Pictured above: the Acer Iconia B1

Pictured above: the Acer Iconia B1

Selling 10 million tablets is a lofty ambition. When you’re Acer, it’s especially far fetched. They’ve set a high benchmark for themselves, and made their intentions quite public.

With their updated Iconia line, they’ve got an outside chance at achieving that McDonald’s-esque “10 million sold” moniker. Acer has already sold 1.5 million Iconia B1 tablets, and at $150 it’s no surprise. That tablet is also set for an upgrade this summer, with Acer planning to sell an additional 1.5 million at that time.

Acer is also planning to ship 5 million units of their Iconia A1, an 8-inch tablet they recently announced. Starting at around $200, it hits that sweet-spot for tablet pricing. They’ve also announced a 10-inch Iconia A3 to round out their lineup. That tablet will ship this summer, presumably around the same time as the B1 redesign. No price has been announced, but Acer wants to ship about 2 million of those, bringing us to that lofty benchmark of 10 million.

If it seems unlikely that Acer can do it, that’s because it is. With ASUS leading the Android tablet push, and stiff competition from Amazon (and of course Apple), selling so many devices is a hurdle we’re doubtful they can clear. With news that the Nook has not only ingrained Play Store support, but lowered the price for a limited time, things are looking increasingly difficult for Acer. We hope they do it, and will celebrate them if they do, but we’re not going to hold our breathe.


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