Air Command, other Galaxy Note 3 software features unofficially ported to the Galaxy Note 2

by: Chris SmithOctober 15, 2013

Galaxy Note 2 Air Command

Galaxy Note 2 users looking forward to getting some of those new Galaxy Note 3 features on their one-year old supersized smartphone should be happy to hear that Air Command and a bunch of other Samsung tricks can be ported to the older model.

Naturally, we expect a future Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy Note 2 to also pack some of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 software features, but until that happens – word on the street is that Samsung will update the Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3 by the end of the year – there’s an unofficial solution in the wild.

xda-developers senior member titooo7 has managed to bring Air Command (Pen Window, Screen Writer, Scrapbook, Action Memo) and other software features to the Galaxy Note 2 including Gallery, Launcher, Safety Assistance, S Note, Sketchbook, and S Planner.

However, not everything works just yet: Air View “appears twice in settings,” and One Hand Operation “works for the keyboard, calendar and dialer, but not for ‘all screens.’”

That said, we’ll remind you that we don’t encourage you to install custom ROM versions on your smartphones and tablets, and that it’s entirely up to you to decide firmware to run on your devices. In case you want to try out Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 features on your Galaxy Note 2, make sure you follow the instructions in the xda-developers thread (see Source links below).

Since we are talking about Galaxy Note 3 features here, we’ll remind you to check out our Feature Focus videos for Air Command (and other S Pen actions) and One Hand Operation, to get a taste of what the new Note model has to offer.

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  • Cesar Raymond


  • Terry Lee

    Is it only for the International version N7100?

    • Jack Parker

      Probably, but it will be ported to other versions soon no doubt

  • RarestName

    All of these are also possible on the GT-N7000, right? A cursor can be enabled while hovering over the screen too.

    • SupremeDroid

      its not entirely feasible since this function requires you to hover the s-pen over the screen and press the button on the s-pen, you cant do that with an original galaxy note

  • Tito

    Thanks for the news. It’s titooo7 here.
    I would like like to request (if possible) that instead of titooo7 you write titooo7, slink_59, ravijiani, Arsaw, funky81 and more xda users.
    It’s just few words more but but they really deserve the credit

    • manliudata

      thats sweet, so Chris , you should add all the wonderful devs that made this possible

    • Omar

      Tito it still doesnt work for my note2. i have installed the leaked 4.3 version MI6. but not able to get the air command feature. please help.

  • oguinndaryl45

    Can u use this with the sgh-i317 att note 2 cause I it makes me mad that every thing is for the gtn-7100

    • justagirl

      Mad? How about grateful that folks are using their own time, resources and a lot of hard work to even start opening up these options to note II users. While I myself am not a 7100 this is exciting progress and it makes perfect sense to me the international version would come first…lets focus on “thank you” for helping me ensure my XXX dollar purchase less than a year ago doesn’t get thrown on a shelf because money hungry companies update things a bit with a few cool new features and ask hundreds of dollars for a whole new device and ignore their earlier adopters.