May 27, 2010
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iPhone OS vs Android

iPhone OS vs Android

AdMob have released their latest statistics for April. AdMob are a worldwide company that has a good read on the pulse of the smartphone OS market. It is important to note that that these are not market estimates of actual sales. Instead, they are a ‘snapshot of the month of April 2010 in AdMob’s network’. The general consensus is that this network is very large… large enough to give meaningful statistics.

For me, the most interesting statistic is that Android is already outselling the iPhone in key emerging markets such as China. Sure, if you add up all the iPhone OS type devices, including the iPad, the Apple still take the biggest chunk of pie weighing in at 922,138 compared to Android’s 882,384. But this is pretty close, and the race has only just begun.

A western summary of the results show that AdMob found 10.6 million iPhones compared to just 8.6 million Android devices. To put it even more bluntly, in the majority of the countries in Western European , the difference is even more striking, whereby iPhones outnumber Android phones at a rate approaching ten to one. Still a ways to go yet, then.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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