Acer rolls out Android 4.0 ICS update for Iconia Tab A501, Rogers’ included

by: Bams SadewoAugust 18, 2012
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Believe it or not, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Acer Iconia Tab 500/501 was hinted back in November of last year, with January being set as the possible date.  It wasn’t until May that a variant of the tab got the promised scoop of ice cream, but ICS on the A501 was still nowhere to be found. Fast forward to today, it appears the Android 4.0.3 OTA update is finally being rolled out by Acer.

The Ice Cream Sandwich update has been received by owners of the Acer Iconia Tab A501 in Australia, as well as those in Canada. So if you’re on Rogers, you may want to check for the update on your tab now to see if there’s a surprise waiting. We’re not sure if other regions will get the update today.

Along with the OTA update, Acer reportedly has also released the kernel source code for both the Iconia Tab A500 and A510 on its website. Devs will be thrilled to have something to play with this weekend.

What’s that you say, Jelly Bean? From what Acer has revealed, that may just happen. But just don’t get your hope too high. Be sure to let us know if you’ve gotten the ICS update notification on your A510 and, perhaps, share your location as well.

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  • palesa

    Yes the new ics update came out. Got mine yesterday, some awesome stuff, I can’t wait for jelly bean. I am from south africa

    • shannon

      :/ I got my a501 from vodacom, still says update unavailable

      • Palesa Emmanuel Sikwane

        Try connecting using a wifi network at a coffee shop, school or at work, you should be able to get the update. Sorry for the delay i havent been here in a while! Lemme know

    • brian

      how did you update it..i have a acer A501 and on v3.2.1.. if i check for updates seas that is already up to date

      • Palesa Emmanuel Sikwane

        I used the android update app, i was on a wifi network and got the update. which network provider are you using?

        Sorry for the delay

      • doug

        I was having issues with GPS on my a501 on rogers network. I intentionally left it as long a I was comfortable, before sending it in for warranty repair. My logic was that if I left it till January 2013 they might update my tablet to ics while repairing the GPS. Got tablet back recently, still on 3.2. Do not expect it ever to get ics. What does ics give me over 3.2?

  • twanskys

    I didnt get mine” i wonder what the hold up is?

  • LAnooceto

    No update yet, I’m in the US, NY to be exact.

  • Dean Dancey

    On which PLANET is there ANY upgrade for my a501 with ROGERS?? They haven’T been told about one here…

  • anoyon

    will this get android 4.4 update????

  • upik

    How to get upgrade acer A501 free full

  • Tony Palese

    I recently called acer, and I asked them for the system update.. there response was there is a technical malfunction with your tablet and its not under warranty…. I asked the rep isn’t the update free ?? he answered yes , but you need tech support to walk you through how to do the update and put it in your tablet and it costs 79.00$ ARE YOU KIDDING the tablet was 200$ 4 years or 5 ago and now its basacly a fish weight now, since I cant update it or update google play store as well … and it costs 50$ from rogers to unlock this thing too