Alcatel Home V102 is a Chromecast-like dongle with Miracast mirroring capabilities

by: Chris SmithJanuary 8, 2014


Alcatel has its own Chromecast competitor which will be launched in several markets later this year for an affordable price, at least in those markets.

The Alcatel Home V102 is about as big as a memory stick and can connect via HDMI to a big screen TV in order to let you mirror your device’s display and beam local content on the bigger display – that’s one advantage it has over the Chromecast, which doesn’t have mirroring powers just yet, and is limited to only a few applications.

The Home V102 is not the first such dongle for the company, which launched a Home V100 similar accessory for the One Touch EVO 8 HD tablet back in early September.

According to the company, the Home V102 offers 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac and supports 1080p streaming at 30 frames per second. The device will work with laptops, smartphones and tablets, although mobile devices will have to have Miracast support built-in to connect to the dongle.

The device will cost €49 or around $67 when it launches in the second quarter of the year, although it will only ship to Europe, Middle East and Africa initially. The Chromecast unofficially sells for the around the same amount in Europe, although Google is expected to launch its popular device in many more markets this year.

Those of you not happy with just the Chromecast should also check the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter, which costs $79.99 and has Home V102-like features.

  • martinkem

    If Alcatel really wants to compete they should make it the same price as the Google chromecast

    • monkey god

      With Miracast capabiility, the Alcatel device is capable of more, so it should sell at a more premium price. Many modern Android devices support Miracast. With Miracast, you are actually directly streaming from your device, which means it will work with just about everything on your device and not app dependant like Chromcast.

      • martinkem

        I know it has miracast support, but the chromecast costs $29 officially, if Alcatel really wants people to buy this instead of the Google Chromecast it needs to make it a more compelling choice (at the same price point $30-$40)

  • Squid

    There are gobs of choices of HDMI miracast receiver dongles. These will receive IF you can transmit miracast/WiDi. But, for now, I think that many if not most people are like me: My laptop PC doesn’t have a miracast or WiDi transmitter, and I have no intention of replacing it any time soon. So what people really need is a reliable miracast USB TRANSMITTER dongle — not more and more and more receiver choices. Unfortunately, the only company that I know that has sold a miracast TRANSMITTER dongle is Actiontec. Their ScreenBeam model SBT100U USB TRANSMITTER dongle worked quite well with Windows 7. ( ). But after I “upgraded” to Window 8.0/8.1, their own software that enables it to connect to the receiver stopped enabling it. And Actiontec seems to be totally disinterested in devising a workaround that will enable their USB TRANSMITTER dongle to work within Windows 8.1. I’m sure that they and others have a Wintel “business” disincentive, as no one is rushing to fill this void. Selling WiDi-enabled PCs is far more important than selling $50 dongles.