AirPlay mirroring

Well-known developer Koushik “Koush” Dutta, part of the Cyanogen Inc team, has managed to obtain a working AirPlay mirroring concept for Android, which he has demoed in a short video.

As you can see in the following video clip, Koush was able to mirror the HTC One to a Nexus 10 tablet, and while there is some lag, the experience certainly looks interesting

However, an even more interesting use of such a feature would be to connect an Android smartphone and/or tablet to a TV that’s hooked up to an Android PC stick.

That way, Android fans would be able to also enjoy a feature that’s available on iOS devices – AirPlay – which lets iOS device owners mirror the screen of those gadgets with the help of a TV connected to an Apple TV.

This isn’t the first time Koush shows interest in streaming the content on an Android device to a bigger screen. Not so long ago, the developer managed to bypass the Chromecast restrictions and to play local content on a TV connected to a Chromecast device. However, his app was blocked by a Google update for the streaming device.

All that said, Koush is yet to release an app that would let users enjoy AirPlay mirroring on Android, but he did say right at the end of the video that this will come to CyanogenMod “pretty soon.”

  • Emmanuel

    I have a feeling that Apple would be bitchin’ about copyrights, licensing and other bs.. about this soon…

  • Jusephe

    Matter of few days before Apple will kick this down.

    • MasterMuffin

      ? It’s not like Apple has a patent for mirroring screens

      • Dynamite

        Yes they have few patents on Apple TV muffin.

        • MasterMuffin

          On Apple TV yes, but what I underdtood from this article is that this is like AirPlay, NOT AirPlay and it won’t send anything to Apple TV. It’s mirroring between Android devices

    • zourite

      They won’t because this is not really for massive commercial use :-)

  • kk

    isnt miracast the android version?

    • zourite

      Miracast is a standard, supported on both Android and Windows 8 ATM, but it works with wi-fi Direct, not exactly equivalent.

  • Luka Mlinar

    It’s funny how people think Apple is in the technology business. Actually it’s in the “sue ‘yo ass business” :D