8 things that make the Samsung Galaxy S5 better than the iPhone 5S

by: Gary SimsMarch 24, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 hands on color size vs all -1160811

The danger of an article trying to compare an Android flagship smartphone to Apple’s top of the range iPhone is that it can very easily start a flame war. It is almost a sure recipe guaranteed to provoke name calling and accusations of “fanboy.” However, I am prepared to take the risk and let the facts speak for themselves. All the top smartphones from all the major companies, including Apple, are good. That is why they can sell millions and millions of them.

But the Galaxy S5 does have some very interesting features and when you compare them to those in the iPhone 5S you do get the feeling that the iPhone range is slowly but surely slipping behind.

So here are eight things that make the Samsung Galaxy S5 better than the iPhone 5S.

1. Water resistance

The Galaxy S5 is waterproof, the iPhone 5S isn’t. You can drop both of them into some water and if you get the iPhone out quick enough it might survive, but the Samsung has IP67 certification making it resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand, and dust.

There is also that little thing called 4K video.

2. Camera

The camera on the Galaxy S5 not only takes 16 megapixel photos (compared to the iPhone’s 8 megapixels), it comes with a selective focus mode that allows you to focus on what’s important by blurring the background and accentuating the main subject. For those into photography, this means that the Galaxy S5 can mimic shallow-depth-of-field shots. But that isn’t all. The Galaxy S5 can also show live previews of HDR shots and there is also that little thing called 4K video!


3. SD card slot

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an SD card slot. Both Apple and Samsung recognize the need for lots of internal storage and there is even a 64GB version of the iPhone 5S, which is quite cool. But the thing is that the Galaxy S5 includes an micro SD card slot which means you can pop in a memory card and add up to 128GB more storage to your phone.

4. Private mode and kids mode

To help protect your data and protect those who have access to your phone, the Galaxy S5 comes with  a “private mode”, that locks your photos and data so that they can only be seen by you, and a “kids mode” which is designed to limit what apps and videos children can access.

5. Ultra power saving mode

Almost every phone user (even feature phone users) knows what it is like when your device runs out of battery at the wrong moment. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an Ultra Power Saving Mode which switches the screen to monochrome when the battery level is getting low. It also shuts down non-essential services while leaving the ability to make and receive calls as well as to send and receive SMS messages. Samsung says that a Galaxy S5 on just 10% power can last up to 24 hours on standby in Ultra Power Saving Mode.


6. Replaceable battery

Unlike the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 has a user replaceable battery which means you can pop it out and insert a spare (fully charged) battery to give you full power again. Also if your phone’s battery is starting to show signs of wear and doesn’t hold its charge as well (not something you would expect during the first years of owning the phone, but something that could happen later), you can just buy a new battery and replace the old one. You can’t do that with an iPhone.

7. Super AMOLED

I won’t mention the difference in display sizes (as someone will surely say they love the small screen on their iPhone 5s), but I will mention that the Galaxy S5 uses a Super AMOLED display and features Local Contrast Enhancement tech that enables the display to adapt and change according to different light conditions. Too much light, no problem, the Galaxy S5 optimizes the display for the best picture.

8. Heart rate monitor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 also includes a heart rate sensor, along with Samsung’s S Health app, and an infrared blaster so you can control your TV from your phone!

I will be the first to admit that the iPhone 5S added some cool innovations like 64-bit computing but at the moment the list above shows that really you can do more with the Galaxy S5.

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  • ak_r7

    Samsung is crap..

    • Anon

      I would edit that to
      Samsung DESIGN is crap…
      If you mean the phone as a whole, please justify.

    • TotesAwesome

      Tru dat

    • Aditya Sinha

      Design isn’t everything, child.

  • jhonybravo

    Dont forget.. Iphone has metal body…. I can bang nails on my wall with Iphone.. Feel very rich by holding metal body phone in my hand… ;-)

    • kcrux h

      IPhone just plain sucks in comparison to the s5. Speaking from a cellphone store owner.

      • filaos

        Biased cellphone store holders are a shame.

        • Melvin Guzman

          i dont think you being being realistic doesn’t affect your sells.

    • Key Lime Pie

      Did you spend so much money on your iPhone that you can’t even afford an actual hammer? :P

      • 5s or S5? Maybe G3?

        Lol!!! Im a 5s user but an Android user by heart… Wait for G3 :)

    • TotesAwesome

      The iPhone runs ios which totally beats android anyway , plus the iPhone is made of metal vs the s5 which looks like a bandaid and a golf ball.

      • Jason Comment

        95% put a case on them anyway. So you will see it when you buy it and never again. This just proves people buy them for “image”

        • abazigal

          I can also argue that aluminium acts as a great heat sink for dissipating heat. So your plastic case don’t heat up; but how do you know the components aren’t cooking inside?

        • Jusephe

          Plastics dents more, and heating aluminum is actually advantage as it will get away heat from the SoC not trap it inside like plastic… Did you ever saw an CPU heat sink made of plastic ?

        • Brian Shieh

          Being that I use a HTC One, the aluminum kind of helps with heat dispersion, provided that you keep the back bare or have a space between the phone and case. Plus, it’s a nice hand warmer ;)

      • Aditya Sinha

        Oh yeah! Perfect! Let’s judge a phone by it’s looks at not what it’s capable of doing. Real smart.
        iOS beats Android? How exactly?

      • Jason Comment

        Define “beats.” Did apple ever fix the alerts so you can see them quickly, or does it still just have a number over the apps that had an alert?

    • TotesAwesome

      I agree with you.

    • TheGCU

      “I can bang nails on my wall with Iphone”

      Because that’s why you bought your iPhone. What a ridiculous argument.

      “Feel very rich by holding metal body phone in my hand”

      You’d have to feel rich, since the iPhone is insanely overpriced for it’s capabilities. Capabilities should come before aesthetics.

      • abazigal

        Except that millions of people have voted with their wallets and decided that they would prefer a device that represents both capabilities and aesthetics.

        In the same vein, I would argue that the iPhone is expensive but not overpriced. It certainly is serving me well, and offers me great value for my money. :)

        • TheGCU

          Don’t limit this to just the US. Millions of people world-wide HAVE voted with their wallets. They chose Android.

          “In the same vein, I would argue that the iPhone is expensive but not
          overpriced. It certainly is serving me well, and offers me great value
          for my money.”

          Have you tried an Android device? Android just offers more phone for your money, period. You don’t find the iPhone overpriced, many people do. When it’s the same price as another device with highed specs, a better screen a better camera, then yeah, I consider it overpriced. I’m not saying an iPhone won’t serve you well, but you can’t say it’s a great value for your money unless you have something to compare it to. Spend the same money you spent on your iPhone on an Android device, and tell me if you get less value, the same or more for the (same) money that you spent.

          • abazigal

            If it’s one thing I have learnt during my time using Apple products (and you can say I am all in; I have an iPhone, iPad, macbook air, iMac and Apple Tv), it’s that specs alone don’t always tell the whole story as to how well something works, or how great a user experience it can offer.

            I know “user experience” is kinda like a dirty word here. It’s very difficult to quantify, and some think it’s just Apple trying to excuse their use of weaker specs. However, that is precisely my experience with Apple products. That even with (sometimes) lower specs (or comparable specs at a higher price), my iMac and macbook air continue to run as well as the day I bought them, without me needing to do anything to maintain them.

            I also know it sounds cliche, but my Apple devices really do “just work”. I use airplay mirroring with my iPad in the classroom (I am a teacher here), and I credit Apple with designing their products in such a manner that even a self-professed tech-idiot can just plug in their Apple TV and get the whole setup to work seamlessly. I am recording screencasts with the educreations app (which is currently iPad only). Many of the things I do can’t be done on an Android device, or at least, not as readily, and I know this because I have several colleagues using Android and Windows devices who are struggling to replicate some of the things I am doing on my Apple devices.

            If other people find the iPhone overpriced, it is well within their right not to buy it. For me, however, I don’t find my Apple products overpriced because they have allowed me to do the things I want to do, teach the way I want to teach in my classroom, and they have more than paid for themselves in the form of way fewer problems, minimal need for maintenance, and just generally being very easy and intuitive to use.

            Again, these are things that raw specs alone won’t tell you.

          • Melvin Guzman

            to what i just read u been using Apple devices long time now you cant judge your colleagues’ inexperience with other systems comparing you own when I first used a macbook pro, I too, felt like an idiot because i been using windows such a long time i know all about them, cant say a word about macbook because so far idk how to use it properly, also i can see how much you love apple i planning to eat one right now. this comment above me made me hungry

          • Christian Granger

            You aren’t buying specs when you buy an iPhone. You’re buying software that comes in a pretty little box. You are paying for the stability of the software, not the bleeding edge of the hardware. That’s the difference between Apple and many android OEMs. Samsung tries to do the same but they just can’t make as stable of a phone as the iPhone or stock android phones. Just look at the galaxy s3 vs iPhone 4s. Most of the 4s’ I see (esp ones running iOS 7) are still just as responsive as the day they were purchased. They take good pictures quickly, every time without fail. The apps on them hardly ever crash. My (second) s3 is a slow piece of shit and I’ve only had it for a few months. This should not be the case with a good product.

            Samsung has a damn good marketing team, I’ll give them that.

    • Jason Comment

      This was sarcastic right?

  • hamaki

    Dont forget.. Iphone has metal body


    • Bone

      Better looking vs. more prone to scratches, more slippery, no IP certification

      Sammy wins build 3:1

      • TotesAwesome

        The s5 has a stupid plastic back that looks like a bandaid on the gold version and a golf ball on the white version. The iPhone 5s is made of aluminum.

        • Sim’S

          But aluminium is heavier than plastic right? Very difficult to open the back! And the iphone screen is not tough enough, maybe the body is tough enough but the screen easy to crack!

          • Melvin Guzman

            any phone is very easy to crack, guess what buy a cover that prevents from shorter distance falls oh wait let me guess dont buy em according to iphone users because i want to see that my phone is made of alluminium and is prone to falling and braking

        • Slugs Mckenzie

          Who really sits there and admires the back of their phone?

        • Aditya Sinha

          …and what exactly are you going to do with the aluminum? Jerk of to it?

    • Michael Samsara

      Thank you – that was very funny and perfect – after all the comments above! lol

      I am assuming you meant it as a joke – if not, you should have intended it so because your sense of humor and timing could not have been more impeccable. sms – and I am NOT being sarcastic in case there is any doubt.

  • j

    This is all true. However, I don’t really find this article necessary on an “android site.” This is more am article than iOS users need to read. Those of us that are in this site already know that the S5 kills the 5s! Matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d even go as far back as the Galaxy S2 and choose that over an iPhone 5s! With all the apps that allow free music and movie downloads, any android phone with LTE capability and fast enough processor to download all my free materials is better than having to suffer through Apple’s “Big Brother” OS. And don’t even get me started on my love for widgets!!!

    • filaos

      You can play all the free content you wish on iOS. What the hell are you talking about ?

      • j

        OK. Maybe it’s just me. But for the brief period that I had an iPhone (because of work), I couldn’t find any apps to download free music and movies (this was about 18 months ago).

        • Melvin Guzman

          u can play all the contents you wish in itunes he meant to say j oh and you have to pay for albums

    • Christian Granger

      Don’t get me wrong, I love android, but to say the s2 is better than the 5s is retarded.. Even s4. I haven’t yet tried an s5 to see the comparison but my step dad has iPhone 5, my mom has 5s and I have gs3. Honestly my phone has been nothing but problems since I bought it. If I wasn’t into messing with the phone and rooting it and putting custom ROMs etc (like the vast majority of users aren’t), I would absolutely hate it. I can very much see why people love the iPhone, and articles like this don’t go after the main reasons at all – stability, low touch latency (iPhone 5/5s/5c are second only to note 3, possibly s5), and amazing integration with the Mac os.

      • John Doe

        Really, what exact integration do you get with your MAC?? iCloud?
        That is not really what I would call integration … I could do the same thing with
        Google or Box … etc
        Latency? really?? you actually sit there and measure the latency between devices? It’s like you are actually looking for something to complain about then actually enjoying your device …latency …. wow ..
        And what problems did you have with your G3? (if you weren’t into messing with it soo.. much)?? Maybe it was because you just did not understand how to use it properly??
        I look after a fleet of S3’s and S4’s for my work, and not 1 person has ever complained that they hate or cannot use their phones to it’s full potential.
        Yes, I have given classes on use and best practices, plus pre-installed needed apps, etc … but no one has ever said to me that they hate their phone or that they could not get it to do something that could not be fixed with in 30secs.
        Maybe it’s time to watch a few youtube video’s on your specific device and get an idea on how it works before you head straight for the ROM store …
        And if it was such a problem, then maybe you should just go back to the carrier and get it swapped out!!

        • Christian Granger

          I don’t own a Mac or an iPhone so I don’t know much about them being integrated besides ITunes, icloud and imessage. What I meant to say was the integration with the apple services, and the continued support the device receives long after it is released.
          I know cloud services are available with Google and dropbox. I use them both.

          If the latency on the s3 doesn’t bother you, you must not use a swipe keyboard. Its noticibly laggy even on the fastest keyboards. Its not something I sit down and try to measure but it gets annoying when you are typing a word or two ahead of what is showing up on the phone. Lower latency = better touch experience. No question.

          The battery on the s3 is bad. If I leave my house with it fully charged and use it for email on the bus to school it can be as low as 85% on bad days. I’m lucky to get 2.5 hours of screen on time. The battery saving mode does help but makes the phone very slow. Sure I can swap the battery (i bought a second one, I might buy the zero lemon one) but I’d have to remember to charge the second one every night too. Impractical.

          A phone for work is a different story than a personal phone because your employees don’t have to pay for the phone themselves. You aren’t trying to play 3d games and apps or browse the web extensively. Using the s3 for these things it can get very hot and start to lag badly.

          I have watched countless hours of videos on my specific phone and spent many hours on xda finding tweaks for the phone. I like it the way I have it set up now because of some great xposed modules and cm11. I had sent it in to the carrier when I thought it was deffective a couple months after I got the phone but realized it just wasn’t as fast as the marketing would have you believe.I have had the gs3 since October 2012; I don’t know why you think I ran “straight to the ROM store”.

          I love android but I can see the benefits of iOS devices.

          • Tammy D

            Have you tried the Kii Keyboard (app)? In my opinion, it is handsdown, THE BEST “swype” keyboard available! I have the gs3 & gs4 and haven’t experienced any “lagging”, AT ALL! It is VERY customizable! Also, the fact that you can use emojis with it, is just another plus!

          • Christian Granger

            I have tried kii in the past and really liked it, but at that point they didn’t have swype. I think I’ll try out again, thanks!!

  • Shark Bait

    You forgot the s5 runs android !!!

    • Joshua Wise

      I have to get into this discussion. I used iPhone for awhile, heck I had the iPhone 3g but when I switched to android I fell in love, mostly frome the customization ability. With the iPhones if I wanted true customization I had to jailbreak it but with Android I don’t even have to root to get the same types of customizations. And about that battery, Jeez I hated having to go into a iPhone store just for that, android makes it easier, all you have th do is get on Amazon or whatever and order a new one. That’s want I love android over apple now and the fact that there trying to buy every patent they can get there hands on doesn’t help.

      • Sekki 4

        Someone had said before, with iPhone you’ll end up constantly searching for workaround..

      • meikk99

        Especially the fact that apple tries to get every patent possible makes me hate apple every time I see an article about this patents I become angry

    • filaos

      It runs Android + Google services + Samsung spyware. Be precise :-)

      • RockMarz

        Or you’re an idiot..

        • filaos

          Just basic facts dude.

      • Andrew White

        Used my brother’s iPhone the other day and it reminded me why I switched to an android device 3 years ago.
        SIZE!!! For multimedia you simply need a bigger screen. A 4″ display is simply impractical and not something a grown-up should be using.

        • Jusephe

          Yeah for multimedia at least an 8″ tablet, no phone can accomplish that.

    • MasterMuffin

      Well that’s a matter of opinion…

      Just kidding, ANDROID >>> IOS WOOT WOOT WOOT ;D

      • Mohammed Azoz

        u said earlier that Z2 over run the Sam S5 … but in some benchmarks announced in GSMarena , the S5 is the winning one O.o
        – just asking , i’m planing on getting a Z2 my self :D

        • MasterMuffin

          “If you put any trust in Quadrant scores you could use them to prove that dancing naked for 5 minutes in your garden affects device performance” by the one and only Chainfire.
          And that’s true with every benchmark :)

          • Christian Granger

            What? Noo it’s not true about benchmarks. They test the devices processing power, that’s it. It doesn’t mean anything for real world performance is what they’re getting at. IPhone 5s is an incredibly fast phone. I can’t wait till Intel and Google release their x64 android and SOCs so we can see how the two mobile OS’s really compete.

          • Jayfeather787

            Imagine explaining that to your neighbors when they glance over your fence and find you dancing naked in your garden for five minutes.

          • Airyl

            XD. I’m crying.

          • Mohammed Azoz

            – respect :D

      • Bryan Z

        These comparisons only benefit Apple and Samsung we will only have a true comparison when both phones come out within the same month. not 6 months apart. A lot of things can change in the tech world within 6 months (new releases of iOS and Android for example) Next we’ll see a list on why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S5 and then 6 months after why the Galaxy S6 is better than the iPhone 6 lol!!! … it’ll never end so you are right it is a matter of opinion. You can like one or the other, I personally like both.

        • MasterMuffin

          I think iOS is still good for tablets, but prefer for smartphones

        • Michael Samsara

          I had the same thought about the six months differences – but, in a way that works to our – assuming one is in the Android camp – advantage.

          Here is a little prediction. Everyone keeps complaining about plastic cases; how there wasn’t a major change this time with the Galaxy S5 – well.

          Which would make more sense – to unveil all the newest and best-est features Samsung has been working on now before the iPhone 6 with its purported bigger screens and whatever other – probably incremental – changes the new phone(s) have – or, wait until they debut – then, examine what they do/don’t and/or probably never will offer since Apple absolutely doesn’t like and isn’t willing to utilize certain technologies (that take you outside their income to us funnel) and THEN

          Samsung, knowing exactly what targets they have to hit; what specs they need to exceed – kicks everyone on the home team in the ass and into high gear and VOILA – six months later is unveiled the Galaxy S6 – with all the icing on the cake this time; all the bells and whistles we’ve been wishing for – and some we didn’t even know were able to be had – including some exotic sort of case (that still allows for a removable battery) comes out.

          Samsung is much more about value and substance and real world functionality in my opinion than just about anyone else out there, and as far as I am aware the only major manufacturer that makes replaceable batteries a standard issue item, which for me, is a sine qua non deal breaker. I will not buy a phone with a sealed – “destined to die right on time and force me to buy” inaccessible – return me to the factory and do without me for three four weeks – device. Period – and unlike some people who say that and don’t for a minute mean it – you can bet your life on it when I say it! lol

          • Christian Granger

            Samsung will release the successor to the note line on schedule, as always. Personally, I will never buy another galaxy s product again, but I will very much consider the next note. Just look at the s2 vs note, s3 vs note 2, s 4 vs note 3. Each s has many problems or short comings that are ironed out in the note release, along with a bigger battery, screen, and the stylus. Note line kills the s line every time.

          • Michael Samsara

            I completely agree Christian. In fact, unless Samsung unexpectedly rips their knickers and screws something up on the Note 4, I’ve already have made up my mind I am getting one; for the same reasons you cited – the combination of battery, screen, stylus.

            I had been debating whether the size might be a tad too big – but. given I plan to – and find more and more – use my “phone” for work related communication purposes than phone calling, I’ve put that concern to bed.

            Still, since I consider patience to be the hallmark of maturity (and wisdom when it comes to buying technology), I will hold off about three months after its first release; figuring by that time any bugs that do crop up – as they often do with a brand new unit – will have been duly reported (and suffered) by the early adopters.

            Of course, by that time the Galaxy 6 will be in the offing; and then not too long after that the Note 5 – not that long later, so maybe….decisions, decision!

          • iamajimm

            Love my Note 3; my lovely wife has been casting envious glances at it, getting tired of waiting for the 6 to come out me thinks.

        • Leo Pelaez

          iPhone 6 will be the same thing. it is obvious that equipment had improved in the last 7 years. but the whole concept of iOS haven’t change much because human nature resist to change.
          That’s why iPhone keep selling millions of the same every time a new version comes up.

          So…As a fact Galaxy S5 still will be better even than the next few generations of iPhone to come.

          • Christian Granger

            “Human nature resist to change”
            While true, that’s the flaw of technology. Technology should fit the human, not the other way around. That is the human-tech design philosophy and one of the reasons Apple’s products sell so well. The whole “you don’t have to learn how to use it” is not just a marketing ploy or a gimmick

          • Which I think is a load of bs anyway. Sure, making a call or opening an app is easy. But when it comes to a little bit more in depth use of a smartphone, you still need to learn how to use it. I know this from experience, being the IT guy in a company with 110 iPhones and 135 iPads and getting a lot of ‘easy’ questions

          • Michael Samsara

            But, Christian isn’t talking about people using the phones in a work environment where their application is going to be serious and “mission critical”; he is referring to the affect that the buzz of the iPhone being basically something even your grandmother can use and not feel technologically challenged, much less overwhelmed, goes a long way towards helping people come back to the feeding trough again.

            My question to you, and given your job you are in a unique position to address it, is suppose instead of those 110 iPhones and 135 iPads you oversee you were talking top end, properly configured for each person according to your specifications and used in accordance with your specifically designed training programs for them – what would be, in your opinion, the net result – given, as we all know there capabilities inherent to Android that simply are not available on iPhone. Which operating system would you recommend?

    • JP

      bonus point!

    • MattEgansHairLine

      And still no one bought it.

      didnt quite go as planned haemorRoid?

  • filaos

    Same story year after year. Even with the disclaimer/intro denial, still the same wishfull list of gimmicky features, teenage-level number-handjob and key functionalities inventory that people never use or need in real life.
    Samsung’s flagship is said better, but consumers choose the iPhone, year after year. Something is wrong, somewhere…

    • N4

      Maybe its due the fact that many consumers are ignorant. And many people still think that the iOS devices were manufactured in the USA. Same with Samsung fans, many still think that their phones were manufactured in Korea.

    • Jason Comment

      Saving battery life doesn’t sound like a gimmick. The privacy and kids modes don’t either. Wish my note 2 had those “gimmicks.” Yet a metal case isn’t a gimmick right?

    • Melvin Guzman

      I guess you haven’t read statistics that more people leave Apple for the s5 not to mentionthat heart sensor is no kid feature bro especially for runners and hikers who take that shit very seriously

      • filaos

        Even the 5C is a better seller than Samsung’s flagship :


        • Melvin Guzman

          Lmao u don’t even know what you saying I never seen nobody yet with a iPhone 5c and I’m in college everyone running around still with that s4

          • bob

            let me rephrase that for you. apple is killing all other oems in premium segment.

            in other words, people who have money, buy mostly iphones. you wanna proof? just google rich use iphone, poor use android

          • Melvin Guzman

            I can’t augue with that I’m not that 1% I’m low in budget myself but guess what even if I was rich I’ll never get an iPhone I’ll trade better features for better quality Any time of the day

          • bob

            im not talking about 1% percent

            im talking about people willing to pay 199 with contract.

            of those, most buy iphones. so, people who actually want a smartphone, no matter the price, its mostly iphone. thats why android is smoked in web usage and revenue per app. iphone users actually USE their phones. android phones are mostly used as dumb phones.

            why is that i wonder

          • PoisonApple31

            iPhone users are such simpletons. All they can do is move icons around on a screen.

          • Michael Samsara

            Bob. Have you ever sold cell phones? I did for awhile. Know what? People buy the iPhone not because they have a real clue about what it is; what it will do or what is inside it. They buy it because their friends – who for the most part are just as equally tech clueless – told them it was “great, the best” etc., etc.

            So, they come waltzing in with a happy go lucky look on their faces and blithely say, “I want an iPhone.”

            I met very few salespeople and/or store managers who felt the iPhone was a truly good value for the money it cost, but that doesn’t mean anyone selling them is going to rain on the parade(s) of people who have talked themselves into spending what one costs – when they could get more for in reality less. You sell people what they want – not what you think they would/should buy if they were being wise about their money and wanted to get as much bang for their buck as possible.

          • Gary

            How much commission do you get for selling flagship Samsung vs flagship iPhone or other flagship android? Not trying to pick a fight, just curious.

          • Michael Samsara

            It would depend on the situation you found yourself in Gary; meaning, whatever your particular store’s policy was re remuneration.

            Salespeople – the good ones who regard it as a profession to be proud of and who don’t ever sell things they know are going to be bad deals to people because they do not want anyone to be hurt or unhappy – always tend to work best on commission, or a combination of salary plus commission with graduated incentives for performance/sales marks met.

            Truly good salespeople don’t like to be limited by the income thresholds that result from and are found in – usually – those places that – for publicity’s sake say – “We don’t pay our salespeople commissions.”

            Such “no commission” places work just fine, on the other hand, for the average sales people – the order taker types – who usually have little if any interest in making sales (or real money) but instead prefer to sit, and wait and hope that no one comes in to interrupt their reading.

            As with all things in life, what one gets paid is – or should be – unless we are talking about a collectivist, socialistic/communistic society where the wholesale idiocy of Karl Marx reigns supreme – is determined by competency and the results you achieve. No results – no money – like imminent death – has an amazingly clarifying effect on the mind.

            Why WOULD someone who really loves their product, who really does know how to think; who has worked hard studying to know his or her product backwards, forwards and upside down; who understands people and what motivates them – and demotivates them – to get excited, be concerned, worried, fearful – and how to deal with all of that and help the client through it; who knows how to help you or me understand how their product relates to our situation and then using the information that we have given them about our personal situation and goals, who then – using his professional knowledge of his product and industry – picks for us from the myriad options and products that are at his disposal to suggest – the one or two best options for us to consider that might server our needs handily: WHY would someone with all of that capability allow themselves be paid the same as the dolts who sit and wait and read novels and who never even thought – nor ever will – that such levels of mind exist?

            Therefore – drum roll please – the answer to your question of how much someone gets paid for selling this flagship phone over that flagship – as un-succinctly obviously as possible is: It depends, but I’ll never tell.

            Now, aren’t you sorry you asked? LOL

          • bob

            the rumor is, salesmen get bonuses for selling flagship phones other than the iphone. is that true?

          • Michael Samsara

            Bob, as I am sure you learned as did I a long time ago, “Don’t believe everything you hear or read.”

            My question is, What difference in the least, to the slightest would it, could it, does it make in the grand scheme of things or to reference back about 50 years to an apropos saying that was then popular, “the price of onions”?

            I would infinitely prefer to be handled/sold to/work with/be presented to by a professional salesman or saleslady any day of the week – rather than a dumb as a post and proud of it “order taker”, who is more interested in ingratiating himself with and to me in the hope of that kind of sycophant, yes man, behavior will garner a sale.

            In our ridiculously, politically correct world that we are now afflicted with – at least in the Western parts of it – making money aplenty is looked upon with a jaundiced eye, and even those who occupy high offices – in order to keep them – pay lip service to the BS mantra of “income equalization”.

            Well, give me a high powered, smarter than smart salesperson, who is making money seemingly hand over fist because he knows everything there is to know about what I think might be useful to me, help me, make me happy – who will take his time, focus his amazing mind and acumen for a time on my situation and unleash his or her unbounded energies and brilliance on my behalf and help me make a decision, the right decision that I would make – if only I had had the time to do the due diligence, investigate and discern what he knows now, but which I will never know.

            Yes, I know, such salespeople are it seems few and far between – but, they are out there, and not just thrilling to work with, but wonders to be seen! sms

            Bob, I know I came down as if from on high wearing big, nasty work boots earlier, but I hope you can see and realize that I get a fun out of writing like this, and it was never my intention to cause mayhem in the process.

            If you like the iPhone, more power to you – two of my best friends in all the world have them too – but, doesn’t make them bad persons!

            Have a great day.
            Michael Samsara

          • bob

            ok, i’ll simplify as best as i can

            iphone is USED more

            people on iphone SPEND more

            both MUCH more


          • loloyd

            “people on iphone SPEND more”. True. So very true.

          • wezi427

            That’s the dumbest argument I heard on here yet. I make plenty of money and I switched from an iPhone 4 to Android because of the OS, not because of status. I think most people look at Apple as a status symbol, you clearly do.
            You are a sheep. You must be unable or unwilling to see that Apple has been left behind over the past 2 years. If you like being restricted as opposed to having choice you are like most Apple buyers, you have tunnel vision.

          • bob

            im just stating the facts

            people who buy a smartphone to actually use it, buy iphone. web usage shows that

            people who actually spent money buying online mostly buy an iphone. app revenue shows that

            people with more wealth are much more likely to buy an iphone. twitter heat maps show that

            those are the facts. opinions are smth different altogether

          • wezi427

            I guess I’m the exception then.

          • Hoek

            no your are not stating facts, you are showing your ignorance.
            Web usage shows how Apple locks you down, you have one browser choice and thats safari, most Android users dont use the standard Android web browser so thats why Apple has the higher numbers. What you are doing is like comparing Safari to Internet explorer, barely anyone uses that shit anymore.
            App revenue shows how Android offers most of Apples paid apps for free, hence why Apple has the higher revenue in the app department.
            Twitter really? you get that sort of information from twitter? Androids flagships are as expensive if not more with some phones then an iphone, your point here is just silly.

            Those are not facts my friend, just you not understanding is all it is.

          • bob

            you really think most of android users change their default browser??

            MOST android users DONT use a browser. thats what the statistic says. WORLDWIDE

            also, 80% of activations in the q4 in corporations were iphone

            most of premium segment phones are iphones, somewhere over 80%, of ALL OEMS

            about the free apps, tell that to developers. then tell them to start making more polished android apps, you know, like ios apps. oh, and dont forget about tablet apps…

            and thats all because of apples marketing… get a grip

            im not saying iphone is the best. im saying that if someone who doesnt look at a price wants to buy a smartphone, he will usualy get the iphone. so im saying most people like the iphone. people who cant afford the iphone, go android, they dont have choice.

            maybe it is apples marketing?

            why do corporations mostly buy iphones then?

          • loloyd

            You really sound like an Applesauce fan-boy er fan-bob. Have you graduated from the Apple Marketing Spinning and Sheep School?

            Good luck on your myopic iPhone-dominated world. If I wanted a smartphone, notwithstanding the price, I wouldn’t “itouch” an iPhone. I myself can afford a S5 or a 5S but I still chose a N5. It boils down to intelligent choice, not entirely on sheep-or-herd-onomics.

          • Hoek

            There is so much incorrect and outdated info in your post it will take me quite some time to respond showing you this and i honestly dont have the time for a stranger on the internet, but keep living in the past and reading old articles or reading articles based on US sales etc to make you feel better or smarter. I can tell you now that here in this country corporations are far from buying iPhones, maybe a few years ago but these days from friends who work in phone stores and sell to the corporate sector, the iphones here and im reading also in the Euro are a thing of the past. They still sell well in the US though.

          • loloyd

            “people who buy a smartphone to actually use it, buy iphone. web usage shows that”

            Where did you base your stats?

            These stats say http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_mobile.asp that Android users edge iOS on web-browsing.

            “people with more wealth are much more likely to buy an iphone. twitter heat maps show that”

            Are you sure that most people with wealth use Twitter?

          • Hoek

            the ignorance you speak is overwhelming.

          • filaos

            Yeah… college…

        • Stephen

          Would you care to point out when the IPhone 5 came available? I believe the S4 was out from about March/April time, and the IPhone in September… hence the top smartphones sales for that month! If you look at overall sales, The Galaxy series of phones is the clear winner with about 45% of smartphone market share, Apple used to be that high but is down to just over 20% (for ALL iPhone models), in the US, and it’s closer to 10% or less in the rest of the world.

          People have realized that the iPhone is not what it’s cracked up to be, and it is definitely way over priced, anyone that thinks it isn’t, doesn’t know who Apple are.

          Just so you know, Apple make their money by over pricing their hardware, and making it ‘look pretty’ so that people will buy it thinking that the added cost means it’s actually worth more – but it’s not. The parts are cheap, probably equivalent if not worse than other brands (there are news pages about Apple’s love for cheap labor and throw away parts), and if you want support for your product, well with any other brand you get 1 year warranty, and if you call you get free technical help. With apple, you may get t he 1 year warranty, but in order to use it, you have to go through support, which is free for about a month, then you have to pay a premium to actually get Apple customer support – this is why they’re apparently number 1 in customer support. 1. You’re paying for it, 2. Their products are so bad that they HAVE to have good support, otherwise people would jump ship and use a product that doesn’t have all these problems.

          This is not a dig at iPhone, these are facts about Apple in general. Oh and did you know that Microsoft actually bailed Apple out several years ago because they were doing so badly that they almost went bankrupt? Nice of them eh?

          Anyway, if you like their products, great, go get one, be happy (if you can), but don’t make out that they’re better value for money, or better built, or using better materials than any other product, because they’re not, and you know it. Their iOS has taken a turn for the worst, or so my friends with iPhones tell me – although most now have an S4 because they hated the iOS updates and found their screens to be too small.

          • Melvin Guzman

            Thank you mofo u just proved my point niggas over here hating on Samsung

          • filaos

            Same old arguments served year after year. Same messy justification. Same clueless attacks and wrong numbers… Well, if you wish so.

        • Mikhail Cass

          Only in America.

          • bob

            not really, mostly everywhere

          • Hoek

            haha exactly, only in the USA, the lemmings there are easily duped by Apples marketing. Only buy USA!!!

  • MrNiceGuy

    “The danger of an article trying to compare an Android flagship smartphone to Apple’s top of the range iPhone is that it can very easily start a flame war”.

    Hence the very subtle title:

    ‘8 things that make the Samsung Galaxy S5 better than the iPhone 5S’


  • Aluminium! aluminium! bu sh*t!

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Just have three words to say: Sony Xperia Z2.

    • Aditya Sinha

      “Z2” is not a word. But yeah, Sony really did it with that one. Only if my carrier had it…

      • Leonardo Rojas

        Haha. True.
        I’ve got a Xperia ZL. I think I’ll wait to Z3 n.n I hope Sony get it even more refined n.n But surely I’d never buy an iPhone, nor a Blackberry. Ha. I don’t like both of them. I like the iPhone looks, but when trying to use it it’s just not fun :/

  • AA lover

    Cmon android authority, I loved this site because I get all the android news I can get including unbiased news about windows phone and other manufacturers. I especially loved how you guys gave the actual unbiased news about apple instead of sprinkling with a bunch of “wows” and “amazings”. Everyone here knows that most android flagships these day beat iphones in most areas and we don’t need an articles telling us that, it will just make this site feel like a biased android site which is the exact opposite reason why I love this site

  • xyz

    Screw both of them! Get the new htc one. Has the best of both. Cant complain then :)

    • Aditya Sinha

      HAHA that shit is so dead

    • Sad thing is very few people will buy that phone instead opting for the new galaxy

    • TweoBeo

      The Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One are both running on Android. The iPhone 5S doesn’t so it hasn’t have the best of both.

      • xyz

        Yes but some people believe the s5 to be “cheap plastic” (which it is). They hence prefer the metal body of the iphone. The htc one has an aluminium unibody almost identical to that of the iphone. Plus its a better phone overall than the gs5. So it kinda does have the best of both!

        • Hoek

          cheap plastic is your opinion, that same plastic is on your car, tv, PC, Bluray Player, Bike, Scooter, iphone 5c basically everything these days has that cheap plastic you speak of, why would they all be using it if its cheap plastic?

  • abazigal

    Ah, the good old superficial “higher specs are always better” diatribe. :)

    Here is a little food for thought. Apple isn’t perfect, but it isn’t run by idiots either. Has anyone here actually stopped to question just why Apple chooses to do things a certain way, rather than be all too quick to conclude that Apple is simply falling behind?

    Let’s talk about camera specs for one. The last significant spec boost was the 4s, which saw the camera being improved to 8mp (over the iPhone 4’s 5mp camera). Since then, the iPhone 5 and 5s has remained steady at 8mp, and the latest rumour is that the iphone6 may continue using a 8 mp camera as well.

    Stop and ask yourself here – Are the engineers at Apple really so inept that they can’t figure out how to include a better camera in their smartphone, or does Apple know something which we don’t and this is a strategically calculated decision because Apple believes that a better user experience would be better served by focusing on improving image quality with the current number of megapixels their smartphone camera has, rather than simply piling on the megapixels?

    Ask yourself again – what do you normally do with the photos you take on your phone anyways? The most common way of sharing them is online (like social media), and those typically involve you compressing the photo to save on bandwidth. When was the last time you actually printed out a photo you took? And if you print photos for a living (like a professional photographer), you are going to be using a DSLR, rather than take photos of the bride using your smartphone.

    Does this really make the S5 unequivocally better than the 5s, or just different?

    As for a heart rate monitor? Seriously? A feature which can be replicated with a free app which is a dime a dozen on the app store? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a feature to be on a device which can monitor your vitals 24/7, like a fitbit band, rather than something you have to manually activate (which all the more makes it unlikely that you will ever use it?)

    • xyz

      Apple has a cult of mindless followers. They just think its better because its “american”, being so stupid as to not knowing that their phones are made in china in factories owned mostly by SAMSUNG. The simple fact of the matter is, that they struck gold with a concept once, and then refused to make any major changes. But different is not always good. What they dont get is if they can cater to the demands of an android user with a bigger screen, they can dominate the worldwide market. But as of now the iphone continues to sell almost exclusively in the USA.
      BUT im not taking samsung’s side either. They’re equally at fault. You cant say that you listen to your consumers and then do exactly the opposite thing. Its criminal. Im damn sure that the M8 and the Z2 are gonna eat into their sales to a great extent. They’re just better phones. So in my opinion both these companies need to pull their socks up.

      • abazigal

        Well, for one, I live in Asia, not the US, so I am certainly not buying the iPhone out of some misguided sense of patriotism.

        I don’t think Apple is being elitist when they are simply offering one more choice of smartphone amongst a sea of offerings. If if you don’t like the iPhone because of its smaller screen, then don’t buy it and go with another phone which better suits your needs, because larger screen or no, it is an undeniable fact that the iPhone is immensely popular, and continues to sell in record-breaking quantities. If anything, Apple has been selling more iPhones every year, and earning more profits.

        For Android’s overwhelmingly larger market share, app developers still prefer to develop for iOS first, and iOS is reportedly more profitable for them (and this benefits consumers in the form of a wider variety of quality apps). I see more peripherals support iOS devices (my friend bought this swivl mount which came with a 30-pin plug, and so worked only with iPhones and iPads).

        So clearly, Apple is doing something right.

        • TheGCU

          “it is an undeniable fact that the iPhone is immensely popular”

          How does a world-wide market share of less than 20% translate to “immensely popular”?

          • abazigal

            In the same vein, Android comprises of tons and tons of different smartphone manufacturers. Were you expecting Apple (1 company) to somehow be able to outsell every other OEM combined when it just offers 1 flagship phone every year?

            I would also argue that raw market share may not be as significant or as meaningful as usage share. As mentioned above, iOS continues to dominate certain statistics like app store revenue and web browser usage despite its much smaller market share. If 4 times as many people are using android phones, shouldn’t it stand to reason that everything else equal, these numbers should be reversed?

          • TheGCU

            Apple dominates web browser usage because there’s not much else you can do with an iPhone lol. Also, many people using Android phones don’t have 24/7 data access where they live. The iPhone dominates in the US, where data access is almost constant. And it dominates in app store revenue because there are more free options in the Play store.

            Apple doesn’t offer 1 flagship phone, they offer only 1 phone; its their flagship by default. They could increase their market share by either licensing iOS to other manufacturers (why the lost the computer war in the 80s), so by offering a line-up of several (not many) different iPhones at a variety of price ranges. One of the big reasons the iPhone has such a low market share is because it’s so (prohibitively) expensive.

          • abazigal

            Apple actually tried to license OSX many years back. The result was increasing market share, together with rapidly declining profits. So from Apple’s perspective, it certainly isn’t in their best interests to license iOS, considering that their business model is very different from that of Google or Microsoft.

            So I guess the point here is – what sort of benefits has that much vaunted Android market share done for the average Android consumer?

            For iOS, i can answer you – quality apps that are often first released for iOS (or only for iOS), tend to be way more polished, and a wider selection of 3rd party accessories and peripherals. For all of Apple’s smaller market share, I certainly don’t seem to be losing out here.

          • TheGCU

            “quality apps that are often first released for iOS (or only for iOS)”

            Not sure what you mean by that. There isn’t a single app that I want to use but can’t because it’s exclusive to iOS. I know other people have that problem, and there are hundreds of different apps that all do the same thing, so if a particular app you’re looking for is exclusive to a particular OS, there are plenty of other apps that do the exact same thing on your OS. There are more accessories for Apple devices because it’s easier to make accessories of Apple devices; they’re all the same, whereas Android has hundreds of different models.

            When Apple tried to license MacOS, they gained market share yes, beccause it became easier to buy an Apple computer. Their (insanely high) profits went down (to normals level with most companies) because Macs were then subject to competition, which is something that Apple has always been afraid of, because then they have to meet consumer demands instead of doing whatever they want. Macs have always been expensive, and when more companies are building and selling them, the market drives the price down. But you can’t tell me that increased market share is a bad thing. The vast majority of computers in the world use Microsoft software; how is that bad for Microsoft? The vast majority of smartphones in the world run Android; how is that bad for Google?

          • abazigal

            Obviously, since I am sticking with iOS, purported benefits like the ability to set custom default apps don’t really apply to me. To me, I care less about market share as an absolute figure, and more about how it benefits me as a consumer.

            As a iPhone user, I really don’t care that it is easier to design cases and accessories for the iPhone since it is just one model. All I do know is that there tends to be a wider variety of such accessories available to me, and that’s really all that matters.

            Market share is good for Microsoft because they are a software company who earns profits by selling Windows and Office. So the more people buy their software, the more money they make. In this sense, there is a direct correlation between market share and profits.

            The vast majority of smartphones run Android, which is good for Google, but a lot less so for the OEMs (because they lose out on a crucial way of differentiating their own smartphone offerings, since all Android phones essentially run the same underlying OS, sport the same Google services and can all run the same play store apps).

            As for Apple and the iPhone, would a bigger market share be better or worse? Who knows. All I do know is that, as I mentioned, for all of the iPhone’s comparatively smaller market share, I certainly don’t feel like I am being disadvantaged in any way, I am getting updates pushed to me the same day Apple releases them, for instance. Beyonce chose to release her latest album as an iTunes exclusive.

            I use primarily Apple products, and have managed to use them quite extensively in my work as a teacher, and outside of work as well. So yeah, I would say that my Apple devices are serving me very well, and well worth every cent I paid for them.

            Expensive? I guess so. But they have more than paid for themselves because I find they give me fewer problems, and let me do the things I want them to do. So in this regard, they are certainly value for money. :)

          • TheGCU

            My point about market share is that Apple is limiting themselves as a company, and almost guaranteeing that they are just a bubble that will burst.

            You’re happy with your Apple products, and that’s fine. But you have nothing to compare your experience to. You can’t say that Ford makes the best cars in the world if you’ve only ever driven a Ford; there’s no basis for comparison.

          • abazigal

            Umm…let me give an example.

            I use my iPad in my classroom teaching (mirrored to my whiteboard through my macbook air running the airserver app). The reality was that when I was shopping for something which let me do this in 2012, only the Apple TV offered said capabilities. Android had zilch.

            I won’t say Apple makes the absolutely best products in the world, but I would maintain that their products best suit my needs, and I see them continuing to meet my needs for many years to come.

            Apple makes something I like, I can afford it, and I buy it, and I enjoy using it. That’s really all there is to it. :)

          • Hoek

            You know with an android device your setup to the whiteboard would be much more simplified? you wouldnt have to spend money on 3 Apple devices to get that working, just the one.

          • abazigal

            I am interested to know what Android device that is (or how this is even done, or if they even work as well), because when I was searching way back in 2012, as I mentioned, I simply could not find any other option.

            I know now there is a product called the EZ-cast dongle which I can hook up to my projector, but it is really limited in function, and no match for the sheer versatility an iPad + optimised tablet apps.

            Samsung tablets require a Samsung HD TV (which is out of the question).

            That said, I don’t need 3 devices, just 2 (an Apple Tv and iPad, or now, an iPad and macbook air running airserver). Well, technically 3, if you include my 3g router to get around my school’s wifi restrictions. That said, these devices are far from useless outside the classroom; I also use them for work and leisure. So it’s far from a wasted investment. To me, it’s also that hey, I needed a laptop, I wanted a tablet, and that I can use both to simulate airplay mirroring in the classroom is a nice and welcome added benefit. :)

          • Hoek

            Honestly thats something you will have to research yourself as i have no idea what whiteboard you are using etc and if its compatible, my sister is a teacher and uses a Galaxy Note 10.1 for in class teaching its great having the pen shes says and multi window so you can have say a web browser showing while you show pics that may relate to an article or a slideshow or have an app running on the left while you have the browser on the right. Also the simplicity of grabbing pics and paragraphs etc using the pen like a mouse and multi screen where you just drag an image into an app. But screen mirroring option is available on most android tablets now so its as easy as hitting screen mirror once its set up. Or you can use apps like https://annotate.net/features for example, not saying thats what you want as i dont know exactly what you want but that app is also available on iOS and could be handy on your iPad.

          • Hoek

            There are some apps that i can never get on the play store, its usually Nickelodeon and Disney apps for my kids, but i dont buy a device for my children, i buy it for myself, i want a phone for the kids id consider an iphone as it seems its catered for them now.

          • bob

            look at it this way. people who dont have money, buy android, because they dont have choice. android is just new windows mobile or symbian, nothing else, running on 50 bucks phones

            but people who have money, mostly, 80% buy iphone. just google ‘rich use iphones, poor android’. there’ll be a ton of statistics

            also, samsung premium is stagnant YoY, while apples is growing. the rest of the oems arent worth mentioning because they are selling in thousands not in millions.

            then we have that web usage, app store revenue etc. which means people who really wanna smartphone to actually use it, mostly buy iphone. people who wanna buy dumbphone replacement buy android.

            the rest are here, anti-apple and big screen lovers.

            summary. apple is killing samsung (and rest of android oems) in terms of profit, in terms of usage, in terms of premiums sale and growth and in my opinion, in terms of mobile devices.

            functions i have on my iphone, though theres not a lot of them as opposed to android – work great and beautiful and i actually use them.

          • Hoek

            your first line just made your comment not worth reading, thats just silly, Androids flagships are as expensive if not more then Apples iphones. To say only the wealthy buy iphones is silly, if anything its children who dont have money and the elderly who are buying iphones.

          • Hoek

            They dominate app store revenue because most apps you have to pay for are free on android but you have to put up with advertising which most are happy to do, or if not you pay for it and you wont get the ads. Android gives you choice. Also you can illegally download Android apps and install them so im guessing Google Play is missing out on a lot of revenue here also. Web browser usage, well Apple has one browser right? safari. Most people i know who use androids dont use the standard android web browser which im guessing is what they are comparing, they install chrome or some other browser, so that is why browser usage is higher on safari. Apple is all about locking you in and making you spend more money.

          • abazigal

            I am okay with spending money, so long as it is money well spent.

            The way I see it, what the iOS app store has done, is provide a 1-stop hub which makes it very safe and convenient to purchase and download apps. A lot of work is done behind the scenes to block out malware and viruses and the like.

            Because the incidence of pirated apps in iOS is extremely low (unless people jailbreak, but even they are in the minority, and not everyone who jailbreaks, pirates apps),

            This benefits app developers because they are able to price their apps more cheaply as they know that everyone who wants their apps has to pay for it the honest, good old-fashioned way.

            Which in turn benefits consumers because they enjoy a wide variety of affordable apps.

            It’s a win-win-win situation however I see it.

            For example, if you refer to the article below, it states how the developer of the app “badlands” earns 65% of his revenue from iOS, despite Android having the larger market share.


          • Hoek

            Google also has a one stop hub but with Android you dont have to use that one stop hub if you choose not to and dont bring up the malware etc because most malware on phones comes from outside the app stores, downloading from porn sites or unknown app sites.
            Say my organisation i work for creates an app to work with software we have in house, with Apple this would need to be placed on the app store for Apple users to download and Apple will also take a little cut just because you had to put it in the app store. Now with Android that same app could be downloaded and installed right in the workplace without any app store or anyone taking a cut. Thats ONE benefit i see in not being locked to one app store.
            Apple apps are mostly more expensive compared with Android. Your article link proved this showing how that developer is making more from Apple even though they have less users using the app. It shows how Apple users are being ripped off.

        • xyz

          Im not talking about one person in general. Im an asian too. But if you ask a person on the streets why they chose an iphone over an android phone, their reply would most probably be “because dude! Its an iphone” the basis of their sales is their brand-value. Not their overall experience. But because its iphone thats all.

  • Dylan Azari

    Enough with the iPhones metal body crap. That is not the only reason I would buy a phone. When I buy a phone I put a case on it to protect it, you never even end up seeing the back of your device anyway. You don’t have to like Samsung or Apple but Samsung is the true winner here. There’s facts.

    • abazigal

      That’s you. I have been using my iPhones naked with no screen protectors or cases for years now, and I absolutely love how the metal body of the iPhone feels in my hand.

      • Dylan Azari

        Well that’s you! Not everyone has their iPhone without a case. 95% of the people that I see that has an iPhone, has a case on it. Wait till you drop yours and see how dented it will get. How do you love the way the metal body feels in your hand? It’s so damn small you need a microscope to see it.

        • abazigal

          And isn’t that great? Because the iPhone looks great from the get go, it suits both the needs of people like me (who opt to go without a case), and for people who want to slip on a case (be it for differentiation or protection), what have they got to lose? :)

          I have dropped my iPhone before. It bounced off the floor and came to rest on the surface with nary a scratch on its frame or screen. I attribute this phenomenon to its compact form factor and light weight, which makes gravity less of an enemy compared to its heavier Android brethren. And maybe just sheer dumb luck. :P

          As for the way the metal body feels, I can’t really describe it. Maybe because the metal frame is a good conductor of heat, and there’s this comforting, reassuring heat produced after using it for a while? Maybe because the phone is sized just right that I can grip the phone steadily in one hand? It just feels…right.

          • Dylan Azari

            Again, that’s just you! Not everyone has been lucky as you when they dropped their iPhone because I see a lot of people with cracked screens on their iPhones. Not everyone likes the feel of it. I don’t want my phone to be so light that I can’t feel it. You have to have some heft to it, to actually know that you have a phone in your hand.

          • abazigal

            In the same vein, I also see my fair share of cracked screens on the Samsung phones of my colleagues and friends. One had a crack stretching diagonally across his Note 2 (and best, he didn’t even know how it came about). Another colleague dropped her phone on the floor, and it suffered this huge and ugly spider-web-like crack. These, with cases on.

            If the iPhone’s metal body is a compromise, I certainly don’t see Samsung phones’ plastic bodies as offering any added protection.

          • Dylan Azari

            I never drop any of my phones. I have a GS4 with a case on and I dropped it once by accident face down on concrete and nothing happened. It seemed to me that the screen had been broken but once I picked it up, nothing to be found.

          • Melvin Guzman

            If I were to buy a phone to look at the metal parts it brings then I had lost track in life, this is why I love Samsung they are some goddamn bullies why we need 16 mp camera? for no reason at al, bring it baby o and we can run with that heart sensor watch also we getting healthy as well no slack I’m measuring my mama heart now

          • paramo96

            I have a nexus 4 with a Ringke fusion case and I’ve dropped it about 6-9 times and so far its still in excellent conditioncondition, the screen and the glass back is scratchless and uncracked :). I give the credit to the case.

          • Aditya Sinha

            ^ At least we’re reasonable

          • K

            Plastic is still better than aluminium in surviving ‘falls’.

          • Jusephe

            Maybe you don’t like light phones, but it feels modern (lighter phone=Better phone was the motto before the iPhone), and making your phone heavier and heavier over time is out of fashion right samsung ?

          • Dylan Azari

            Samsung phones aren’t even that heavy considering that it dwarfs the iPhone. For example the iPhone 5S is 112 grams and has a 4 inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is 130 grams and has a 5 inch screen.

          • +1
            Geesh, 18 grams heavier, we need to work out holding this phone ;)

          • Aditya Sinha

            …and when the iPhone 6 comes out with a bigger screen, what exactly do you think is going to happen to that “compact form factor”?

          • abazigal

            I can only get back to you after the iphone6 has been announced, and we have a clearer idea of what is going to change this time round.

          • Michael Samsara

            Excellent parry to Aditya’s thrust abzigal.

            They’re fencing moves. Thrust with the sword, deflect with a parry (circular motion of the sword). from Yahoo Answers

          • abazigal

            Well, I meant it. We don’t know what Apple may do with their iphone6 until they have unveiled it. They may go with a larger screen (and even then, we don’t know how big), they may stick with the existing 4″ screen, who knows.

            The thing about Apple is that they are somehow able to get away with not caring about what the rest of the competition is doing (or at least, they give the impression that they don’t care) and continuing to do things their own way.

            Is it folly or genius? That is a riddle only time can answer.

          • Michael Samsara

            Damn – you write rather well – and have wisely adopted the martial arts equivalent of removing yourself from the spot your opponent believed you would be when he aimed and launched his attack so that when he gets there you are not anymore! I forget what discipline exactly that is, but whatever, you just done did it! lol

            Is it folly or genius – well, if you read my previous posts you know I believe it started out as genius but – like most – if not all – great companies begun by a genius, led by a genius, energized and led by one – once that genius leaves the building – the music is never quite the same.

            Yeah, I know, don’t mix two metaphors at the same time – but it still works.

            Apple makes (or rather farms out to others to make) some of THE prettiest, mechanically well made devices in the world. You know, I know it, everybody knows it.

            But, to paraphrase the words of Harold Hill from the 1962 movie The Music Man starring Robert Preston, “Apple’s got trouble – with a capitol T – right there in Cupertino – and it begins with and may well end with – the fact they no longer have (nor can one reasonably expect it of their current leadership) the type of “touched by the hand of God” genius that once was but is no more.

            In lieu of that, the tact they have taken, the path they are following – reflected to a none to small degree in the fact that their stock dropped to around half of what it was originally valued back in September of 2013 with a very short period of time – is one of becoming entrenched in battle mode – “Us against the world” – with lawsuits aplenty, for any reason manufacturable, whether spurious, serious of fantasy – flying here there and everywhere, against everyone and anyone they deem a threat to what they (or Steve Jobs) considered their God given, Divine right domains.

            There was a time that people thought that General Motors was invincible – until it wasn’t anymore – and ended up in bankruptcy court. In this old world, where death comes a visiting whether we like it or not – no one is invulnerable, invincible or eternal.

          • abazigal

            Thanks for the kind words. :)

            With regards to the stock price, it’s worth noting that Apple’s stock price is actually much higher now than it was 2 years ago after the death of Steve Jobs. It was only around early-to-mid 2012 that the share price started climbing alarmingly high (and at a ridiculously accelerated rate) as well. I would view that as little more than a 1-time anomaly, followed by a much need correction. While Apple’s stock price continues to fluctuate from time to time, it is overall still higher than 2 years ago, so in this context, I would argue that Apple is actually doing better.

            I really don’t care for their lawsuits though, and do wish Apple would just drop them all overnight. I feel it’s embarrassing to their corporate image, makes them look like petty bullies, and it also has the undesirable side-effect of drawing out all the patent trolls who suddenly realise that hey, it can be quite profitable to sue a company.

            I guess Apple still has a long way to go before they can claim to “reinvent” the patent law system. :P

          • Michael Samsara

            Couldn’t agree with you more mon ami.

            As my sainted, British mother-in-law was often want to say: “Great minds think alike.”

            but, being British – which means always, always seemingly – irritatingly sms – feeling the need to follow up with a qualifying, put you in your place rejoinder – she would say, “But of course, small minds seldom differ.” lol

            We live a crazy, funny and mixed up world – don’t ya know – and within the boundaries of same I have a feeling there will always be room for a variety of phones, as well as strong opinions voiced by advocates for them; having fun expressing themselves as though in the end it all really mattered as much as we make out to be that it does!

          • Michael Samsara

            By the way abazigal, your last sentence above is delightful.

            “I guess Apple still has a long way to go before they can claim to “reinvent” the patent law system.”

            Really makes me mad I didn’t think it up. In fact, I may be forced sometime to borrow it – with attribution of course to its author.

            It takes a really excellent sense humor coupled with just the right slight touch of satiric irony to effect such an unselfconcious, humorous effect and delivery.
            Not too shabby.

          • Jusephe

            Nothing ! Apple will never make a humegeous piece of uncontrollable aehm and they can fit up to 4,7″ screen into iPhone 5 case.

          • Jason Comment

            I had a metal backed phone, the HTC g2. The back was scratched up within months. Now I have a note 2 with a rubber case and couldn’t be happier.

          • Jason Comment

            And heat is bad, it is the enemy of your battery and your processor.

          • abazigal

            Like Android phones don’t generate any heat of their own…

          • Nathan Seltzer

            I’m sorry, but this story is not believable. As much as you might like your iPhone, it is made of aluminum, not a space age super alloy.

            Aluminum scratches and dents much easier than plastic, while also being heavier. It does look better, but dropping your iPhone from standard height without a case onto a hard surface will unquestionably damage the exterior. Especially if it landed hard enough to bounce, as you claim.

          • Jusephe

            What you will say when the iPhone will be made of liquid metal ? (Space age super alloy)

            And only Slate colored iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle can be damaged, even that only on the chamfered edges, the back and sides are repairable. Space gray colored devices are much mores prone to scratches or better said, scratches are invisible. With new color Apple addressed the problem and as they upgraded all Slate devices to Space gray the problem no longer exists so please…

          • Cole Raney

            Android phones are lighter usually, and I woukd argue most android phones have designs that blows iPhones put of the water.

          • Gary

            I am curious, which high end Android phone is lighter than the iPhone?

        • Michael Samsara

          I went to visit a friend the other day. He had just received a replacement iPhone. Seems he had taken the ill fated one that cracked up out of its case for a day and hadn’t put it on and then – opps! I agree – enough already with the “metal case” silliness. Only a fool buys a $600 – $700.00 item that in a world where we can all get momentarily distracted and drop something, or knock it off a table or whatever – and doesn’t protect it as best he/she can with a case that increases its chances of survival.

          If I want to look at art – I will buy a beautiful original or go to a museum – a phone does not qualify – regardless of all the hype in the world Apple can generate.

          • Dylan Azari

            Thank you Michael. Finally someone who has common sense!

          • Michael Samsara

            You are welcome Dylan. If you get a chance, read my comment above – I know it’s not exactly short – but what’s a fellow to do. Please let me know what you think about it. It seems like the logical way to look at things – but on occasion – I have been wrong.

          • Dylan Azari

            I think it’s the truth. I also hate it when people with an iPhone see’s any other phone and are like, “What kind of phone is that?” They act like the iPhone is the only phone in world. Apple has gotten people to buy their products even though it’s the most unadvancing phone there is. Every year they’ll change the color of the phone or something minor and call it new. It’s amazing.

          • Michael Samsara

            The iPhone – as I know you know from reading your posts – is a good phone, but as we also both know it is not our cup of tea. Perhaps considering these points might help you understand why so many people – for so few reasons that stand up to reality – continue to be its adoring fans.

            1. The iPhone was the first kid on the block. In the world of marketing – and especially when it comes to something that never was before like the smartphone – being first really does have its advantages. It means that – assuming you hit a home run as Apple did – that you get the bragging rights for not just being the first, but also are allowed (until the competition catches on and begins to catch up) to have the entire market to yourselves. During that time – since no one is competing against you; no one is running ads discounting your claims – much less offering anything that is even remotely able to match or give what your iPhone can – you become identified with the term Smartphone.

            This – in the hands of a marketing genius such as Steve Jobs – is literally like a license to print money – and make no mistake about it – Mr. Jobs, though not exactly the nicest of men – was utterly, totally brilliant; not in just one area but in multiple areas. He was within himself like being an entire board of directors; the marketing department and the research and developments all rolled into one – and the man knew how to organize, delegate and motivate. All of this though, sadly did not make him a Level 5 – leader. At best he was a Level 4 leader. Anyway, I digress – remember Dylan – it is your job to keep a bookmark handy when I digress – lest I never find my way back again! sms

            So, given all the above and the huge market penetration Apple achieved – which it is now losing – it should not surprise us that given they make a reliable product and zillions of people truly do believe it is “the best” that some people turn up their noses at alternatives like Android.

            My suggestion – next time you are asked about what type of phone that is is to do this.

            A. Do NOT let yourself get angry – angry is what you allow yourself to get when you want something to regret later. Smart people realize that anger is dumber than dumb; and only delays you from solving the problem that confronts you – time you may not have to lose.

            B. Assume the person asking is genuinely curious – and in fact may even be thinking of switching to Android and just need someone like you to wax poetic about the wonders and miracles of Android – to push them over the top and get them to say.

            “I am free, free at last, thank God free at last – of Apple, having to buy everything and anything they can think of to get me to buy through them; not having the freedom to do whatever I want with my device because it displeases the Great, The Powerful Wizards of Apple!”

            Thank God Free at last! Who knows how many poor Appleized souls you might save? LOL

          • Dylan Azari

            Very true. The iPhone is a good device. But like you said it was the first one here. I have told iPhone users about Android when they asked and many of them have switched over to Android and love it. I’m only 13 years old and I’m only starting off. But to me, Android is much more personal to every individual that’s has it. Everyone’s iPhone is the same and not customizable, but on the other hand Android is very customizable with widgets and home screens to different launchers and Roms.

          • Michael Samsara

            For 13 Dylan youse really writes good! lol

            and I am not kidding. Guys way older than you get on these posts and you would think they had never heard of the words capitalization, punctuation or intelligent organization of thought in a way that expresses one’s opinion in a way that is well put and – nice.

            Keep working on your reading and writing skills – if you can do this at 13, just imagine where you will be at 23. Good luck.

            By the way, I will let you in on a secret – but you mustn’t tell anyone else. Promise?

            Keep an eye out. Shortly, I am going to be writing an honest to God – genuine – article for Android Authority all proper and official like. Darcy – the Supreme Commander in Chief of AA and I have been talking and moving closer to it each day. It will be – interesting, and Ize has a feelin’ you will like it – grasshopper!

          • Dylan Azari

            Thank you Michael. It means a lot to me. Everyone including my teachers tell me that I am mature for my age. My goal is to be a computer engineer. I love technology and love writing about it. I will keep an eye out for it!

  • Ivan Budiutama

    One thing I don’t understand with the “leather” feel back on Note 3, and proven to be popular. Why just why they can’t do the same with S5? I mean, surely haters will stay haters but at least it is arguably better and when people said the current S5 is ugly, I can only agree with them. Is it has anything to do with being waterproof or dustproof?

  • Jeremy Cush

    Htc one is metal like an iphone , apple is old fashioned and aimed at kids , i own both a htc one and a 5s abd i use the htc more because the screen is too small on an iphone , ios is old with new icons and android and jailbreakers of ios ideas , nothing original anymore , when i buy a phone i want to play with the new features and the new os , with an iphone its the same as the old one only scratch free , apple lost steve jobs who kept apple under control , if apple bring out a larger screen iphone this year then they will be the joke of the tech world as they said at both the 5 and 5s launch that the 4inch was the perfect size and bigger was stupid , as you cant use one hand , the s5 is a nice phone with cool features that the iphone needs ( apart from a new os ) why do you think apple are bringing itunes to android , because they know the future of the iphone is short , for me the sammy wont be my choice this year as the new htc one looks cooler and where it failed last year has been sorted , will be interesting to see a htc one against an s5 and a iphone to see which rules the nest

    • TheGCU

      “will be interesting to see a htc one against an s5 and a iphone to see which rules the nest”

      Note 3 FTW lol.

      • xyz

        He’s probably talking about the new htc one, which HAS extendable storage, and a faster CPU than the S5. Oh and yeah. It also has ACTUAL speakers which are audible from a distance.

  • TweoBeo

    Go Samsung Galaxy S5, GO!!!!


  • Bob

    Both phones are brilliant.
    I have an iphone for work and a galaxy for pleasure.
    If you want a phone that always works, a child can use, is snappy and responsive then the iphone is for you.
    If you want advanced features then andriod is your best bet.

    I often like to take a single device abroad, the larger screen on a galaxy combined with native bluetooth mouse support for remote desktop sessions is a joy. In addition, being able to SSH to a home machine and tunnel a socks port down it, to then use an app like ProxyDroid means you can watch iplayer / play poker abroad without local restrictions. This also means privacy when using public wifi spots. This is somthing that a vanilla iphone just cannot handle.
    On the flipside, would I give my gran an andoid device over an iphone? Hell no.

    Horses for courses my friends.

  • Nelson Guttman

    S5 >>> iphone 5S. The only thing I like about the 5S is that it looks damn better than the S5. The person designing S5 should be given a mohawk n paraded naked. But then he might actually enjoy it!!

  • Jusephe

    Yeah the iPhone is falling behind before it has been even introduced… Yeah slowly but surely for the last 7 years, but how far the bottom is android fans ?

  • TKay

    You should rename the article into “8 things the S5 has that the 5S don’t have” it looks more professional like this. Those features don’t make the phone better for everyone. I know AA loves Samsung but please try at least to be professional

  • Jun Ace S. Biete

    where’s the innovation in S5? copied finger print scanner on iPhone and water-dust resistant in SONY XPERIA. pathetic..

    • Aditya Sinha

      Why does everyone talk about innovation?! I feel like everyone just uses that word because in every Apple event they say they innovated some new shit (which in reality has just been copied from some other company).

      So what did Apple innovate recently? The same 8 mp camera? or the same screen size?
      I’ll give it to them on the 64-bit though (they were smart – the only reason they have it first is because they have their own OS)

    • Levy Smitg

      Apple didn’t make the first phone with finger print scanner, Motorola did. Try again junior.

  • Jonathan TAM

    Why post a more apple customer orientated article on an ‘Android enthusiast site’?

  • Shacham Ginat

    The main downside to the Galaxy line is TouchWiz, it’s completely over-bloated.
    If Samsung would do something to improve the experience.. If only.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Really we won’t another article about someone writes about how S5 is better than iPhone 5S?

    We really want another advertisement? This one is just paid article.

    • abazigal

      And yet it draws the click. When was the last time any other article here drew anywhere near these many replies?

    • Joe

      Let them bash the 5s a bit . I feel so sorry for them . They are so sad about the s5 being a piece of shit that they are trying to compare it with iPhone so that everyone on this website agrees that it’s good since they are all android fans . But why don’t they compare it to the Note 3 ? Who would buy an s5 when the note 3 is cheaper and better yet less plastic?

  • Amoled preference is really just that – a preference.

  • Oz

    Fuck Android Phones. iPhone all day!

    • Melvin Guzman

      Why cuz u got an iPhone?

      • Joe

        Because it is less laggy , less buggy , the OS is not affected by 90% of mobile os viruses , doesn’t get obsolete after one software update , a new model doesn’t come out after 3 weeks , it has better build quality.

        • erod434

          A) There is no lag on new android devices and the iphone this isn’t gingerbread and froyo days it’s 2014.
          B) There are more bugs on ios 7 (some fixed in ios 7.1) than there are in android 4.4 and that’s a fact.
          C) 99% of malware is found outside of the playstore, Which requires users to turn on install from outsides sources deep in the “complicated settings” and google has in play a anti-virus software which monitors all installed apps to check from malware on all devices 2.3+
          D) Doesn’t get obsolete after one software update, what is this 2009?
          E) New model comes out after 3 weeks. Flagships come out once a year and those are the only phones that matter.
          F) Better build quality. The new HTC One m8 and its full metal unibody design begs to differ.

          • bob

            A) LIE – android has a different animations engine, core animation which runs on a separate thread. android doesnt. thats why iphone 4 with ios 7 will lag less (in animation department) than galaxy s5. also, android doesnt really have animations… ios will almost never lag, android will almost always lag, they are build differently

            B) probably TRUE, google practically did nothing with android since 4.1, 4.2, so they had time to polish it. yet, nexus 5 has a huge camera bug which actually means smth to UX, what are those ios7 bugs, especially this big?

            C) TRUE but it doesnt mean its not a HUGE android problem. how many people have access to play store in percentage to the total android user base?

            D) LIE, it does

            E) this also includes sony or?

            F) iphone is best built phone there is. and its not hard to keep that crown, because others just dont care.

            im not sure apple even competes with android. android is for low segment of the market.

          • Brian Shieh

            Don’t want to drag this on, but:
            a) Android may lag due to bloatware or the hardware not being strong enough. Most flagship Androids rarely lag.

            b) iOS does have more bugs in general, but Android has a share of its own.

            c) Google play store is usually on all Androids, unless the manufacturer (ie, Amazon) or the country says so (China, for example).

            d) Some OEMs (like HTC) have promised to get it updated quickly for at least a year after release. Still, most OEMs (including Apple) do something called planned obsolescence.

            e) IDK what person above meant. Flagships don’t get churned out every week, unless every phone that comes out is a flagship.

            f) I don’t care, but the HTC One (both ones) are pretty on par with iPhone build quality. Both are aluminum, despite what you may think.

          • Joe

            A) even on the hands-on videos of the s5 , you can easly notice lags when swiping between homescreens , they had to put 3GB of ram in it not 2
            B ) bugs in ios 7 have been fixed in 7.1 . And they weren’t disturbing as they are on androids
            C) what about websites that maliciously install spyware on your phone? Or the apps that you download from the play store and suddenly disguises into another app so you won’t be able to delete it? Or the popup ads every 2 seconds when u use a free app or live wallpaper?
            D) how many updates did the note 2 get ? Did the note 3 get the new s5 UI ?
            E) sony , samsung , lg have more than one high end phone
            F) the quality of htc one isn’t as good as the iPhone. Don’t forget the aluminum is glued and there were many affected devices that had build quality problems

          • erod434

            A) No you cannot see any lag, and videos are the worst judgement of a phones response time as they are 30 fps.
            B) What bugs are on android besides the nexus 5 camera bug?
            C) websites cannot maliciously install spyware on your phone as in order to install anything the user must turn on install from outside sources.

            D) Umm the s5 ui isn’t even out yet…
            E) They have one flagship for each screen size
            F) I have the new htc one that came out today and it is 100% equal than or better than the iphone 5s in terms of build quality. It is a total beast.

    • Mikhail Cass

      You mean for 10 hours of your day right? Or is it worse?

  • Joe

    Poor Android fans bashing the 5s instead of enjoying the s5 . In your place , I would do the same because the s5 has absolutely nothing new to brag update other than a fingerprint sensor ( touch id clone , and now everyone will say ” motorola had this years ago” , but they forgot that it never worked well or wasn’t integrated with the software), and the usual gimmicks that samsung adds . Oh yes there is also a feature that samsung forgot to mention , it is called “finger sharer ” because they never told us where the fingerprints are stored . At least with apple we now they are on the A7 chip
    Btw I am NOT an apple fan , since I have the Note 3 , but this article really looks like a jealous child whose toy isn’t as good as his friend

    • Melvin Guzman

      How you gonna say that blasphemy in public, what do you mean the s5 has nothing new to offer other than a fingerprint scanner which is the most insignificant thing in there ain’t nobody even paying attention to that shit, have you seen the video sd card slot heart sensor for runners and hikers, water and dust resistant unnecessary megapixel camera auto focus feature, common bro oh and for the metal iPhone users quick tip don’t drop your phone u don’t buy a phone to smack it on the floor, I read earlier that iPhone has a better browser and I was like u mean safari? Really safari, thats like gong back to explorer, and then somebody said that iPhone has a better coverage now we talking phone services what we gonna talk about now T-Mobile metropcs

      • bob

        fingerprint sensor on s5 is much worse than touch id. its shows how quickly (and badly) samsung copies apple. they are actually famous industry wide for their fast copying. the other oems are just slow copiers.

        sd card slot? what do i need that for? so i can have another latch on my ugly plastic phone? so it looks like the laptops in late nineties… il just buy 64 gb iphone

        heart sensor? really? does it give you a snapshot or real time reading? let me guess… yeah, thats useful

        water and dust? i would prefer thinner, smaller, no bezels

        more megapixels means more MB. thats probably why you need sd card slot

        iphone 5s has better drop test than galaxy

        also, faster browser, javascript. which would be weird if it wasnt true, because apple can optimise their software to hardware they design.

        • Melvin Guzman

          Heart sensor, I bet you don’t run or like to keep a healthy lifestyle that’s why u find it useless
          Water and dust means u can be anywhere and don’t think about your phone
          That copying is called reverse engineering everything in your house was modified to be better
          More pixels means no more sorry as pictures no excuses for a good quality even if u like to auto focus picture

          • Melvin Guzman

            Oh wait and u said that Samsung copies by what about Apple

          • Joe

            How did people keep healthy lifestyle before the galaxy s5?
            For the dustproof , at least for me , isn’t so important because I keep cleaning my smartphone and keep a cloth in my pocket.
            Water resistant is cool ( there are too many people confusing between water resistant and waterproof) , but I prefer that I could do at least something like swimming , without using my phone.

          • Melvin Guzman

            Only you Bob will run with your finger in a smartphone u wont stop to check your heart rate you gonna keep running with your iPhone checking out that 1.99 app, no one is confusing the water RESISTANT with water PROOF joe you being illiterate, wait smartass Bob so we talking Samsung or Motorola? and like I said that copying is all around you, don’t come at me with that plagiaristic shit when you know everything you see us a better copy than the one before ex. Cars , houses, your toilet, your phone,bro your tv… so you telling me that Samsung us the only company that copies something to make it better

          • bob

            no, im not, ive just said that nobody is going to do that, so why did they do it? because they have no genuine ideas themselves. they only compete on spec sheet, but this is not windows world any more, that doesnt work anymore

            companies now compete on UX, thats why moto x is a better phone than galaxy s5

            i support copying done better, aka apple with fingerprint sensor copying motorola atrix. we got a much better fingerprint sensor.

            but now samsung copied apple with worse tech, the same tech used in that old atrix phone – sliding the finger as opposed to just putting the finger on home button. thats copying that resulted with poorer implementation than the original. this echoes entire samsung philosophy. they are COPYCATS. look at new samsung apps. gaussian blur? really? i wonder where did they see that.

            also, entire samsung success in mobile space is contributed to them copying apple. why didnt lg or sony succeed like samsung? they didnt copy apple. am i wrong?

          • Joe

            I agree with you . They just want to copy but can’t copy the same high quality , polished , features that apple adds. The fingerprint sensor on the s5 ( ” finger scanner” what a hilarious name) is just me too feature.

          • bob

            no, its not about my lifestyle. its about samsungs unintuitive gimmicks. please, explain the real world use of s5 heartrate monitor. you’re running or working out with your finger on the flashlight?

            yeah, and its actually a feature? theres a ton of apps that mimic exactly the same thing. before samsung

            reverse engineering, yes, but samsung wasnt counting on patents. thats why they couldnt reverse engineer iphone autenthec touch ID so they reverse engineered motorola atrix hahaha

            number of pixels have absoultely no correlation to image quality, only to image size. last time i checked, most of people didnt print huge bllboards…

            iphones s5 camera is probably better than s5, though that remains to be seen.

        • erod434

          We get it you like the iphone and that’s fine. But one wants to hear you invalidate all of the galaxy s 5’s features because you wouldn’t use them.
          However it is funny how you would rather spend 200 extra dollars to get a 64 gb iphone than pay less than 20 dollars to get a 64 gb sd card. Also, you would really prefer a .0001 inch phone that barely fits in your hand than a phone that can survive a common scenario such as dropping it in water? Also many apple bragged about the iphone having more megapixels especially than the htc one, and now you’re saying that megapixels are bad? Lol. Finally, wtf are you talking about this faster browser nonsense you cannot tell a difference in the real world and speaking of copy, have you seen the new safari and compared it to chrome on android… its identical.

          • bob

            i dont care about the price. its cheap on contract. and i can keep my phone for 2 years. the s model will keep the same design so i wont feel i have an old phone (respecting costumers) and more importantly, it will be software supported. this is the exact opposite of android world…

            no, i would rather thin beautiful phone with no bezels and good drop performance. of course, made of aluminium or liquidmetal. plastic is for toys.

            even apple has never bragged of megapixels. they do brag about individual pixel sizes, which are more important for quality photos, which they proved a couple of times now. and htc camera is just bad, nothing to talk about

            safari is faster in javascript than chrome. also, they arent even similar. chrome is just plain ugly, as is the rest of stock android, plain, simple and ugly. just function, no form. with ios, you at least get blur and beautiful silk smooth animations which makes it joy to use.

            look at it this way, os x vs windows. the exact same thing. apple makes products for people, google for advertisers. thats apparent in their design philosophy. am i wrong?

          • Melvin Guzman

            I won’t argue that you have bread to buy the whole Apple store like most of us can’t, as I can see ask you care about is the aesthetics of the phone not even once have mention a feature that would put Samsung on its back, I’m sure you watch videos on your tablet not your long neck iPhone as for picture quality 432 pixel/inch 1920×1080 5.1″ screen with that fire breathing breathing snap dragon 801 quad core 2.5 GHz with that 2gb ram memory, Samsung the high school bully son

          • bob

            i dont have a lot of money. but if i can buy 100 dollars phone, i can also and im willing to buy 200 buck phone. i wont be hungry because of that 100 bucks

            im watching videos on my 27 inch mac. i would NEVER watch a movie or tv series on smth smaller than 15 inch… i have a car, so i dont commute.

            snapdragon 801 is a QUADCORE that has the same benchmarks scores of the DUAL CORE A7

            in other words, one a7 core is TWICE AS FAST as one snapdragon 801 core. 99.9% of mobile apps run on single core. so how fast is that snapdragon again? ;)

            good picture quality and amoled dont go into same sentence.

            also, 432 ppi pentile or? :D

            2gb of ram is too little for android, considering its basically insultingly unoptimised java-like virtual machine, which needs twice the amount of resources to complete the same task in the same time as the iphone. iphone also has a different animations engine, coreanimation, which runs on a separate prioritised thread so they never lag, something thats never gonna happen on android unless they rewrite it. but first they gotta rid of dalvik, its just insulting

            this is too easy, really

          • Brian Shieh

            I think, the A7 is that fast (or the iPhone) is because of extreme software optimization. This allows programs and the OS to run seamlessly and have minimal rundowns. Android, being an open platform, can’t be really optimized for a specific device. (Granted, Motorola kind of did that with the Moto X). I hope the ART helps speed Android significantly. Yeah, Dalvik is getting old, and needs overhauling.

          • erod434

            Wait so you’re saying that apple respects customers by keeping the same design? Lol and you obviously have never used an android phone if you think that it isn’t software supported. No bezels, so then no place to put you’re fingers I guess… “Good Drop performance” whatever that means… Plastic is for toys, then I guess the iphone 3g and 3gs were toys then? Safari may be faster in javascript, but benchmarks do not matter in real life! And they are 100% identical look at the tabbed browsing, it is the exact same! You’re whole last paragraph is just ifanboy B.S. you make up and is 100% wrong.

          • bob

            yes. the same thing with renault and bmw/mercedes. how often does renault update their models and how often does bmw update their models. rolls-royce, bang &olufsen? its called respecting the costumer.

            what is it called when samsung releases gear 2 after 5 months on market? thats as disrespectful to a costumer as it gets.but i dont expect you to understand

            i am using an android phone.

            android phones arent software supported very good. even google guidelines state that every oem should support their phones for 18 months. most of the time, they fail to do that. on the other side, iphone 4, 2010, got ios 7, 2013, so 36 months? twice as long?

            and please tell me, how long do you have to wait for your carrier to put bloatware into android updates, 3-4 months? after how many months did the s3 get kitkat?

            for drop performance, watch drop tests from android authority.

            3g and 3gs are toys if you put them side by side with iphone 4 and 5. as are all the other oems except htc, which misteriously built their htc one very similar to iphone (look at those antenna separators) after they signed licensing agreement with apple. weird, right?

            tabbed browsing in ios is copied from another browser, not chrome ;)

            and its definitely not same. similar maybe, but same no. similar in a way i would pay 50% more for safari implementation.

            also, that lag you have when you click on tabs in chrome, apple didnt copy that part ;)

            the last comment is true. for apple, I’M the costumer, for google, advertising firms are costumers… and android is an advertising platform, just like google search. it certainly looks that way, like a specialised java tool for checking, idk, car fumes etc. just numbers and letters, some colors, ugly colors while we’re at it and no design AT ALL.

            prove me wrong, please

          • Brian Shieh

            I don’t know, but the HTC One doesn’t really look like an iPhone 5/5s at all. The plastic antennae are not present on iPhones. Neither are the front facing speakers. The president/somebody of Samsung said the original Gear was not exactly what they wanted; it seemed that it was rushed into production.

            The iPhone 4, despite having iOS 7, is missing a lot of features (Siri, Panorama shots) and somewhat crippled, though the 7.1 update helped it a bit.

            I never had any lag with Chrome when I opened tabs. That might just be because I have a HTC One, which is pretty lag free. Oh, and maybe the person meant the tab viewing, which Safari’s version appears quite similar to Chrome. It is a cool thing to have on a mobile browser though. ;)

      • Joe

        Who the f*ck said anything about the browser ? And the heart monitor you’re talking about is just a gimmick , you can download an app from the app store for that , and it costs 1.99$. I bet no one is going to use it btw. And for ” oh and for the metal iPhone users quick tip don’t drop your phone u don’t buy a phone to smack it on the floor” : what is this supposed to mean? Are iPhone users waiting your tip to not drop their phones

        • Melvin Guzman

          Look at the comments below you got people talking about some gas a metallic body armor and im likee for what? U drop a phone is gonna break accidents happen none of that metallic garbage is gonna save you ass from getting a new screen, oh and like a said a finger print is as useless s the iPhone 5s one, bet you haven’t said anything about other features cuz you know they fire

  • god

    Also the iphone and galaxy have alot in common, both barely update, and countless stupid fucking idiots buy them!what cunts!, get a sony xperia!

  • Sean Karpa

    Number 5 is a joke. Power saving mode? Really?
    The iPhone gets up to 250 days on a full battery in standby. Thus, 10% gives you 25 hours. Now it is unlikely the phone will truly get 25 hours because companies always say best case; however, the same rule applies to the Samsung S5.

    I do wish Apple would add number 1 but I still wouldn’t be sticking my phone under water.

    On a side note, HTC has me listening with their HTC One. I am not a fan of the “Samsung experience.” My 2014 Note 10.1 = okay which for 500 bucks is a little pathetic.

    • Melvin Guzman

      Lmao u making no sense, power saving mode new innovation!! 250 hours of stand by? 2800 mAh all though the Samsung is big when displaying images a 11 hour video playback oh and further more not 250 of stand by but 390 more than one and half time, and don’t worry the Samsung feature if water resistant Apple will not include it because they don’t copy other companies

  • Brendon Brown

    Sure the iPhone has 8mpx but the quality is always tops. Blind tests prove it.
    (I’m an Android fan)

    • Melvin Guzman

      Nope you are an Apple fan having a android doesn’t prove you like android

      • Brendon Brown

        No i just don’t bullshit myself. how about you check my other comments before saying anything like that ? Love how you think you know me.

  • adamhs

    Hate to say it but Samsung is slowly turning into everything I hate about Apple devices. Locked down and restrictive. Tons of bloatware. Though I do like how they are among the few Android manufacturers that still have expandable memory slots and a removable battery. Too bad TouchWiz is complete garbage and laggy to boot. Stock Android on an unlocked Samsung? I’d be on board with that.

  • Balraj

    Now someone would have already written
    About 8 reasons why iPhone 5S is better than s5

  • gettysburg11s

    Since I went from an iPhone 5s to a Galaxy S4 recently (which is nearly the same as the S5), I can say that while I loved my iPhone 5s, the Kitkat experience on my S4 has been great. The 1080p screen and 5 inch size is amazing, and all the same apps are available. Plus, the platform is much more flexible. Does that mean I hate iOS? Heck no. I would not give up my iPad mini for anything.

    • Melvin Guzman

      u right tho, but i start questioning why people be hating on the androids, i have a macbook, do i liek iphones better than galaxy? no way!!!

  • Telveer

    Would like some detailed info about the sensors – there was so much talk about the plethora of sensors in the S4, and the lack of such details for the S5 makes one feel like the sensors were removed!

  • Lisandro O Oocks


  • Srujay Parekh

    Idiotic fanboy argue on iPhone vs s5. Simply look out for the father of all Xperia z2. N also htc one 2k14 edition. Way superior then iPhone n s5

    • Be Cool

      z2 and HTC One can not hold the candle to GS5.
      Do you want me to write again the list , why???/

    • krym73

      These 2 don’t even dare look up to the Note 3, if anything they’re playing catch up with Samsung at this point

  • Nasser Cedeño

    guys Wait for the iphone 6 And then Talk About it. iphone 5s Almost A year Old Como on..

    • Be Cool

      Agree , but right now this is what we have. Right?
      And do not forget that when IP6 come, The New King is also coming(Note 4)

  • Be Cool

    You forgot :
    9. Better Wi-Fi (with new tech)
    10. Download booster.
    11. IR control

    About the display you didn’t mention the brightness from 2 up to 500 hits, plus no reflection – making it the best out-door display.
    About the camera you didn’t mention the new tech there.
    You mention the Water Resistance, but didn’t say that THIS IS THE BEST DUST PROOF smartphone, yet.

    • Michael Samsara

      But the title of the article was 8 things! sms

  • DW Duck

    How about duel Wi-Fi antennas and download booster? I don’t think the iPhone or any other phone has those do they?

    • abazigal

      I believe the 5s has MIMO, not sure if they are the same thing though.

  • abd

    You left out Fingerprints Scanner. Price. Free software. 4K video

  • Grman Rodriguez

    Neither impresses me, only the after focus feature on the s5 since I’m a huge fan of blurred backgrounds

  • Jim Nuttall

    I have owned three different iPhones. I’m thinking Android. Larger screen. Swype keyboard. With the extras in Galaxy S5, it’s hard not to think about moving come upgrade time.

  • SeraZR™

    haha heart rate monitor

    stupid gimmicky features

  • blunt

    Fact apple uses that little screen because a larger screen would take away from there profit.

  • <!@

    I like android too, but the iPhone has a kids mode, called Guided Access.

  • Roddisq

    If Samsung keeps making the phones like the Galaxy line, I will always buy Samsung. The most versatiles phones on the market. Replaceable battery, sd slot, removable back cover. Wins.

  • harrydevlin

    They left out one very big advantage of the Samsung over the Apple product. On the iPhone you cannot use LTE data and make a voice call simultaneously. On GSM networks the iPhone drops the data down to 3G and you can make a call. On CDMA you can’t do simultaneous voice and data at all. This is because Apple forgot to put in two antennas so both the LTE radio and the CDMA/GSM radio can both be on at the same time.

  • Matt Harmening

    I actually have both the iPhone 5s and the galaxy s5. I like like them both for different reasons so for me it is hard to say which one is better. Who cares when you look at spec sheets it comes down to real world use. I think they both perform great so again hard to make a decision. I will say I enjoy the gs5 a little better when reading messages, watching videos, etc as the larger screen is great. However, siri is more useful and accurate than Svoice and even Google for most things. I also like the sound quality and music player better on iPhone which is important to me as well. I still feel like touchwiz lags a little and although gs5 is fast it does still have lag so blame it on whatever you prefer but again when it comes to real world use the iPhone runs smoother. I am still torn which of these devices to sell but for now I keep driving att crazy as I keep switching sim cards back and forth for this I like both phones equally. I will end with with this, if and when apple makes a 5″ or bigger iPhone I will go back to Apple as it just works better with my other devices from Apple.

  • versace

    bitch galaxy to popin fuck all yahll iphone fans you suck losers

  • John

    galaxy sucks

  • John

    lebron thinks iphone is better