According to Google: Nexus One will not get Official ICS update

by: AlexanderOctober 26, 2011
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It shouldn’t come as surprise to many of us that the Nexus One won’t be getting an official update to Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich. According to Google’s Hugo Barra, as reported by the Telegraph, the Nexus One is just too old to receive the update. Which is basically what we figured, and why it wasn’t on our prediction list to get the ICS upgrade.

In all reality, the hardware simply isn’t powerful enough to ensure for a good experience. But, as we have all gotten used to over the last couple years, we fully expect someone to put together a ICS ROM for the Nexus One, hopefully someone over at XDA is working on it for us.

Is this news for you to upgrade your Nexus One to perhaps the Galaxy Nexus or another phone? Does this make you sad?

  • does that also mean all single core phones similar to the N1 will not get ICS?
    This will mean that phone like the Xperia Arc, Xperia play, desire ranges will all get screwed.

    • We can speculate this, but do not know for sure yet.

      • Anonymous

        I suspect that the underlying issue is centred around the GPU and not so much the CPU. Since its been stated that the ICS interface is GPU optimised this could also mean that without a GPU of a certain standard it runs really badly.

  • AppleFUD

    I think this is pure BS. It’s a 1GHz processor! What the hell do they mean it’s too old? Has Android become that bloated already?

    Does this mean all new devices that are singe-core 1GHz processors are now doomed–they are releasing new ones every day still.

    Seriously, how much faster is the Nexus S 1GHz processor?

    And according to this article

    There isn’t that much difference. . . .

  • Mark Thistlewaite

    Sad that t took less than 2 years to got to EOL. It seems that each upgrade consumes more memory and I would hazard a guess that Ice Cream Sandwich is more fattening than Honeycomb, or Froyo. Remember the Nexus One has much smaller amount of RAM than some of the newer phones.

    I own a ATT Nexus One, hopefully that carrier will get its act together and put some decent Android phones out, because the current offering STINKS.

  • Teddy Rhoads

    I am sadden by this. Google said that ICS doesn’t have hardware requirements. The Nexus One is still a great phone and is only 18 months old. It has had no problem upgrading so far, and still runs better than most of the new android phones out there. I have to say, at the moment there isn’t a single phone out there android wise I would be willing to exchange my Nexus One for. They crash, are sluggish, gps doesn’t work correctly, slow to respond, etc. Rooting the phone isn’t an option as I use to many services from Google like music/movies, along with Netflix that won’t work on a rooted phone.

    Sad, Sad day if this comes true.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest this announcement and stating “the Nexus One is just too old to receive the update” is in stark contrast to their earlier statement that ANY handset currently running Gingerbread should be eligible for an ICS update and is rather disappointing. Since the Nexus One most certainly is running Gingerbread this may have given false hope to a lot of people. So even though the modding community can and will release ICS roms for a variety of handsets that doesn’t mean that the end result will of a standard that will truely be usable. Perhaps for a lot of people the sad reality is that a solid and reliable Gingerbread experience may well be a better option than something that is potential laggy, buggy, and may crash at the wrong times.

  • Me

    i want ics