AA Asks: Name our mascot contest (6 Days Left)

July 22, 2013
He needs a name, can you help?


    We originally published this post on July 14, with the contest closing in a few days we are republishing the poll to get any last votes in.
    AA Staff

    In this edition of AA Asks, we want to know what should we call our mascot? We’ve never formally named him and I think it’s about time that he gets an official name!

    As a bonus, if your original idea ends up winning our poll, you can pick a free AA T-shirt from our freshly launched SpreadShirt AA Apparel store. To celebrate the launch of the apparel shop, we are selling all our apparel at cost.

    The poll will close on Sunday, July 28, when we will announce the winner. Good luck and keep those name ideas coming!


    • Don't like any of the above names? Submit your entry, and we will add it to the poll.
    • Be sure to enter your name and email address if you made an entry into the contest. We need to know where to send the winning AA T-Shirt!


    • Luka Mlinar

      Mr. AA sounds like some dude in rehab :D
      Captain Authority is the best from the list. I wanted to pick a new one that would pay homage to the greatest robot of all time but couldn’t find a way to mix Robby and AA :(

    • Andreas Polycarpou

      ‘The Android Authoriser”

    • OMGgary

      Call him Cartman. “Respect mah authoritaw!”

    • Mike Bastable

      i would suggest De Facto, latin for examining the facts

    • najiy91

      when i look at the list all is to complicated except ace. it also can be named Captain A instead of Captain AA(“,)

    • endinsight

      How about “Froido”?

    • local

      I always thought he’s a Big Green Daddy.
      seems I was wrong :D

    • Akmal Firdaus

      Drodity XD

    • Suryawan Pranata Suryawan

      droid vader!!!

    • Brian


    • Grman Rodriguez

      Nothing with AA, it could give a bad impression xd

    • Arvind

      Captain Drone

    • hugrr

      He looks like a Phil to me, however as he’s a robot, how about Bananatron?

    • Matthew Pringle

      I chose my own name but still had to choose from the list? Kind of pointless and skews the results but, my choice is


      As in, Au’thor’ity.


    • DaveDeutsch

      Green, Mean, Mr. Jelly Bean.

    • JosephHindy

      AA7 (Double-A-7) is freaking awesome.

      That’s my vote, don’t worry guys I already got a shirt the winner will be someone else :D

      • MLP

        7 brings to my mind ios, not android.

        • JosephHindy

          Really, you don’t get James Bond out of “Double-anything-7″?

          That actually makes me sad :(

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

      I kept Mr. SkullDroid seems they don’t want to post our ideas

    • trusttheman85

      Definitely would vote for “Agent A”

    • PixelPods

      I hope they approve my submission…

    • nishantsirohi123

      Judge Droid

    • nishantsirohi123

      why do i have to select one, when i want to share mine

      it is showing error

    • Mike Bastable

      Derek: maybe enable that the form can be sent without having to vote for one of the suggestions?at the momment we have to vote for one to submit a suggestion.

    • Grman Rodriguez

      The Apple Eater? No? Okay…

    • Simon Belmont

      Call him “AGENT AARON” or something. The double A in Aaron could coincide with the AA of Android Authority.

      Just a thought. Looking forward to the results.

    • Victor V.


    • Henry Ault

      Kernel &roo

    • rgsoo1

      Beltor of the Androids

    • spade

      Ace !!

    • antonymous

      Yey, my suggestion is winning

    • Felix Yap

      AA Droid

      • Toni Setyo Budi


        • Felix Yap

          Thanks Ndro Buat Vote nya :D

    • Mikkel Solli

      Admiral General Android

    • └Timothy┐

      been calling him Smithdroid for a while he remindes me of agent smith from the matrix :))

    • wpw


    • wpw

      as in hammeroid

    • Yuval Rozin

      Judge Droid!

    • karthik hubli

      I know its a bit cheezy, but he looks like “Droidthority” to me…:

    • louis118

      What about “Authorit-E”, like Wall-E?

    • Amit Jamghare

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      I want to suggest a name for the mascot as CELLUROID as it is linked to cell phone n cellulars but I m unable to submit my own answer in the poll please take the same as my suggestion/answer and revert back

      Amit Jamghare

    • companyemails

      I would add “Roscoe”, instead of some forced name that plays off the AA moniker. I tried but the site wouldn’t let me submit it unless i voted for one of the names I don’t care for. Go figure.

    • http://soplosdelviento.blogspot.com/ Jaime Peña