8″, it’s the same pixel density, or PPI, wish hardware companies would stop wasting money on skins to ruin Android, wasting flash and RAM, giving malware an entry and do UHD already. Tegra 4 could do UHD at 72 GPUs, let alone K1 at 192 GPUs, my Nexus 10 QHD only cost $300 AUD, 4 months ago, my UHD TV only $600, is only $400 US now; my UHD Android TV box $133 AUD, worked for a while, then cheap thing broke. Anyway, just galloping down the road on my UHD hobby horse, feeding my megapixel addiction, obviously my UHD box was 32 bit, but when we can buy 128 GB USB 3 flash drives for $72 AUD, my year old computer has 32 GB of RAM, 120 GB of flash, why in Hades no UHD tablets ? !! We’ve seen the prototypes, we love our UHD upscaling Blue Ray players, come on guys, don’t let Apple slap us around again, making us look like bargain basement, race to the bottom stuff. People aren’t upgrading, it’s getting like the computer industry, in the tech wreck, give them a reason to upgrade.

          • leomax999

            805 is 32bit. You’ll have to wait for 808/810 for 64bit.

          • stucrmnx120fshwf

            It’s like a series of probabilities, but I think your right, 805 is 32 bit, the exynos is maybe 64 bit. Confusing as all heck, still I’m looking forward to 64 bit, for UHD, to improve the reliability. Maybe 64 bit QHD, Nexus 8, rumor mill has Nexus 6 at 32 bit, next year phablets and tablets, hopefully will go up to UHD.

        • thelastguyX20

          Someone needs to tell Google that we ain’t going to use your cloud storage until you provide us free internet everywhere :|

          Until then, beef up on internal storage if you want the Nexus line to live… or at least a microSD card slot.

    • das

      im not ,nexus may be cheaper ,because its built cheaper and is lesser of a device

      • Jayfeather787

        Nope. Faster, better, less expensive. It’s a lot better device really. Plus easily unlocked bootloaders and excellent development.

        • das

          no it isnt ,the galaxy devices always been better ,u get what u pay for and nexus u get a cheaper phone literally

          • DivyanshuSharma

            it’s totally not true imo, even if it is, the development alone makes up for that.

          • das

            software cannot fix cheaper hardware ,the screen and camera and battery are the 3 worse things about a nexus device compared to a device thats just £100 more

          • Jayfeather787


    • Me

      Nexus sucks and it’s boring…..
      Haters gonna hate and trolls are getting ridiculous. Too bad nexus doesn’t sell very well. Hahahah

      • Jayfeather787

        Nexus rocks and it’s awesome. It doesn’t sell well because there are too many idiots like you who buy overpriced junk. So haha, you are wasting your money!

  • Bryan Kwong

    4gb of RAM? thats as much as my 4 year old laptop hahahahahahaha

    • Jayfeather787

      That’s very impressive for a smartphone, though. I imagine your laptop is a lot larger than the Note 4, and so 4 GB in a laptop is not that impressive. 4GB in a phone is excellent. Quit trolling.

      • Bryan Kwong

        Oh you must have thought I was hating, no I was more surprised and amazed at how far mobile tech has come. Yes 4gb in a smartphone is EXTREMELY impressive. I wasn’t trolling.

        • Jayfeather787

          Ah Okay. Edited

      • Sajan647

        Well it’s really just about the chip, they’re super tiny. Probably one the smallest things inside of the laptop and phones. So size doesn’t really matter

  • Xavier_NYC

    Does that say 9.5 million dollars 0_o (I’m being silly people)

  • Bryan Kwong

    Because I was accused of “trolling” I feel the need to say that I am really looking forward to the Note 4 and I believe it will be the best phone of the year as I thought the Note 2 and 3 was best of 2012 and 2013.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I’m waiting on the Moto Nexus especially after seeing this beautiful leak on another site that shall remain nameless..

  • Haseeb

    No Snapdragon 810??? Forget it, I’m buying some other phone, especially Nexus 6 if it’s waterproofed.

    • Bryan Kwong

      But the snapgraon 810 isn’t expected till 2015…so I’m not sure why you were expecting it

      • DivyanshuSharma

        many were!

    • Xavier_NYC

      Name one phone that has the 810 or will have the 810 by the end of the year….

  • jaketyler

    only wish they upped the screen size again. i want bigger than 5.7! maybe 6 or so.. oh well

    • Bryan Kwong

      I think 6inches would be pushing it in terms of what’s an acceptable size for the average consumer

      • MJay

        The note was never a phone for the average user. It was made for people who wanted more out of their phone with awesome features. I will keep my note 3 if they keep the screen size the same.

    • Xavier_NYC

      G pro 2 is 6 inches I believe.. You can always go with the Galaxy Mega :) specs wont be as great but it’s 6.3 inches I believe…

    • JT

      6? Hell no. I love my Galaxy Note 3, but it’s barely one use able. 5.7 is just right.

  • Christoforos Panos

    Am I the only one who read the spec sheet? It makes no sense. It lists either a snapdragon 805 (krait 450) or an octa-core with cortex-a57/cortex-a53 cores. Thats not the exynos 5433 as the article erroneously claims, since the exynos 5433 is an octa with cortex-a15/cortex-a7 cores. Based on the spec sheet above, one version will be armv7, 32bit (the 805 based model) and one armv8, 64bit.

    • Hamza

      There is no official information on the exynos 5433. Samsung has not ever said 5433 has a15/a7. I think you are mistaking it with the exynos 5430 which has a15/a7.

      • Christoforos Panos

        Thanx for the info. My bad, was indeed thinking of the 5430. IMHO, Samsung’s naming scheme is a mess!

  • Anonymousfella

    Pair that 4gigs of ram with a 4000mah battery and I’m sold!

  • Marco Lancaster

    16GB Seriously? Just abandon this less storage on tops Samsung, we are on 2014, telling about a phone supposed to come with 4GB of RAM, and seriously still have a 16GB version?

  • BZ

    In my opinions the NOTE series is the best phone Samsung has ever created. Too bad they spent most of their research and marketing on other phones

  • Say What?

    LOL…If these specs are true then it’s only a few upgrades from the Note 3 and definitely not worth trading in my Note 3 for. I’m waiting to see if the HTC One M8 Max comes out. Rumors say it will have a 5.9″ display and similar specs as the Note 4.