AT&T announces new Aio Wireless prepaid brand

by: Andrew GrushMay 9, 2013


Just last week, we reported that AT&T was preparing to launch new prepaid plans under the existing “All in One” brand. Now it’s official, Aio Wireless has now arrived, with plans starting at $40.

Aio Wireless intends to roll out across the United States next year, but it is currently being tested in Houston (TX), Orlando (FL) and Tampa (FL).

In total there are four different kinds of plans available. The $40 Aio Basic plan is for feature phones and includes unlimited talk, text and data – though it is throttled after using 250MB.

Next up is the $55 Aio Smart plan, which is only for smartphones. This plan includes unlimited talk, text and is throttled after 2GB usage.Need more data than that? That’s where the AiO Pro plan comes in, providing 7GB. Additionally, you can pay a one-time charge of $10 each month for an additional 1GB of data.

The fourth and final plan announced is called “AiO Tablet”. As you guessed it, the plan is designed for tablets, and includes 250MB high-speed data. Keep in mind that LTE service isn’t provided for any of these plans, it’s just HSPA+.


As for the phone selection, the best Android device that can be purchased directly from AiO Wireless is the dual-core Samsung Galaxy Express for $250, luckily AiO Wireless makes it easy to bring your existing GSM handset over to their service, charging just $10 for a SIM card.

What do you think of AT&T’s new prepaid MNVO, how do you feel it stacks up to existing prepaid offerings?

  • You can get cheaper plans with more data and less minutes from T-Mobile prepaid, but if this comes to MD then I might look into it since my fiance uses a lot of minutes.

  • disqusroadpizza

    Define/Describe ‘throttled’, Please . . .

    • after you hit the Cap your Download/Upload speed gets cut.

  • Roberto Moreno Aviles

    Finally they start to lower prices a bit. AT&T has a superior network compared to tmobile, especially in the Florida market.

  • Still a little on the high side. MVNO’s are still the best bang for the buck.

  • Jacob Boswell

    In my area, all we have is Verizon and AT&T. This would be AMAZING TO HAVE! All other pre paid plans for AT&T are horrible. Straight Talk with imaginary data cap and you can’t even get the sim cards anymore for AT&T. And Net 10 with only 1.5gb cap of data. Praying for this to come to Arkansas! :D