Alien VS Predator: Evolution is now available via Google Play

by: Bams SadewoMarch 2, 2013


Trouble between aliens and predators has been brewing since August of last year, and it quickly escalated to epic levels last month. Instead of leaving it to fate, you get to decide which extra-terrestrial species will come out on top in this bloody battles.

The action-adventure game Alien VS Predator: Evolution for the Android platform has finally made its way to Google Play.

As Super Predators, the Aliens are your lethal, yet unwilling partner to fight off the other clan, the Jungle Hunter Predators. On the other hand, the Aliens are more than willing to shred others to bits and pieces to free themselves from slavery and get their freedom.  You can also choose to take on the role of a Jungle Hunter Predator.

Whilst the battles take place, the poor human race seems to be caught in the middle. You can’t play them as characters, though.

We have to say that the graphics look phenomenal and the gameplay is pretty varied; both are qualities you’d expect to see from Angry Mob Games. If you’re up for some gory fun, you can grab AVP: Evolution from the Play Store for $4.99.

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    Finally we have come to this, console quality game has come to Android first, not for iOs. Tears of happyness :’)

    • Umm, Actually this game has been released for both iOS and Android. Not only that, this reporting is 2 days old, the game released for both platforms at the same time 2 days ago :p

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        But why does it only say “available in Google Play” on their channel, but not “available in App Store”