8.5-inch Huawei Android smartphone leaked, how far is too far?

by: Chris SmithDecember 14, 2012


An image purportedly showing an 8.5-inch Huawei Android smartphone has been leaked via Twitter, with the device expected to be unveiled in the near future, maybe as soon as CES 2013.

In case the tablet-with-phone-features in the image is real – because at 8.5 inches calling it a phablet doesn’t quite cut it anymore – then we can safely say that we’re reaching a point where OEMs are about to push it too far.

In recent years we’ve seen Android phones get bigger and after Samsung proved last year that a 5.3-inch Galaxy Note can be successful smartphone, when it comes to sales, other OEMs decided to create their own 5-inch and bigger devices – in fact we have a variety of such devices in stores already and more are expected to launch next year.

But Samsung pushed the phablet size to 5.5-inch and rumors say that future similar devices may exceed these dimensions. However, would an 8.5-inch tablet-with-phone-features make any sense? What would we call such a product?

Or are OEMs getting ready to add phone capabilities to their 3G/4G Android tablets in following years, in order to further diversify their product lineup? But would carriers agree to sell such products?

Considering the increasing number of tablet sales, it could make sense to have phone capabilities available on tablets, although that doesn’t mean that would always be a convenient way of talking on the phone while on the go. Not to mention that cellular-enabled tablets are more expensive than their Wi-Fi counterparts already, so adding phone features on top of everything could further increase the starting price of 3G/4G tablet models.

In case you were wondering about the source of the picture, it comes via Eldar Murtazin, a Russian tech writer that has leaked various details about plenty of mobile devices in the past:

We’ll certainly be on the lookout for future Huawei announcements to see whether this 8.5-inch product gets official, especially considering that CES and MWC are getting closer and closer.

Would you buy such a device?

Thanks, tipster!

  • Freddy

    Eldar? The same Eldar who said last year he had a GS3 rocking a 12mp camera? The minute I read Eldar I knew this was BS!

  • ivanmyring

    This report is probably based on a typo. It doesn’t look like it is 8.5 inches. Probably 5.8 inches

  • alex

    So that means that the original Galaxy tab was a Phablet with its 7 inch display. Yes the 3G version was capable of phone calls and messages… Also the Galaxy Note 10.1 can make phone calls… Do your homework please…

    • AndroidBrian

      Oh gosh…..

  • alex

    How you call such a tablet… Wel its easy as it is… A tablet with phone capabilities :) As seen before in the tablets as mentioned :)

  • Agsel

    This looks like HandsonAR

  • Dave Weinstein

    Hey mate, you should know better than to cry wolf.

    We’ve heard the “pushing too far” cry before, journalists said it 3 years ago about 4″ phones, and some are still saying it about 5″ phones despite their overwhelming commercial success.

    It’s unlikely that Huawei is going to position this device as a phone. If anything they’ll be adding the phone features back in as a “freebie” that comes along with 3G/4G data service. They already have an upcoming 6.1″ superphone that they’ve started telling people to wait for, but haven’t yet officially announced. My guess is that they’ll be focusing the phone marketing efforts on that device.

    Now, I haven’t heard much noise about Huawei’s 6.1″ (nor Samsung’s 6.3″ Galaxy Note 3) having “gone too far”, but maybe I missed it. I have been distracted recently by women wearing swimsuits that expose their ankles, scandalous! ;-)

  • That is a tablet with phone capabilities.

    anything greater than 6″ to me is officially small tablet and no longer phablet.

    • RarestName


      • phablet, that is under 6″ and my “greater than 6 inches” statement is meant to be taken with a grain of salt, obviously a little less or a little more would be almost irrelevant

  • Tinn_Mann

    Eww! Look at all the space wasted by the bezel! If the screen is really 8.5″ which I doubt highly, then the entire tablet/phone will be close to 10″!
    I think I will side with Confucious on this rule.. support the phone for so long as it’s smaller than your shlong :D

  • Alu Zeros

    Made for shaq

  • Eric High

    If this is released we may carry it at gizmotakeout for our users to try out.

  • Guest

    Fake! Picture is shopped.

    • The “phablet” looks exactly like the Huawei Ascend:


      Also, it looks like they took a picture of the Ascend and used the Skew transform. Also, it’s just floating in front of the hand. Pretty sure the whole thing is phony..

  • Michael

    The Galaxy Note II is the ABSOLUTE limit for a phone, it pushes all boundaries, but still manages to be portable enough to be considered a phone. Anything greater than 5.5 inches is in the Tablet territory, and it should not be marketed as a Phone, or a Phablet. It is a Tablet.

    • Freddy

      doubters like you get proven wrong in the end. There is no limit to what man can achieve.

  • Could call it a tabone, tablet with phone capabilities!

  • JWolf_PDX

    Holy bezel Batman!

  • JP

    This thing seems to have a handle on the back…

  • Scorpineo

    Smith is being judgmental. Who’s to say this company isn’t focused on creating a niche market. That’s the beauty of Android. That software isn’t tied to the hardware, so you get a wide, diverse range of device sizes and types.

    And no one size and type is any better or worse than another, individually speaking.

  • AT

    Obviously, you did not know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has always had voice call capability!

  • There is a line clear line for when a phone is just too big. Its an easy line to predict. If you cant put it in a man’s front pocket, it is too big. Anything up to that will be fair game.

  • gullyeshu

    c’mon guys, that’s a big paper picture of the Ascend P1, don’t you see the logos on the wall?

  • bill

    got the 8.5 inch for my wife and me 6 months ago. love them! its in demand, its what people want! What part of that dont they understand? Why are they slow to market this size?

    • bill

      And make no mistake! It is 8.5 inches!!

      • bill

        it is a smartphone! It is a tablet! It does however have some chinese wording we cant figure out how to eliminate. :( :(