All-Dock not only eliminates cord clutter, but it also charges your devices quickly

by: Andrew GrushDecember 30, 2013


We live in a world where most of us have multiple mobile devices such as a smartphone and tablet. If you have a family, then the device count is even higher. That means a lot of wires and clutter when it comes to charging up all these mobile goodies. Although some devices make things easier by supporting wireless charging, sometimes this just isn’t an option.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your devices more organized while they charge, you can already find quite a few docks and other charging systems that make things a bit easier, but none of these solutions are as elegant as All-Dock. Simply put, the All-Dock is a special docking station that allows you to use your devices in an upright position as they charge, all while hiding the cord clutter underneath the dock’s cord slots.

All-Dock comes in several flavors, including a white or black plastic version, or even a premium model with a wood-grain finish. The dock also comes three sizes: small (220 x 113 x 61mm), medium (220 x 142 x 61mm) and large (315 x 172 x 63mm).

The real magic for the All-Dock is its super-fast charging USB hub. According to the device’s creators, the hub will be able to charge devices at a rate of 2400 mA per port, which is enough juice to charge a smartphone from dead to 80% in less than a hour! The inclusion of a hub also means you only need to plug in one device to the wall, the rest of your cords will simply be plugged in and organized through the AllDock.

The All-Dock is a special docking station that allows you to use your devices in an upright position as they charge, all while hiding the cord clutter underneath the dock’s cord slots.

Now for the bad news: All-Dock doesn’t exist just yet. Right now it is seeking funding on Kickstarter, asking for just $40,000 to help it get off the ground and running. With 31 days left in the project, the All-Dock’s creators already have secured $16,990 in funding.

So how much do you need to pledge to get your hands on the All-Dock once it’s ready? It all depends. If you don’t want/need the fast charger, the small model can be yours for as little as $39, though larger models with the included fast-charger can set you back as high as $149.

As for when you can expect the hub/dock to ship, the goal is to have it out sometime in May — though keep in mind that this date could change. What do you think of the All-Dock, like the idea or not?

  • A.M

    Thinks it’s really dope & you can still use it will it’s charging

    • Klemens Dittrich

      Hello A.M. you are right, you can use it will it`s charging. It is for example no problem to use the homebottom of the device. We have that space. You even can charge it horizental and work with it, for example looking video clips. You will have all these possibilities.
      Best regards and a happy new year
      Klemens from All-Dock

      • A.M

        Wow when shall it be launched

  • Juice

    BS. This is not a dock, and the video is misleading. The connectors are not secured in the holding trays, so you cannot simply “DOCK” your phone as shown in the split images around 9 seconds into the video.

    • Zman

      My thoughts exactly. Good call.

  • JoeBruin32

    what does it mean when some levels don’t come with the usb hub? It’s just a cord hider without the hub?

    • Klemens

      Hi Joe,
      if you want to use your own original charger you can get the ALL-Dock samll without USB charger. Even with that edition you are able to get all advantages with the All-Dock like working or skyping and you get many devices at the same place.
      My idea was as well that you bring your device in the middle of your home. Your device is something your are proud of it and you will show that to yourself or to your friends. I think that the devices will come into the middle of the home. It is really funny
      When my friends come into my home they go first to my All-Dock and put the smartphone in it to recharge and when they leave my home they take it out. Unbelievable, they are really happy about my beta prototyp that I have it. I am not talking about the fantatic fast recharge time, I am only talking about my little service to my friends.
      In the next step we will develop furniture like sofatable, computer desk, etc.. I was disapoint and as well happy that nobody really touched this projekt or market.
      With your suppport and all other support from the backers we are ready to rocka nd roll for new great items!
      Best regards Klemens from All-Dock

  • Luka Mlinar

    I love docks but this is not a dock. A dock is when you slip it in and it takes a second to do. Here you need to connect the USB. If the cable falls inside you need to remove the plate and hook it trough the hole again. This process gets a bit more complicated when you got 3, 4 or even 5 connectors.

    • Klemens Dittrich

      Hello Luka,
      you are not right with your opinion. The USB cable will not fall down becasue you can fix it next to the hole.
      You even can fix it so strong that you are able to plug with one hand your device into the Hub.
      Please note as well after your devices does not need to recharge you easy can put it in and out of the All-dock and you have as well the possibility to uese it horizental.
      It took me a really long time to develop it. Best regards and a happy new year Klemens from the All-Dock team

      • Luka Mlinar

        “You even can fix it so strong that you are able to plug with one hand your device into the Hub.” This part is so important that it should have been in the video. Changes everything. I wish you reach you goal and start production. Best of luck m8 ;)

  • Marc

    Based on the comments below ‘if’ the alldock works as described I want it and I envisage millions of others will also. If the charging jack fits tight and STAYS tight so you can drop the device in and take it out one handed without the whole unit lifting up then for sure it will be a WINNER, good luck

  • ……….

    Like my GN3 with ZeroLemon batt and case is gonna fit in this!! LOL! From the looks of it I doubt any phone with a durable case would fit.

  • kenneth boner

    i thought that most phones would only utilize 500-1000 milliamps, so wouldn’t 2.4 A only be effective for some tablets?