With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out for a while now, it’s only natural to expect the market’s major players to announce their upgrading plans. And while the first such signals have been quite shy, with only HTC and Asus making their voices heard, the past week or so has been much more spirited.

Sony let us down by announcing that 2011 Xperia phones won’t be getting JB, while Toshiba and surprisingly Intel raised our spirits by making opposite announcements. Samsung is yet to unveil its Android 4.1 plans, but rumors state that their JB upgrades for the Galaxy S3 and S2 are quite advanced.

Now Acer seems to have been joining the party, at least if we are to trust Dutch website Tablet Guide. The guys at TG are claiming that they talked over the phone with Acer officials, which confirmed that “the company’s tablets will be updated to Android 4.1”.

Before getting overly excited about this supposed phone conversation, you should know that “the company’s tablets” doesn’t necessarily mean all of Acer’s existing Android-based slates. Although no tablet is yet specifically confirmed as being scheduled or not scheduled for an upgrade, there is a good shot that only 2012 slates will take the software leap.

“Acer expects newer tablets to have no problems with the 4.1 update. For older models, the company is still investigating whether Android 4.1 will function well on the somewhat outdated hardware” says Tablet Guide. However, it’s unclear whether these claims have been discussed with Acer officials, or they are simply the website’s assumptions.

Acer has been a busy bee in the tablet world in the last six months, releasing no less than four such gadgets this year. The Iconia Tab A110, A200, A510 and A700 all run Android 4.0 ICS, and are likely to make good with JB as well, given their spec sheets.

Meanwhile, last year’s A100 and A500, launched with Honeycomb on board, have only gotten Ice Cream Sandwich updates back in April, which makes them unlikely candidates for JB leaps at least for the next months or so.

What do you guys think? When will we see Acer’s first tablet get a JB upgrade?

  • Ryan

    The A100 is not outdated as it can run 4.0 just fine and will run 4.1 just fine as well it has 1gb of ram a good dual core processor and should get the upvrade. That being said I don’t think it will get it as Acer will wish to distance itself from a product no longer being manufactured

  • Hope

    I have an A500 and I’m sure it will run just fine. I love getting new updates!

  • The a200 has all the same important hardware as the a500. If the a200 gets JB but not the a500 I will be quite disappointed in ACER

  • Ben

    This is what Cyanogenmod is for, I guess. The A100 and A500 already have previews of CM10 available on XDA.

  • acer aaaaaaaaaa

    Wrong I talked with Acer support and Acer a100 will get Jelly Bean but there is no release date

    • Bram Stolk


  • I whant to upgrade on my Acer a100 to jb

  • The Acer a100 is one awesome tablet. So happy I purchased it. I sure hope it get’s the JB update. I don’t see any reason for it not to get it. It’s not like Acer has tons of tablets.

  • Bram Stolk

    Ugh…. my A100 tablet had a firmware update today, but it still says Android version 4.0.3