Having trouble getting Adobe Flash on new devices and Jelly Bean? – Don’t worry, here’s how you can still get it

by: SamAugust 24, 2012
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So Adobe has chosen not to release the Flash player to Jelly Bean devices and is discontinuing the product as a whole. Poor move, frankly. This encompasses everything from the Nexus 7 to the custom Jelly Bean builds released by AOKP and CyanogenMod. However, XDA members are here to save the day, as usual. If you want to get Flash back on your device so you can watch Flash animations, videos and other content in your browsers, here is all you need to do.

Step 1: Go to this XDA Thread page, and read the first post. This is all we need to do, not a lot right?

Step 2: On your device go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and ensure it is ticked, thus enabling us to install Android software not found on Google Play. Please keep in mind that on some older Android versions this may be found under Settings > Applications.

Step 3: Download the Adobe Flash .APK file which is linked to in the post. I personally used this link and here it is to save you flicking between tabs.

Step 4: Once you’ve downloaded that package, install it. Your device should do it without complaint because you enabled ‘Unknown Sources’ earlier.

Step 5: Now download a browser which has the ability to use Flash. The default Android browser on most devices supports Flash so from here you should be ready to go! Enjoy! If not, then download SkyFire or a similar application such as Dolphin HD.

Step 6 (For Dolphin HD Browser users): Despite installing Flash, the content will still not appear… why? Well the answer is that due to knowing of Flash’s demise, the Dolphin HD team have disabled Flash in their latest update to the browser. Not a problem though, XDA have that covered too.

Step 7 (For Dolphin HD Browser users): Download this version of Dolphin Browser. Install it just the same way as you did for the Flash package. It will alert you that you’re overwriting an existing package, downgrading etc. Click Accept.

Step 8 (For Dolphin HD Browser users): Now open up Dolphin HD, press the Menu softkey, hit up More > Settings. Then go to Web Content and turn ‘Flash Player’ to ‘Always On’, or ‘On Demand’ if you prefer.

Step 9 (For Dolphin HD Browser users): Now enjoy! You’ve got Flash again. Just remember to defer from accepting upgrades to Flash and Dolphin Browser!

Hope this has helped those of you trying to get Flash back. As everyone’s saying, it was a silly move for Adobe to make, but at least we’ve got ways around it.

  • intrimazz

    does the phone have to be rooted for this to work?

    • I don’t think so, there’s no steps which would require access to root. :)

  • timalan

    this is awesome. thanks a lot. My google nexus is working great.

  • This works great, even though I made it in a better way by an accident. The dolphin browser included here plays flash, but it’s pretty outdated compared to the latest version so I was annoyed. I left the flash setting to ‘On Demand’ and updated Dolphin from Google Play. The flash setting was still ‘On Demand’ :)) So I managed to combine ability to play flash and still have the latest build of Dolphin browser.
    It would be great if you tested the trick too and updated the guide here, there are still so many frustrated Jelly Beaners.
    SGS2 on aokp jb.

  • Thanks for this! I updated to JB a coupe days ago and was bummed that flash wasn’t working properly.

  • hamsup

    Very good help, I got my flash video back , love my jellybean better than before now !!!!

  • jacktx42

    Fails on my Nexus 7 every time I try to do full screen. Hooray.

  • David

    Didn’t work for me :/ using galaxy s4

  • DamonB75

    Thanks, was wondering how I was going to get flash on my phone. It’s working great thus far.