51GHz 64-core processor creator Adapteva can’t find funding and gives Kickstarter a try

by: Joe HindySeptember 29, 2012

Adapteva Logo
When it comes to mobile processors, there is a certain range of specs that we consider truly awesome. Having a quad core, 1.5GHz, LTE-enabled chip is pretty much the bleeding edge of hardware architecture. Or is it? A little known company called Adapteva has something a little better than that. How much better? They’re toting around a 51GHz, 64-core processor. There is no typo there, 51-freaking-gigahertz.

There are a lot of problems getting Adapteva’s chip released. For one, it is ridiculously expensive. At last glance, the military was buying these chips for around $10,000USD a piece. That amount of money is equal to a down payment on a house. So it’s no surprise Android enthusiasts can’t really afford it. There are other considerations as well. How many seconds would it take for 64 cores to drain an average smartphone battery?

Adapteva knows this, however, and they have set out to create a more affordable chip that is a little more battery friendly. The big problem is funding. According to Giga OM, Adapteva is having a lot of problems finding funding from venture capital firms. How does Adapteva respond? By starting a Kickstarter.


Adapteva’s goal?

The company would like to make about $750,000 to start. To do this, Adapteva has launched the Parallella project. In essence, if you pay $99USD, you’ll get a 16-core processor on a stripped down board. The best part? The software that’s needed to program these bad boys would be released to the open source community. Many developers have had issues with processors being closed source. It hampers development and makes development harder. Imagine a chipset with full open source software. With 16 to 64 cores. Is anyone else salivating?

That isn’t all, though. If the project manages to raise $3,000,000USD, then the company will start offering the full 64-core chip for $199. It’s a little steep, but we’re not talking about any ordinary Snapdragon S4 here. This has 64-cores and over 50GHz of processing power. That doesn’t just beat every chip for mobile phones. It beats any consumer-grade product out there.

Of course, this whole movement is a long shot. It is a very long process between creating a processor and getting it placed in the next generation of smart phones. It’s likely that if this technology does manage to make into some Android smartphones, it won’t be any time soon. However, opening the CPU software to developers and offering up 16-core processors for $99USD is definitely a start.

I guess the question wouldn’t be if people would be a phone with this in it. The question is who wouldn’t?

  • Stranger

    Sounds crazy I know, but i’m in.

  • ian

    Where is Google to buy them up?

  • MST

    SKYNET ;)

  • hunter

    This is the point where phones have to start incorporating liquid cooling

  • KB26

    Samsung includes this in Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S 5:


    Apple includes this in iPhone 18:

    Apple fans: OMG LOL BOSSSSSS

    • iShitOnDumbFucksLikeYou

      Oh please shut up u dumb stupid fuck! Peace of cock sucking shit!!!!

      • How much does Apple pay you exactly ?

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  • Plato

    they saying “800MHz per core with 64 core” and “2W maximum power consumption”
    So that 800MHz x64 cores=51GHz. Still 64 cores that a power house.
    on EETme ; Adapteva also offer Open CL compiler:

    Altera stated that when they used OpenCL with there FPGA the could reduce programing from 3 month to one week!!!
    Next 5-10 year will look very interesting in world of computing

  • MasterMuffin

    What kind of battery will you need for that beast!? My PC may get a 64 core treatment in the future but smartphone!? And with that heat you can make a BBQ party…. :)


    Holey fuck…………………..
    GHZ…… 1 of those could handle like 5 servers… WOW

  • mystikalrush

    Not sure what I would do with that much power on a phone, now on a PC I would love that, but it seems a little pointless on a phone. Unless it can bring next Xbox & ps4 quality graphics to a mobile device, that’s the only thing I could see it used for in phones.

  • Spuk O.

    the kickstarter project[0] talks “50GFlops” and “45GHz-equivalent”, seems to be no real 51GHz; amazing nonetheless!


  • Lodovik

    Title is totally misleading

  • devin122

    Most of you arent reading through. It isn’t 64 cores at 50GHz. Its 64 cores at 800MHz, which they are claiming is like having a single core at 50GHz. Thats true enough for very parallel tasks, but for a phone you only have a few tasks that are actively using any appreciable processing power.

  • I would love to see when benchmarks hit for this bad boys. If it is possible to make single threaded/ single core operations divided into multiple chips. i.e. harnessing multiple chips to do single core processing. Then this will be the king of the hill.