8GB Nexus 4 sold out in UK in Germany after second round of sales

by: Chris SmithDecember 5, 2012

Yesterday we told you that the Nexus 4 would again be available for sale in the UK and Germany after 5PM local time, and it looks like interested buyers have almost immediately purchased the available units.

The 8GB Nexus 4 is now sold out in both countries, after shipping times slipped to 4-5 weeks and 5-6 weeks – we have witnessed the exact same scenario in the USA a few days ago for the same Nexus model.

The 16GB Nexus 4 model is still in stock, where by stock we mean a waiting time for 5-6 weeks for it to ship is in order. In other words, at this time you can only pre-order that model in the UK and Germany.

Considering these widespread Nexus 4 stock issues we can’t but wonder how many units Google has actually sold since launching its fourth-generation Nexus smartphone, and we’re certainly interested to see whether the company will release any Nexus 4 sales numbers at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, European Nexus 4 buyers, let’s hear more details from you! Have you purchased your Nexus 4 yesterday?

  • Tom

    My N4 is ordered. Should be shipped within 1-2 weeks according to google. Have placed myorder at 17:06:16 CET. Read few minutes ago that some units are already shipped in Germany for people who has ordered like 17:01, 17:02,17:03. 17:04+ not yet shipped.

    • Tom

      i Ordered 16GB version in Germany

  • Jim

    I purchased the 16 GB version at 1705 hrs in the UK. Website was playing up but confirmation went through. It said 3-5 day delivery initially when transaction went through, which later changed to 1-2 weeks when I received email confirmation. What’s the reality 5-6 weeks or less ?

  • Alex

    I ordered the 16GB version in Germany at 17:04:32, shipping according to the mail in 1-2 weeks, as Tom already said.

  • fluidmike

    Same here. ordered mine (16GB) in UK at 17:09 and the shipping time is 1-2 weeks according to the confirmation email. wanted to get 2, but “limit reached”
    enyway, cannot wait >_<