November 23, 2010
Sony Reader

Sony Reader

Sony have recently announced that they will release an eReader application for Android and the iPhone. They have a very pleasant looking site over here which you may already be familiar with if you have ventured into Sony’s eReader stuff before. The site currently shows a sneak peak of what might be to come for Android.

Sure, if you are already familiar with the desktop PC or MAC versions of Sony’s offering, then you might not be so impressed. However, their entrance into the mobile market will surely make some impact just because Sony already has an established product and their brand name is so recognizable. With that said, they are not commonly associated with this industry. By combing their technological expertise, they might be able to make a go of it, though. The Reader Library Software is already on version 3.3, while its mobile counter-part for Android will become available this December.

You will be able to access books purchased at Reader Store on your Reader, PC, iPhone or Android phones. Furthermore, you will be able to access the bestsellers and new releases already available via the Reader Store. Using the Android mobile application you will be able to make bookmarks, notes and highlights, and adjust font size as you read.

James Tromans
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