Report out of Italy suggest Acer has a new tablet coming, and it’s impressive

by: Nate SwannerJuly 12, 2013


If a benchmark report out of Italy can be believed, Acer is working on a very impressive tablet. Said to house a Tegra 4 chipset, and pack a display upwards of 2560 x 1344 pixels, the device packs a punch. There is also rumored to be about 2GB RAM tucked in there, giving the muscle to keep up with just about anything.

As you can see in the picture below, the benchmark notes the device is made by Acer, and checks in at 1.8GHz. An NVIDIA GPU is mentioned, but nothing signifying that it’s the Tegra 4. Unless NVIDIA has a chipset nobody is aware of, this would have to be the Tegra 4.

If this is the successor to the Nexus 7, it packs a punch. It’s about twice as fast, and a the display resolution is Chromebook Pixel-esque. That’s a lot of power for a $200 tablet, though, so we’re not going to assume anything. Price is paramount for the Nexus lineup, and it would be hard for this to meet that sweet spot, even at cost.

None of this news is official, so we’re simply speculating at this point. For a company that has dedicated themselves to making budget-friendly devices, this seems far-fetched. Exciting, but unlikely at the same time. We’ve been surprised before, though, so who knows.

Acer Tablet Tegra 4

  • S.L Jones


  • kascollet

    An Acer Nexus ?
    Why not.

  • Frank Bales

    Sounds nice, but for me, no stylus, no deal. Hope it has one comparable to Samsung’s Note series.

  • Daniel DS

    The article doesn’t even mention the device’s screen size, I guess they mean 7″ because they did mention a N7

    • OMGgary

      He may have meant a spiritual successor in terms of value for money. 2560 x 1344 sounds insanely high res for a 7 inch device.
      Then again who knows with the rate at which mobile tech is advancing.

  • chad

    Love my Acer A200, it’s a solid device. My next tablet will certainly be an Acer.

  • ehEye

    my Nexus 7 is made by Asus, not Acer; is this a case of dyslexia, or a Google switch?

    • Joshua Hill

      I think it’s just a case of a poorly written article. I’m sure the author knew what they wanted to say but failed to communicate it effectively.

  • turdbogls

    I have been really unimpressed with Acer the past couple of years. their A500 was pretty nice, but their A200 was absolutely Horrible.
    i seriously doubt this is the next Nexus 7 since ASUS is probably making that….but the specs are impressive for sure.

  • Simon

    BEST end paragraph ever, but I’m just speculating so who knows.

  • Windowz_rules

    Asus, not acer, will make the next Nexus 7… And the Next nexus is supposed to have a snapdragon, not a tegra (Thank god).