Larry Page says there have been 750 million Android activations

by: Brad WardMarch 13, 2013

Wednesday, after announcing Andy Rubin stepping down from head of Android, Google CEO Larry Page gave us an update on the number of Android device activations. Between smartphones and tablets, there are now 750 million Android activations, which is a stark difference from September where there were only 500 million.

Earlier this week, in an article written by analyst Horace Dediu from Asymco, it was said that Google has activated an estimated 800 million devices with most of its activations happening internationally. The article went on to say that as many as one billion activations could happen as early as June, which is earlier than we expected.

Google only counts one activation per device regardless of how many times the phone was flashed with a ROM or passed on to another person. In fact, Google only includes devices in its activation numbers if it is running Google services.

It should be common knowledge by now that Android is the world’s largest smartphone platform. Android is constantly growing, which is evident in the graph below, thanks to Benedict Evans.


With 750 million activations, there could be as many as 675 million active users, Evans said. Hitting one billion activations is a huge milestone. There’s no doubt that Google will announce when they breach that milestone as it’s an exciting achievement.

In fact, it would not be surprising if Google did some sort of celebration on Google Play as they usually do for huge milestones like 25 billion apps getting downloaded.

  • kascollet

    “Regardless, we’re inclined to believe Larry Page’s numbers since he has access to internal data.”… and since his statements must be unbiased, having no real interest in Google.
    Seriously… Brad…

  • wade

    So when I flash a new ROM at least once every day, and then reactivate my google account on the phone, does that add to their activation count? Cause that’s not fair. Lots of people do lots of modding lots of the time.

    • No that isn’t counted as an activation. Google only counts one activation per device,

    • You didn’t read the full article, did you? -_-