Acer A500 and A100 tablets will (finally) get ICS by the end of April

by: AdrianApril 20, 2012
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The Acer Iconia Tab A500, A100, and A200 have all been released in the first months of 2011, and, at the time, they were considered fairly advanced pieces of technology. Acer’s Honeycomb tablets have been surprisingly popular last year, attracting users with a well balanced mix of high performance, cool looks, and decent pricing.

Fast forward twelve months and you get a whole different tablet landscape, one where dual-core gadgets running Android Honeycomb are considered outdated. Unfortunately, we can’t say that Acer did much to change this opinion, leaving its tablet duo to run that old raggedy Honeycomb. By now, with all the unfulfilled promises made by Acer, most A500 and A100 adopters have either updated their gadgets to ICS with unofficial ROMs or they have given up all hope on ever making the jump to the next OS version.

However, just when we completely lost hope to ever get an update to ICS, Acer has officially announced that both the A100 and A500 will be updated to Android 4 by the end of April. The US A100 will be updated to Android 4 on the 27, with Canadian devices slated to receive the same upgrade on May 3. However, the region that will get the official update first is Latin America, where the update will roll out starting from April 25.

For the A500 update, things are much simpler, with Ice Cream Sandwich coming over-the-air on April 27 in all markets. Needless to say, the Ice Cream Sandwich update will come with several important improvements, faster overall performance, a tweaked user interface, Face Unlock, and some other new features.

  • ScottKPickering

    Yay! These products are really great

  • Ajw4pc

    Yes finally

  • AtlBill

    Unfortunately Face Unlock was not included in the ICS update I did today, April 27, 2012 for my Acer A500.

  • Manfred29

    My Acer piece of shit didn’t get the upgrade yet… last Acer product I’ll ever buy… POS…

  • Vell2hot

    Bs gs2wasto get it but this get it frist

  • James Harris

    I’m in AU and have not received the ICS update. A check using system update still shows 3.2.1 – kernel as the up to date version

  • Bjkennyt

    Two hours to go…chances of upgrade by month end, slim and none.

  • Kewlgal123

    My a100 got no update. Its may 4. Im calling bs. –

  • CaptSlappy

    You have to go to the play store and download the Iconia Tab Enhancment thing from acer then you go to the ‘about tablet’ then ‘check for system update’ and it will be there

  • Still waiting for 4.0 ICS for the a501 in upstate NY