August 23, 2010
Droid 2 Amazon discount

Droid 2 Amazon discount

It is becoming a trend for Amazon to start offering good deals for new mobile phones when you purchase through them. We recently reported how phones like the Samsung Vibrant and Captivate were on sale there, and now it is the turn of the Droid 2. Indeed, you can now pick-up this device for only $99.99 providing you sign into a new service plan too.

This deal brings the Droid 2  pricing in-line with the non-Android Blackberry Torch. The Torch is often reviewed as a weaker phone so this serves to highlight the great value of this deal for potential Droid 2 enthusiasts. If you want to check out this deal head on over to Amazon right now.

[Source: Amazon]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
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