Koush adds Chromecast support to AllCast (Update: available now)

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 4, 2014

allcast chromecast

Update: The updated AllCast app has already hit the Play Store packing Chromecast support and a few other bug fixes as well. Click here to download it!

Following the release of a Chromecast SDK as part of the latest Play Services update, Koushik Dutta announced that his AllCast app will soon be able to stream to the Chromecast again.

Currently, AllCast allows streaming of local content to DLNA compatible devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, or PlayStation. Now that the Chromecast SDK lets all developers connect their apps to the Chromecast, the ability to stream media is coming to Google’s HDMI stick, the device for which AllCast was originally created.

Dutta launched AllCast in August of last year, but an update to the stick’s firmware closed it down to all but a few apps that were specifically approved by Google. At that time, Dutta alleged Google was snubbing AllCast to appease media content partners, but Google reassured users that open access would be reinstated when the SDK launches.

And Google kept its word – Koushik Dutta announced on Google Plus that he re-added Chromecast support to AllCast using the new SDK. As Google promised yesterday, using the SDK is very easy – Dutta said the update was “trivial” and that it only took him about 20 minutes.

As soon as Koush updates AllCast, Chromecast users will finally have a simple way to view content from their mobile devices on the big screen. The developer put together the video below to demo the feature; it’s not clear if the long response times are a permanent issue or something that a future update could solve.

AllCast is available in the Play Store in a demo version that limits the viewing of images and videos to one minute, as well as a full version that costs $4.99.

  • Jorge

    Allcast can’t find my Chromecast (yes, I have the new update)

    • Pepoker1

      needs new version of google services

  • MasterMuffin

    Holy balls I read $49.99 first :D There should be more devs like this, updating their app instantly after something new happens (I don’t mean that everyone should be like this though)

  • le_lutin

    Realplayer cloud can stream videos from your phone to your chromecast (and has been able to for a while now). It’s free.
    Can anyone tell me how streaming videos with this would be better?

    (this is 100% an honest question, i’m not dissing AllCast)

    • I have the same question and I would add I already have Avia Media Player (paid $3 for). But I will say one thing about the free version of AllCast, the interface is much simpler to use, Its finds videos and pictures with no problems unlike Avia where you have to hunt for it.

  • I finally got AllCast (free version) to work after I updated the Google Play Services 4.2.34 via apk. Of course the big question is, how is AllCast any different from RealPlayer Cloud (free) and Avia Media Player (already paid $3 for)? But at least it works.

  • JC

    Full screen mirroring would be nice, like miracast which my devices don’t seem to support even though one is 4.2 or later. But yes I’ve also got Realplayer and Avia apps which now do pretty good with pictures, and video (h.264 mp4 format). Quite of few items we can’t yet cast to TV (Google plus would be nice), chrome webpage from android, etc.

  • phoneman67

    I have same problem. I also use real player and it works fine. if you go away from real player on your phone it is hard to get back to pause the movie. I am streaming from laptop. But the resolution is great.

  • B_Insane_Hussein

    DLNA blows. why use such a restrictive technology?

  • Jayfeather787