Adobe Reader for Android

by: James TromansMay 25, 2010
Adobe Reader for Android

Adobe Reader for Android

Adobe has recently launched the official Adobe Reader for Android application. This is really something you ought to pick up, and is available in the Android Market. The only criteria is that your phone is running Android 2.1 or greater and it has at least 256 MB of RAM and a 550 MHz processor. Bad luck early adopters!

For those that own a Nexus One, you will know that it already has a document viewer thanks for the folks over at Quickoffice. Depending on your affiliations, you might find that Quickoffice doesn’t actually do a wonderful job at viewing PDF files, speed being a primary concern. The good news is that the official Adobe Reader for Android executes and opens PDF files faster than Quickoffice. Furthermore, it offers an enhanced and improved zooming function.

“Adobe Reader for Android offers multi-touch gestures, like pinch-and-zoom, as well as double-tap-zoom, flick-scrolling and panning. We’ve also added a reflow mode, which will take text-heavy documents with wide margins, and automatically wrap the content for easy viewing on smaller screens,” explains Adobe.

Right now, Adobe’s PDF viewers for Android is the best free viewer on the market. It doesn’t have search of password protection supported, but that’s fine. The other free applications don’t either. If you know of one that does, comment below!

  • g_willi

    Tried Adobe Reader on my EVO 4G with a large pdf file. It never opened. By contrast, the PDF Viewer program from HTC that came with the EVO opened it in a matter of seconds and it works very well. Another program that works well if you don’t have HTC’s PDF Viewer is RepliGo Reader. That also works well with large pdf files.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to agree with Steve Jobs here — Adobe’s products suck.