Acer C7 Chromebook officially announced, available Nov.13th for just $199

by: Andrew GrushNovember 12, 2012

Acer C7 ChromebookEarlier today the first pictures of the Acer C7 Chromebook leaked to the net. Now it’s official, the C7 will be available in United States and United Kingdom starting Nov. 13th. Even more exciting, the new Chromebook will cost just $199.

When Samsung unveiled its latest Chromebook model in October, many were pleasantly surprised by its low $249 price tag, but the Acer C7 manages an even lower price point. It’s also worth noting that Acer’s Chromebook is powered by an Intel “Core” processor (actually an Intel Celeron 847), unlike the recent ARM-based Samsung Chromebook.

Other specs include a 320GB HDD, 2GB of RAM, HD front cam, an 11.6-inch HD 1366×768 display and a battery capable of around 3.5 hours of life. Acer’s Chrome-based laptop is also just 1-inch in thickness. As far as ports are concerned, the C7 has all the usual suspects such as three USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA. For $199 you not only get the new Acer C7 Chromebook, but you also get 100GB cloud storage for two years and 12 free Gogo Internet passes.

The Acer C7 Chromebook is sold through Best Buy and the Google Play store in the United States. UK buyers can get the new Chromebook through Google Play, Amazon UK, PC World and Currys. So what do you think, interested in picking one of these Chromebooks up?

  • eww, you must REALLY be on a budget to get that, 3.5 hour battery life!?

    • Jared Persinger

      My $550 Toshiba has 4.0 hours so that isnt bad for the price

    • Peterson Silva

      2 hours was always the reality of my budget down here in Brazil =D

  • Totally worth it if you really need a laptop for college!

    • Danny De Nero

      With 3.5 hours of battery life on Chrome OS? I don’t know what college you go to but my 3 Series Chromebook lasts me at least 6 hours or more depending on my usage.

      It would be more understandable for a standard laptop running let’s say iOS or Windows to really hinder the battery life but for something as light as Chrome OS it’s really not a good budget buy. The $249 Chromebook is literally perfect for what it is and with a 7 sec boot time it’s really a pick up and go machine.

      This goes to the most opposite purpose and direction of a chromebook. If you can fork up $200 for a gimped netbook you should be able to fork up the extra $50 for the $249 Chromebook that isn’t the greatest in performance but is a better bang for your buck. I’m seriously asking why Acer even produced this product with more negatives than positives.

      • Doesn’t the Cromebook only have 16gb of memory? But I guess you could use the SD slot if necessary and the 100gb of cloud.

  • Peterson Silva

    But will Samsung stop selling its Chromebook? Acer will take over the brand completely or they will be both sold from now on?

    • HellG

      I dont think anyone is taking over Chrome OS! its just like Windows laptops And/Or Nexus devices being from different manufacturers

      • Peterson Silva

        Oh, cool, thanks for clarifying =D

  • Wow, I’m getting this.

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  • I’d buy this and install an extra copy of Windows 7 I have lying around.