A Better Way to Discover Apps on Android: Chomp!

by: Darcy LaCouveeMarch 2, 2011
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Most, if not all, users of Android often complain about the inability to consistently discover new, quality apps. We can all rest easy now however, as an ambitious project called Chomp has finally been launched. Chomp employs a unique algorithm that understands the type, context and function of each App on the Android Market, and enables the user to search for much more than the Apps name itself. As the total amount of Apps on Android approaches 200,000, having a convenient and handy solution like Chomp on your phone really makes a lot of sense.

It’s designed to show the very best apps, and it does it remarkably. By understanding the topic and function of every app on the Marketplace, it really makes it easy to find the best apps.

Chomp is extremely well designed, fast, and a pleasure to use. Navigating is simple, intuitive, and delivers result efficiently, even over our 3G connection.


We’ve developed [an] algorithm that really stands out on Android since search is so bad.” “It learns the topic and function of every app in the store. And using AI and machine learning, it builds a whole new database of apps,” said Ben Keighran, the founder of Chomp.

We found out that while early on, people enjoy the social stuff, it wasn’t very sticky and people weren’t returning to the service,” Keighran tells us. “What we found was that users were actually typing into the search box what type of app they wanted to use — things like ‘expense trackers’, ‘food’, and ‘puzzle games’,” he continues.

In our experience with it, the results seem to be significantly better than using the Android Market, which is always a plus in our book.

Check out the video below for an idea of what we are talking about!

Rating: 4.0/52

Download Chomp here