$99 Pocket Primer Android Device Announced

by: Aerol BibatAugust 8, 2011

Cheap Android devices are dime-a-dozen, but it’s pretty rare for them to go below the hundred dollar price mark. Which makes it a surprise that Skytex’s new produce has breached that price barrier. Called the Pocket Primer, it also happens to be one small device, clocking in at five inches in the size department.

There are already quite a few devices in that particular size range, namely the Dell Streak and some other recent releases, but none of them cost this cheap. The five-inch size range is a difficult product niche. A whole lot smaller than the seven- and ten-inch size ranges for such devices, the closest comparison to these devices would be the iPod Touch, a small portable media player that can surf the web and have access to third-party apps via an app store. Skytex seems to be hoping that the price tag of $99 will make it a best seller.

So what else does the Pocket Primer have to offer? Well, it does have a 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 pixel display – which also happens to support for multitouch input, a G-sensor for changing around orientation, and a 600 MHz CPU. That CPU is backed by 256MB of RAM and runs Android 2.2. It’s also got 4GB of storage with a microSD card slot for expansion to 32GB. As for connectivity, it has 802.11b/g/n WiFi support. Also, it has a built-in microphone and speaker, plus a 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker.

This isn’t the first time Skytex has ventured into the tablet device market – it’s already got a tablet called the Skypad Alpha. Hopefully, the company has learned a few things and is bringing the experience to their new product.

Source: Liliputing

  • Techman

    Thanks for sharing this info. I was excited about my purchase of my Pocket Primer, thinking that it would be a very handy pocket tablet that I could take on the go to anywhere and be able to access the internet, email, and many other apps. The look and feel of the Pocket Primer is very slick, clean and pocket-sized. But the quality of the Pocket Primer was WAY below my expectations and not even worth the $50 discounted price that I paid for it.
    When my Pocket Primer arrived, I immediately charged it up (which took several hours). Then, I decided to download some Apps onto the device. I soon realized that even though it’s an Android compatible device, it doesn’t allow you to use any of my favorite Android App markets. You are limited to the Getjar App market which is very limited. It did have some of the basic Apps for email and news, but it was lacking any good sports, music, games, and entertainment apps. I still managed to find some Apps to my liking (although some of them did not work after downloading them).

    My Pocket Primer was ready to go, fully charged and set up with 15 Apps. I decided to play Angry Birds which had been pre-downloaded onto the device. After a nice 45 minute game of Angry Birds, I noticed that my battery charge was already down to 11%..so I had to plug it back into the charger. Later that evening I decided to use my Pocket Primer to check some emails and do some web browsing. I soon noticed that there were 4 white lines starting to appear across the top of my screen. I tried to reboot the system, but the lines remained on the screen. For the next few days, I still used my Pocket Primer for primarily checking email, web browsing and listening to some music….but I did have to recharge the battery a few more times. Then, just 4 days after purchasing my Pocket Primer, it started to freeze up on me. That’s when I decided it was time to contact Customer Support.

    I used the Skytex Customer Support form online and filed a Request for Replacement. I NEVER heard back from anyone…just got a general email saying that my request had been submitted. After 3 days, I sent an email to their order dept and customer support….didnt hear back for 1-2 days. Finally I got a response from their customer support. After a few emails back and forth explaining that I wanted to either get the Pocket Primer replaced or refunded, I was sent instructions for a refund. In summary, the instructions stated that I would have to pay for all of the shipping/handling of the returned item, also pay a 15% restocking fee (whatever that is) and then I would be put on a refund list (whatever that meant). In the end, I decided to simply keep my piece of junk Pocket Primer since I would only be getting a $30 refund(due to $10+ for shipping and 15% restocking fee) and I would probably have to wait 6-8 more weeks before I saw any sort of refund.

    I cannot recommend to anyone to purchase the Pocket Primer…even if its super discounted at $50.00. I am chalking it up as a Loss and a Lesson learned. Cheap Price = Cheap Quality. If you are looking for a cheap tablet, don’t be fooled by the good looking Pocket Primer.