Access to Moto X event offered by Motorola via Twitter #MeetMotoX promo campaign

by: Chris SmithJuly 31, 2013
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Rogers Moto X video leak

With a day to go until Motorola announced the Moto X, the company took to Twitter for what looks like a final PR assault for promoting the event – lucky New Yorkers will be able to attend the event live, alongside members of the press.

Or at least a handful of them who were following the @Motorola Twitter account today, which offered free tickets to those people familiar with certain locations in Manhattan that were shown in pictures, will be able to attend tomorrow’s event.

The company posted various local images from around New York, showing locations where the free tickets were to be found. From the looks of it, the tickets were snatched up quite fast – the company may still provide additional clues and offer more tickets, so keep checking its Twitter account. Naturally, there’s a special hashtag for the promo: #MeetMotoX.

Here are some of the tweets the company has sent out:

Android Authority will be attending the event as well, and we’ll be covering thoroughly the Moto X tomorrow – we can’t wait to see if there are any Moto X surprises left.

  • Franz

    Is there no live stream?

    What time is the event?

    • Luka Mlinar

      14:00 CET or 20:00 in New York. Not that it matters.
      I asked on their FB and got a reply saying that there will be no live stream. *Pissed*

      • BUZZ

        14 in NY and 20 CET ?

        • Ieva

          I think at 8PM in the europe it’s 2PM in New York, not vice versa.

          • Peter

            I think you’re right. CET refers to Central European Time, which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time in North America. So I would guess 2pm in New York, and 8pm in Europe.

  • joser116

    They should have just called it the X Phone.

    • End in sight

      I think you are accurate and that Google is hoping people start calling these their x phone. IPhone, xPhone… my nexus 7 has a big X on the load screen. Curious.

      • Daniel macedo

        There’s a big X on the load screen because X symbolizes the brand ‘nexus’.